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Chapter 879: Mastering the Power of Thunder

Chapter 879: Mastering the Power of Thunder
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"Come on you f*ckers, I'm not scared of you!" Qingfeng Li stablized his body and screamed towards the sky.

He knew he could only face the thunderbolts head on with his body.

The thunder struck down with even more energy as if it was replying to Qingfeng Li's provocations. They were thicker and much more powerful.


Once again, his body was sizzling from the thunder. His bones were constantly tempering, almost like it was being crushed into pieces and reassembled.


Qingfeng Li fell to the ground. He was tremoring and frothing at the mouth.

"F*ck you, thunder. Do you f*cking want to kill me?" Qingfeng Li was in too much pain after being electrocuted continuously.



Tianyang Park suddenly stopped after having traveled south for 100 kilometers.

"Why did you stop, leader?" a short haired youth asked.

Looking at the road and field, he answered, "Look at it, the ground and the field are all smooth. It means that Qingfeng Li never came this way."

"Are you saying that Qingfeng Li tricked as and didn't go south?"

"Yes, he's try to divert us onto the wrong path. South was the wrong direction. He definitely went north."

"What should we do then boss?"

"We are going to go back and go north to kill Qingfeng Li." Tianyang Park spat out orders.

"Qingfeng Li you bastard, how dare you trick me. I am going to rip you to pieces."

Tianyang Park was enraged and led his team back to the north.

In the meantime, Qingfeng had become black from being struck by thunderbolts over a few hundreds of times. You could only tell that it was him from his facial expression.

Even though he was struck hundreds of times and was in great pain, his skin and muscles were evolving from yellow to green, the color of the second-tier of evolution.

A soft green aura was glowing on the surface of his body as he was training his body.

To be exact, the green light wasn't energy, it was a vestigial trait of thunder. Yes, thunder.

The thunder was being absorbed by his body and he could only control a bit of it. Even though it was extremely faint, it would be extremely powerful if it was released.

"I finally reached the first level of the Mortal Purgatory Body," Qingfeng Li was excited because he could feel a hint of thunder in his body.

After absorbing the element of thunder, he personally felt how powerful and scary the thunder array was. The array contained a storm of raging thunder, so it could attract and absorb the thunder from the sky.

"Little brat, in the middle of the Sky Thunder Array is a Sky Thunder Jewel. If you can obtain that thing, then you can release thunder." the Dark Night Emperor's words made Qingfeng extremely excited.

Sky Thunder Jewel, that's another spiritual device, and it's even an upper-grade one with the capability of controlling thunder.

Qingfeng followed the Dark Night Emperor's instructions and began searching carefully, and before long, he finally found a black jewel inside the array.

The black jewel was only as big as an egg, yet it was pitch black with a remnant of lightning channeling on the surface, containing enormous thunderous power inside.


Qingfeng immediately picked the jewel out of the array and placed it in his hand.


Right then, waves after waves of explosive thunder sounded in the sky, descending from the sky and striking down towards the swamp.

The thunder was extremely terrifying, lighting up the entire sky. There were over a few hundreds of them, each carrying terrifying power as if they were trying to kill Qingfeng.

Holy f*ck, for real? Where did all these thunderbolts suddenly come from.

Qingfeng was shocked, he jumped up right away and started running towards the shore.

He was fast like a rabbit, but the thunder was faster and was chasing right behind him.

"Senior, what is happening! Why are these thunderbolts chasing me?"

"Brat, you took the Sky Thunder Jewel here. It's something that absorbs thunder, obviously the thunderstorm in the sky will be attracted to you."

"Senior, what should I do? Please teach me!"

"Very simple, just use the jewel to absorb the hundred or so thunders in the sky." the Dark Night Emperor said casually.

Hearing his words, Qingfeng's face turned green. Dude, there are a few hundreds of thunderbolts and you tell me to take it all into this nut-sized jewel? Aren't you scared that your baby boy's gonna die?


The thunder bolts kept raining down densely, and Qingfeng felt like he could die at any moment now.

F*ck this sh*t, might as well. Qingfeng had no choice but to raise the jewel above his head.


The hundred or so thunders were miraculously absorbed, and the Sky Thunder Jewel's size became the size of a fist. The hundred thunder runes were channeling and circling inside the jewel nonstop.

Huh, did the jewel really absorb a hundred thunderbolts?

Qingfeng was pretty surprised. Wow, this nut-sized jewel wasn't so impotent after all.

"Try to think and activate the Thunder Spiritual Spell. It will synergize with your Mortal Purgatory Body and release thunderbolts." the Dark Night Emperor said with a praising tone.

Dark Night Emperor failed the training and didn't get his hands onto the Sky Thunder Pearl, but Qingfeng Li did. He was a genius.

Qingfeng Li activated the first level of Mortal Purgatory Body, the thunder method, and a thunderbolt struck out from the thunder pearl onto the tree across from him. It immediately split the tree into pieces.

"I was able to control the power of thunder." Qingfeng Li was super excited.

Qingfeng Li could only release ten thunderbolts with his current level, or one tenth of the power of the thunder pearl. It could already kill someone in the grandmaster tier easily.

"Qingfeng Li, I finally found you. This time you are dead for sure." Tianyang Park smirked and said with an ice-cold voice.

There were a bunch of Taekwondo masters behind Tianyang Park and they were all looking at Qingfeng Li with hate and murderous intentions.