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Chapter 602: Heavily Wounding the Wolf King With Iron Claw

Chapter 602: Heavily Wounding the Wolf King With Iron Claw
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"Who is your teacher?" Qingfeng Li asked with furrowed brows.

Qingfeng Li’s intuition told him that Hell King’s teacher wasn’t anyone ordinary. Someone who had access to both the cloning technology and meteor stones must be very powerful.

Although Qingfeng Li held the title of the Wolf King, he wasn’t arrogant. He knew of the Kings from the previous generations. All of the martial art clans had a king. The powerful Ji Hoon Park of the Taekwondo clan is a great example.

Qingfeng Li was obviously well-versed with the kings of recent years, but he didn’t know much about the kings of past decades.

"You are not worthy of speaking my teacher’s name. Today is the day you die." Hell King laughed coldly, he wasn’t going to tell Qingfeng Li anything about his teacher.

Since his return from the forbidden district of Kun Lun Mountain over ten years ago, Ghost King had been healing his wounds. He had to hide the fact that he was injured from getting out, or else his enemies would find him and put him in great danger.

"Eagle King, you don’t have to be afraid of his Life taking Dagger. My Mile Sword can restrain its powers. Let’s attack together and kill him." Hell King laughed, speaking with a cold voice.

Eagle King nodded his head and charged towards Qingfeng Li along with his clone. His goal was the same as Hell King, to kill Qingfeng Li, to complete erase Wolf King from the face of this Earth.


The sword in Hell King’s hands was incredibly sharp, piercing the air, cutting straight through the atmosphere, attacking Qingfeng Li ruthlessly. Qingfeng Li didn’t hesitate, quickly pulling out his Death Dagger, clashing it onto the Mile Sword, creating fierce sparks between the two weapons.

Just as Qingfeng Li’s dagger clashed with Hell King’s sword, the two Eagle Kings began their attacks from two different directions, clearly not giving Qingfeng Li a moment to breathe, collaborating to kill him.

Qingfeng Li didn’t hesitate. He shifted his body, avoiding the attack of one Eagle King and transforming his other fist into the Wind-Edge Palm to counter the attack the other Eagle King.

The contact of Wind-Edge Palm and Eagle King Claw created an alarming blast in the air. At the same time, both Hell King, with his Mile Sword, and the second Eagle King attacked.

It was three against one. Adding to this, Qingfeng Li was heavily injured. He felt his strength slowly deteriorate, his body weakened by the blood loss from his wounds.

Although the Wolf King Totem had given Qingfeng Li berserker mode and called down the powers of his bloodline, it would not sustain. The power boost can only last for three minutes. Two minutes had already passed. Berserker mode would disappear in the next minute..

This meant that Qingfeng Li must kill both Eagle King and Hell King within the last minute. If he had lost berserker mode, what awaits him was death.


Qingfeng Li’s eyes turned crimson, howling a wolf’s cry once again, all of his blood boiling. One could see through his shirt, the skin on his whole body had turned blood red, reminiscent of a cooked lobster.

Qingfeng Li decided to kill Hell King first, as his Mile Sword posed the biggest threat. He would then kill Eagle King.


Qingfeng Li’s right feet pushed off the ground, instantly creating a crater in the marble floors, terrifying, as if his foot was a thousand-pound land-drill machine.

Qingfeng Li used this push to rise into the air, traveling past Eagle King, ruthlessly aiming at Hell King with his dagger in hand.

"Want to kill me? Not a chance." Hell King laughed coldly. He knew of Qingfeng Li’s intentions, clearly wanting to kill him. Would he let Qingfeng Li kill him? Of course not.

In terms of understanding Qingfeng Li, Hell King came second only to Qingfeng Li’s teacher.

He who understands you the most is often your greatest enemy. In order to successfully kill Qingfeng Li, Hell King had gathered every detailed information regarding Qingfeng Li’s battles in the Wolf Continent months prior to this event. He had a deep understanding of Qingfeng Li’s battle tactics.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Hell King knew of Qingfeng Li’s battle techniques and habits like the back of his own hand. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come to kill Qingfeng Li, as the Wolf King name itself was terrifying enough to make a child cry in the middle of the night.

Hell King quickly retreated his steps, taking out his Mile Sword to counter Qingfeng Li’s dagger, the contact of the weapons creating loud banging sounds.

Qingfeng Li’s speed was fast, but Hell King wasn’t slow either. Also, his dagger was much shorter than the other’s sword, momentarily restraining his attack, greatly irritating him.

He could already sense that Hell King had the ability to somehow predict his every move. This meant one thing, that Hell King understood him deeply, that he had studied his past battles from videos.

Now that the social and internet web is so advanced, there is a camera in every corner. All of Qingfeng Li’s past battles had been recorded. Anyone could find them if they were willing. Even the videos of the battle in Eastern Sea city had gone viral.


As Qingfeng Li was about to attack Hell King, he suddenly felt a murderous intent behind him as something pierced through the air and came directly for his heart.

The Eagle King is ambushing me?

Holy f*ck! Qingfeng Li cursed. The Eagle King was the king of the Eagle Continent, one would think he was above the use of sneak attacks.

Qingfeng Li shifted his body to the left, trying to avoid the attack coming for his heart. But the attack from behind was too fast, like a lightning bolt, arriving behind him instantly.


Qingfeng Li had escaped the attack on his heart, but his shoulders were grabbed by a sharp weapon. It tore off a big chunk of his flesh, revealing white bones, fresh blood spewing out, coloring the fabric on his body crimson.

The colors on Qingfeng Li’s face changed, he suddenly turned around and the sight in front was Eagle King holding a black iron claw. The iron claw had five paws, sharp as can be, crafted with the finest iron, emitting a chilling black light. Underneath the claw was a three-meter long iron chain.

Needless to say, Eagle King had just attacked Qingfeng Li with these iron claws. He waved the claws by its chain, and yanked the flesh off of Qingfeng Li’s shoulders.

Luckily for him, Qingfeng Li had previously practiced defence tactics with his teacher. It was this high agility that allowed him to barely escape his heart being grabbed by the iron claws. If the claws had grabbed his heart, he would have died.

"You had weapons?" Qingfeng Li asked, suffering through the pain on his shoulders, eyes heavy.

They were both Kings of the Underworld. He had seen the Eagle King before, but this was the first time he’s ever witnessed him with weapons.

"Wolf King, anyone who has ever seen me use weapons has died. Lucky for you, you will also die by my weapons." Eagle King held the chained Iron Claws in his hands, eyes filled with intent to kill.