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Chapter 874: Arriving at Pacific Island

Chapter 874: Arriving at Pacific Island
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"Flower Fairy, who asked you to join the Huaxia Ancient Martial Team? How do I not know about this?" Yuanlei Zhang asked with a frown.

Yuanlei Zhang was the leader of the Special Security Bureau. He was also person in charge of leading the team. How could he be out of the loop for such important news?

Flower Fairy smiled slightly and did not speak. Then, a cold voice was heard, "I was the one who invited Flower Fiary and Miss Qin. Why, do you have a problem?"

Just as the words ended, a woman in an army uniform walked into the room. She was around twenty years old. Her face solemn and she had healthy tanned skin like a leopard.

She was tall and she had a soldier presence. Her legs were straight and her breasts looked like they were about to break out of her uniform. She emitted a strong presence that caused one to dodge her stare.

The woman was like a fierce female tiger. She was beautiful but strong, solemn and sharp.

Qingfeng realized that the woman's beauty was different from other women. Flower Fairy was seductive while Xianzhi Qin was charming. In contrast, this woman had a strong beauty.

Yuanlei Zhang's expression changed when he saw the woman. He asked respectfully, "Director, why are you here?"

The woman was none other than the Director of Special Security Bureau, Fengwu Cao. She was known as the war goddess of Huaxia, the number one fighter of the Huaxia Special Security bureau.

Even though Yuanlei Zhang was a late-stage grandmaster level fighter, he was not Fengwu Cao. He was once defeated by her with a single strike. She had beaten him up so badly that he looked like a pig head.

In the Special Security Bureau, everyone feared Fengwu Cao.

Qingfeng was also shocked when he saw her. He could sense a powerful force within her body, which made him slightly fearful.

"Team leader Zhang, I specially invited Flower Fairy and Miss Qin to join the Huaxia Ancient Martial Team," Fengwu Cao said with a cold smile.

Fengwu Cao's voice was different from others too. Flower Fairy had a seductive voice which charmed others while Fengwu Cao spoke with a tone of an iron-blood warrior, sending shivers down others' spine.

"Director, we have already decided on the ten team members. It would be bad if we kick people out of the team now."

"Team Leader Zhang, I just got the news that the prize of the competition has changed. The winner will get the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal. The second prize is Dragon grass while the third prize is a middle-grade spiritual device."

"What? You said that the first prize is the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal?" Yuanlei Zhang asked in surprise.

Pacific Island was so arrogant. How dare they use the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal as the prize of the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Competition?

Back in ancient times, the Qin Emperor colonized Huaxia and made the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal. The seal was the symbol of the Emperor. He was the first emperor of Huaxia. Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal was a national treasure of Huaxia.

However in the recent past, the Seal was stolen by Pacific Island. But now, Pacific Island was using the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal as a prize for the winner. This was a slap to Huaxia's face.

The higher-ups of Huaxia were furious. They ordered Fengwu Cao to bring a team to Pacific Island to win the competition and snatch back the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal to reestablish Huaxia's respect.

"Team Leader Zhang, do you understand now? The members in your team are not strong enough so I found Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin to strengthen the team."

As the Director of the Special Security Bureau, Fengwu Cao had a thorough understanding of the Ancient Martial powers. Naturally, she knew that Fairy Flower and Xianzhi Qin were extremely powerful. With them in the team, Huaxia had a greater chance of winning the competition.

Dozens of countries competed in the Competition. In total, there were 500 competitors in the competition. These fighters were all grandmaster level fighters and extremely powerful.

Yuanlei Zhang nodded in understanding. He understood Fengwu Cao's words. The team had to win the competition. The team was too weak so the Director found Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin.

Yihe Wang furrowed his brows when he heard that two people must be kicked out of the team. He said, "one person has already left the team. I don't think anyone would be happy that two more people are getting kicked out of the team."

Fengwu Cao smiled coldly and said, "Our mission is to win the competition and take back the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal. Weaklings must leave the team. You guys can compete with Fairy Flower and Xianzhi Qin. The loser can leave the team."

Fengwu Cao was very direct. She did not give Yihe Wang a chance to rebut. She directly asked Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin to choose their competitors.

Flower Fairy smiled charmingly and chose the ninth person since Qingfeng was the tenth person. Naturally, she would not choose to challenge Qingfeng.

The result was very simple, Flower Fairy easily defeated the ninth person with a clean strike.

One had to say that Flower Fairy was extremely powerful. In the room, Other than Qingfeng and Fengwu Cao, no one would be her match.

Xianzhi Qin chose to fight the eighth person. She also defeated the person with a single clean strike. This caused everyone to be stunned.

"Xianzhi Qin seemed to have become even stronger," Qingfeng thought with a smile. He discovered that the seal in Xianzhi Qin's body seemed to have loosened. It seemed like she was close to breaking the seal and advancing her powers.

As expected, super-class forces were extraordinary. As members of the super-class force, Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin had mysterious powers and secrets that could only be seen by Qingfeng.

Of course, Qingfeng also knew that everyone had their chances. He could obtain the Red Fiery Sword and meet the number one fighter, Dark Night Emperor. It would not be surprising if Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin also had special encounters.

Finally, Fengwu Cao led the team which included Yihe Wang, Qingfeng, Flower Fairy, Xianzhi Qin, etc.

The ship speedily headed towards Pacific Island.

Six hours later, the ship arrived at the Sakura Harbour of Pacific Island, it was the number one city by the ocean of Pacific Island.

Qingfeng and the others walked out of the ship and looked forward at Pacific Island. Their eyes were all raging with fire.

The grudge between Huaxia and Pacific Island transcended generations.

Qingfeng looked at the citizens of Pacific Island who were wearing kimonos with coldness in his eyes.

At the same time, the ships of the other countries were also docked at the harbor. Qingfeng looked over and saw the ships of Korea, Philippines, Singapore and Bear Nation.

In total, there were 48 countries which represented Dragon Continent. They were all here to participate in the Huaxia Ancient Martial Competition.

Suddenly, Qingfeng felt killer intent from one of the ships. Qingfeng looked over and saw that a middle-aged man was looking at him with killer intent from the Korea ship.