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Chapter 801: Killing Zhongtian Tie

Chapter 801: Killing Zhongtian Tie
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"Zhongtian Tie, you were looking for me?" a bantering sneer came from behind.

Zhongtian's face turned ghastly. He immediately turned to look, and was surprised to see Qingfeng Li standing behind him with a disdainful look.

"You, you, you…how did you manage to move?" Zhongtian's expression froze and he barely managed to stutter the words out.

Physical movement was impossible under the restrictions of the grandmaster territory. Every martial warrior knows that, but how did Qingfeng's body move?

"I've told you, I will cut off your head." Qingfeng smiled coldly, but with the intention to kill in his eyes.

With a flip of Qingfeng's wrists, the red fiery sword whipped out, as if a streak of red lightning tore through the wind, and striking down in front of Zhongtian.


Before Zhongtian had a chance to respond, he was killed by the soaring slash of Qingfeng's sword, with confusion and terror in his eyes before death.

With his body laying down on the ground, fresh blood flowed throughout. Even in death he couldn't understand how Qingfeng managed to move under the constraints of the gravitational field. Unfortunately, Qingfeng would never explain this to him.

The sect master of the Iron Fist sect, the fortieth most powerful warrior on the Grandmaster List---- dead.

Zhongtian's death has created great turbulence, all fighting stopped in the surrounding areas, and the witnesses were filled with regret.

The Gu clan leader was fighting with Elder Qin when everything ceased, the fight between Tang clan leader and Yishan Luo also stopped, the two of them looked at Qingfeng in utter shock.

Zhongtian was very powerful, of the intermediate grandmaster realm. Although his capabilities aren't as high as Zhengtian Gu, he was highly aware of the Gravity Realm. Once trapped inside, death is inevitable.

Now, despite Zhongtian's control over the Gravity Realm, he was killed with one slash of Qingfeng's sword. Everyone was left in total disbelief.

Qiandao Jiang couldn't have been more surprised; he just defeated Qingfeng with Zhongtian's aid moments ago. Naturally, he knew of the great power the Gravity Realm had, even if he were to fight Zhongtian, only defeating him was possible, whereas killing him wasn't.

Qiandao knew that if Qingfeng could kill Zhongtian, he could easily kill him as well, with that realization, his face turned pale.

After Qingfeng killed Zhongtian, he didn't hunt down Qiandao Jiang, instead, he stood beside Zhongtian's corpse, fumbled around in search of something. Shortly after, he took out a black book, and inside it was recorded the "Reflections on the Gravity Realm".

Every master level warrior had their own unique field of knowledge, Zhongtian focused his training on the Gravity Realm, and the "reflections on Gravity Realm" were his discoveries on power and gravity.

Although Qingfeng trained in the fire attribute and specialized in the Inferno Realm, he is vastly interested in Gravity Realm. If he learned the powers of the Gravity Realm, then it would be perfect.

Qingfeng tightly packed in the "reflections on Gravity Realm", and then turned around to stare at Qiandao with eyes that glittered coldly.

Qiandao was just trying to hunt Qingfeng down; he even lent his long sword to Zhongtian. Qingfeng always held grudges, how could he forget.

"Qingfeng, what do you think you're doing?" Qiandao coldly questioned.

"Do what? Kill you of course." Qingfeng smiled coldly, with a flush of murderous rage that cut to the bone.

Qiandao's face completely changed, he immediately turned to escape, the thought of Zhongtian being killed by only one slash of Qingfeng's sword terrified him. He may be more powerful than Zhongtian, but only by a bit, admittedly not Qingfeng's opponent.

The people around were left speechless; Qiandao is from one of the fourth biggest ancient martial arts family clan in Tianjing city, one of the eighty-one orthordox grandmaster, and a well-known warrior! How can someone like him just turn around and flee like so?

Everyone saw that when these ancient martial arts clan leaders rushed forward, they were all after to kill Qingfeng, but now, Qiandao is the one left running.


With the move of Qingfeng's body, the powerful step of the sole of his feet, he directly shattered the ground beneath him, and jumped in the air. Like an eagle stretching its wings, he swooped down from the sky, instantly landed in front of Qiandao, and blocked his escape route.

Qiandao was stunned, and shouted angrily, "Qingfeng, I am the clan leader of the Jiang family, are you sure you want to kill me?"

"I've killed even the Iron Fist clan leader, nothing can stop me from killing you."

"I must inform you, if you kill me, the Jiang clan's Patriarch will avenge me. The Jiang clan became one of the fourth biggest ancient martial arts family not only because of me, but because of our patriarch as well."

"I can't be swayed with a threat. After I kill you, even if your grand patriarch appears, I'll kill him too." Qingfeng coldly smiled and spoke nonchalantly.

Qingfeng was aware that there were great powers hidden in the four biggest ancient martial art clans of Tianjing city, but he wasn't afraid. If the opponent had hidden powers, so did he, he hasn't used all the strength in his bloodline.

A bloodline power was particularly special, some are able to awaken it, and others can't. Although Zhongtian and Qiandao are powerful on the grandmasters' level, they weren't able to awaken their bloodline.

The rumours have said the old Jiang clan patriarch had awoken bloodline strength, but no one knows which bloodline.


Just as Qingfeng pulled out his long sword, about to strike down at Qiandao, suddenly Xianzhi Qin shouted, "Wait Wolf King."

"Miss Qin, why won't you let me kill Qiandao?"

"Wolf King, Qiandao has told you the truth, the Jiang clan patriarch has supreme power, and killing Qiandao will barely do you any good. You can easily acquire some medicinal herbs for alchemy from him by threatening his life."

"Not bad Miss Qin, good idea." Qingfeng nodded, with hints of admiration in his eyes.

He knew that Xianzhi was quite right. Killing Qiandao is easy, but the trouble comes afterwards. It would be much wiser to trade his life for some precious herbs needed for alchemy.

As one of Tianjing city's four biggest families, the Jiang family's vault must be filled with medicinal herbs. If he acquired these herbs, then his alchemy experiments would be a breeze.

"Qiandao, I can let you go, but only in exchange for a kilogram of the most premium herbs" Qingfeng smiled coldly.

A kilogram of premium herbs?

Qiandao breezed in a breath of cold air after hearing this proposal. Premium herbs were not common herbs and must be scavenged from the wild after they have grown for over a hundred years. These herbs were extremely precious and though the Jiang clan may be a relatively big family, even their vaults only contain around three kilograms of these premium herbs.

Qingfeng wouldn't be swayed easily; he wanted half of Jiang clan's premium herbs, their hard-earned wealth of over hundreds of years, so of course, Qiandao refused.

"You're delusional Qingfeng, I will never give you one kilogram of our premium herbs." Qiandao smiled coldly as he refused directly.