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Chapter 685: Unmarked Common Graves

Chapter 685: Unmarked Common Graves
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The unnamed Unmarked Common Graves was about thirty miles away from the northern suburb of Tianjin City. There were about a hundred graves there, all anonymous.

Since these were the graves of anonymous people, there were no visitors here, nor anyone cleaning this place. For a long time, this place was abandoned, and the grass had grown over one meter tall. No one took care of this place.

Of course, if this was just a place that was abandoned, there would still be people here. There would be real estate developers aiming to acquire this area because it was huge. If it was to be developed to real estate, they would be able to earn a huge amount of money.

What really made this place abandoned was the fact that there were ghosts in this place. Yes, you read right, ghosts. There were ghosts in the Unmarked Common Graves.

It is said that every day when it reaches midnight, the sound of the ghosts shouting occurs in the Unmarked Common Graves. Some people who became lost inside the Unmarked Common Graves would be found dead mysteriously the second day. As for the reason of death, no one ever knew.

Because of the story of ghosts being in the Unmarked Common Graves and the mysterious and horrifying appearance of this place, many people were not brave enough to come, which caused this place to be abandoned and waste away.

Four in the morning.

Qingfeng Li drove with Green Dragon Demon King to the Unmarked Common Graves and parked not far away, continuing on foot.

"Young master, it is very strange here. You must be careful." Green Dragon Demon King looked around suspiciously and started to reminded Qingfeng.

"What? Do you believe in the rumors that there are ghosts here?" Qingfeng Li smiled and didn't care at all.

To be honest, about the legend of the ghosts, Qingfeng Li didn't believe it at all. What century was it now? There should not be these childish superstitions.

"Young master, it is really strange here. We need to be careful." Green Dragon Demon King had been here before and had a history. So when he came here, he felt a bit uncomfortable.

Qingfeng Li waved his hand and told him not to be nervous. He walked straight ahead in big steps.


Qingfeng Li walked about ten meters and a ~Wuuu~ sound came from ahead. The sound was reminiscent of shrill crying with sadness, like a ghost who was crying from heartbreak.

"Young master, are there really ghosts here?" The Green Dragon Demon King heard the cry and was so scared that his face went pale.

Qingfeng Li frowned and said, "Don't talk nonsense. Where is the ghost? Even if there is ghost, I will chop it with a sword."

After saying this, Qingfeng Li walked ahead in the direction of where the ghost was crying.

The Green Dragon Demon King saw Qingfeng Li leaving so he gritted his teeth and followed.

There was pieces of gravel everywhere on the ground, making the ground rough. There were also glass bottles and sharp stones covering the place.

There were about a hundred graves here, one next to another. After passing seven to eight graves, Qingfeng saw that there was a woman in white clothes sitting on the ninth grave.

The woman in white was wearing pure white clothes and her hair was everywhere. The look on her face was not clear and she was crying like a ghost.

"Oh my god, it's a ghost!" Green Dragon Demon King saw the ghost in white and was so afraid that he shouted. He almost turned around and ran.

Qingfeng Li was shocked but not afraid because he could feel the breath of a human on the woman in white, which meant she was still alive. She was just pretending to be a ghost.

Qingfeng Li walked towards the woman in white, peacefully. He wanted to expose who this woman really was.

Hearing the footsteps of Qingfeng Li, the woman in white was surprised. She thought it was impossible for this young man not to be fooled by her pretend to be the ghost.

The woman in white stood up with her hair flying around and stuck her tongue out, preparing to scare Qingfeng Li. But Qingfeng Li wasn't scared nor fooled by her.

"You are pretending to be a ghost." Qingfeng Li sneered at the woman.


Qingfeng Li shouted and swung his right fist like a powerful gust of wind towards the woman in white. His fist smacked the women into the air and then fell to the ground heavily. She opened her mouth and spat out a large amount of blood.

"Sh*t, how dare you hit me?" The woman in white spoke something in the language of Pacific Island. Of course, the mandarin she spoke later on was not quite accurate, and Qingfeng also noticed that this was the voice of a woman.

The woman in white was smacked into the air and her facial features became visible. This was a woman, about twenty years old. Her face was white and pure and her lips were thin. Her eyes were slim and long with gloomy and cold light.

A woman from the Pacific Island?

Qingfeng Li frowned, never thinking that this woman in white was from the Pacific Island. But now as he thought over, this was the Unmarked Common Graves which was the territory of the ninjas from the Pacific Island. It was possible for women from the Pacific Island to be here.

"Young master, that was a woman from the Pacific Island. I guess the voice of the ghost earlier on was a trick of those from Pacific Island trying to scare people." Green Dragon Demon King now started to realize what was happening and said as he walked near Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li nodded and walked towards the woman from Pacific Island and said, "Where is the lab of the Ninja King. Tell me."

"I will never tell you." The woman from Pacific Island sneered and took out a black needle, trying to attack Qingfeng Li.

Sneak attack! This woman was trying to attack Qingfeng Li with a needle!

"Young master be careful!" The look of Green Dragon Demon King's face changed and tried to warn him with a loud voice.

Qingfeng Li smiled and didn't care at all. When the needle was about to reach his throat, the two fingers of his right hand caught the needle immediately

He caught the needle?

The woman from Pacific Island opened her eyes, full of shock. This young man is so scary! He caught the needle with only two fingers?

Qingfeng Li's two fingers applied strength and broke off the silver needle immediately and dropped them to the floor.


Qingfeng Li came towards the women from Pacific Island and used two fingers to squeeze a finger on her right hand, directly breaking her fingers.

The old saying was true, the ten fingers were connected to heart. The fingers were broken and the woman from Pacific Island screamed miserably and sweat crept down her pale face.

"Tell me, where is the lab, or I will break all of your ten fingers." Qingfeng Li said while coldly looking at the other nine fingers of the woman.

The woman from the Pacific Island trembled. The young man in front of her was the devil. She knew that if she didn't tell him where the lab was, he would definitely break all of her ten fingers.

The woman from Pacific Island was a female ninja. The most important thing for ninja was to keep secrets. She couldn't tell a secret even if she died.

Thinking of the lab, the woman from the Pacific Island seemed ruthless. She opened her mouth and prepared to bite the poison inside of her teeth to kill herself.

"Trying to kill yourself? No way." Qingfeng Li was as fast as lightning and tore her mouth apart, taking out the poison hidden in her mouth.

Just now, Kayip Sato killed himself in front of him. Qingfeng Li had already learned a lesson now. This time, he would not let this woman from Pacific Island die. He wanted to know of the exact location of the laboratory.