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Chapter 823: Power of Spiritual Device

Chapter 823: Power of Spiritual Device
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"Take advantage when someone's weak" had been Qingfeng Li's creed. Now that Wudao Xue and First Elder were both injured, it was the perfect time to kill them.

Qingfeng Li's wrist flipped and his right hand swung the sword, which drew an ache and cut forward.

Wherever the sword traveled, air exploded into fissures. Qingfeng Li already finished training his martial technique. Therefore, it was more powerful and more than two times the strength when compared to his original attack.

The First Elder's face changed slightly. His Demonic Blood Realm was suppressed by Qingfeng Li, so he had no choice but to use a martial technique for offence. First Elder couldn't be reckless because he learned the lesson from Second Elder, who died to Qingfeng Li's one move.


The First Elder grabbed a red soft sword swiftly. When it was refined, there were some special materials added to make the sword move spontaneously.

The First Elder swung his sword. The sword brought out a red Blood Demon, pierced through the air, and headed towards Qingfeng Li.


The Infernal Sword clashed into the long sword and created a loud bang. These two swords seemed like they met their nemesis and tangled together. The red soft sword turned soft into an s-shape and entwined the Infernal Sword.

Qingfeng Li frowned because it was his first time encountering this kind of situation. His sword was entwined by his opponent's. It was impossible to attack and he couldn't withdraw it either.

There seemed to be a spirit that was alive inside of the First Elder's red soft sword. After tangling the Infernal Sword, it automatically released the Blood Demon Spirit to absorb the Infernal Sword's spirit.

It seemed like the blaze spirit residing in the infernal sword was being swallowed by the soft sword.

"F*ck, the soft sword can devour spirits? Does it have a sword spirit?" Qingfeng Li cursed and felt gloomy.

When Sword King Wushuang Nie gave him the Infernal Sword, he had mentioned that some mysterious swords have "sword spirits", which could control the sword as well.

The name of the sword spirit suggested that there was a spirit in the sword. It's the same as a human's spirit. Some of the sword spirits were from their human masters, while some of the sword spirits formed by themselves from beasts and animals.

No matter which kind of sword spirits they were, they had one thing in common – swords that had spirits were stronger than the ones that didn't.

The First Elder lived up to his reputation of being a First Elder and the thirtieth devil amongst the eighty-one Unorthodox devils. His soft sword had a sword spirit.

Qingfeng Li was a bit worried that his Infernal Sword would be eaten by the sword spirit in the soft sword. At this time, he had no control of the Infernal sword because it was tangled by the soft sword. He couldn't do anything about it.

The Infernal Sword's flame was swallowed by the soft sword and its spirituality seemed to be fading. At last, a bloody skull flew out from the soft sword and bit towards the Infernal Sword.

Yup, you weren't wrong. It was a bloody skull, the same type of bloody corpse as Wudao Xue's Bloody Corpse Realm. This was merely a skull formed by mana energy but stronger as it was a bloody corpse sword spirit.

"Spiritual device! The Crimson Blood Sect's First Elder has an unorthodox spiritual device. How terrifying!"

"Yeah, spiritual devices are very rare and their attacks are extremely strong. Qingfeng Li is dead meat now."

"That's right. A person with a spiritual device can kill anybody at the same level. You can even kill those who are stronger than you with a spiritual device."

Everybody chatted in shock.

Ancient martial arts world's weapons were categorized as Lower Heaven weapons, Higher Heaven weapons, and grandmaster level weapons. Each of the weapons had an elementary level, intermediate level, and advanced level.

Spiritual devices were just above the grandmaster advanced level weapon yet they were uncommon. If people knew that the First Elder had an unorthodox spiritual device, everybody would try to seize it.

The First Elder felt depressed. If his life wasn't in danger, he wouldn't risk taking out this unorthodox spiritual device.

He obtained this unorthodox spiritual device in a mysterious cave. The owner of the cave must have been a supreme master when he was alive. After he died, First Elder attained his unorthodox spiritual device.

The First Elder's eyes were cold as he waved the bloody soft sword. The bloody skull opened its mouth and wanted to swallow Infernal Sword.

"How dare you, you evil bastard?" A yell came out from the Infernal Sword.

The sound was mind transmission. Only Qingfeng Li and the bloody corpse sword spirit could hear it.


An elder's projection with grey hair floated out of Infernal Sword. The elder was around a hundred and seventy centimeters tall. His face was red and all of his hair and beard were grey. He wore a Daoist robe and seemed like a celestial being.

However, the elder was a spiritual body and was not an actual human being. He stretched his right hand and slapped the bloody corpse skull sword spirit. The skull was smashed into pieces, turned into evil spirits, and vanished.

The elder's projection opened his mouth like a whale and absorbed all the spirit from the soft sword.


The sword spirit of the soft sword turned into ashes and vanished in the air. The elder looked at Qingfeng Li deeply and his projection went back inside Infernal Sword.

"Sword spirit! My Infernal Sword has a sword spirit and it's a human one!" Qingfeng Li's mouth was wide open in shock, as if he saw a ghost.

The Sword King Wushuang Nie told Qingfeng Li that Infernal Sword was just a grandmaster advanced level weapon. There was no sword spirit involved when he received it, but now, the Infernal Sword had a sword spirit. How could he not be shocked?

Not only Qingfeng Li was shocked, but also the First Elder, he looked as if he saw a ghost. Spiritual devices were so uncommon. What did this Qingfeng Li do to deserve a spiritual device?

After astonishment followed horror. The First Elder's spiritual device, the soft sword, was destroyed. In addition, he was also severely injured. Wouldn't he die for sure?

The First Elder moved his body and wanted to escape. He was scared of Qingfeng Li's bizarre tricks and wanted to get away once and for all.

Everybody was so shocked when they saw that the First Elder tried to flee. He was ranked number thirty within the unorthodox supreme devils, but now he was scared to the point that he wanted to run away.

Nevertheless, these people shivered when they thought of the facing Qingfeng Li. He even had a spiritual device. This guy was way too terrifying. When his spiritual device is out, he would be invincible towards any opponent.

"Want to run? Why not just stay." Qingfeng Li laughed coldly as his body flew up like a lightning bolt. He flashed beside First Elder and chopped with the Infernal Sword in his hand.


Qingfeng Li chopped off the First Elder's head. The First Elder's corpse fell from the sky and blood splashed all over the place.

This generation's unorthodox supreme devil who been dominating the unorthodox path for decades, the Crimson Blood Sect's First Elder –– died.

Everybody panicked seeing this scene. How strong was Qingfeng Li? He killed the First Elder in one move. Didn't that mean that his rank could be within the top thirty on the grandmaster list?

No, it wouldn't be top thirty. He killed the master who was ranked number thirty. This would definitely qualify for top twenty, or even possibly for the top ten.

At this moment, people saw the rising of a young master, and he was rising unstoppably.