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Chapter 915: Battling Hell King

Chapter 915: Battling Hell King
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Not only were the surrounding people surprised that Qingfeng Li neutralized the Sky Ghost Battle Array, Hell King was surprised as well.

Even though Hell King became Sky Ghost Elder's disciple recently, he knew that his master was a self-cultivator and was extremely powerful.

But now, his teacher's Array was neutralized by Qingfeng Li with one attack, so he was shocked and surprised.

"Hell King, today is the day you die." Qingfeng Li smirked and walked towards Hell King.

Hell King and Qingfeng Li were death-sworn enemies. One of them had to die.

This time, Qingfeng Li had to kill Hell King no matter what because he was a snake; he was going to bite Qingfeng Li in the back if he was not careful.

With every step Qingfeng Li took, a hole was left behind by his step. His strength was out of this world.

Not only did holes show up, Qingfeng's killing intent grew stronger with every step he took. By the time he arrived in front of Hell King, his body had a murderous aura revolving around it.

"Don't think you are invincible just because you broke the Array. I had trained in the self-cultivation techniques and will show you how powerful I am." Hell King smirked and took out a black blade.

The knife was 4 fingers wide, 1.6 meters long, and had a skull image sculpted to the surface. Evil spirits were emitting from the knife and made it extremely cold-blooded.

The knife was a gift to him from Sky Ghost Elder and was named "Ghost Blade". It was an evil spirited weapon, the same as its self-cultivator. Spirit weapons and self-cultivators were the same; there were ones from the unorthodox path and other ones of the orthodox side. The blade was powerful because it contained evil spirits within its structure.

Qingfeng Li's eyes suddenly drew back because he felt the coldness that was coming from the knife. It was an upper-grade evil spirit weapon, the same grade as his Red Fiery sword.

Qingfeng Li had to take things seriously and he took out his Red Fiery sword immediately. Even though he said he was going to kill Hell King, he was still cautious because there might be a self-cultivator behind Hell King.

Even though Qingfeng Li was powerful, he still had to use all of his strength. There were countless masters that were killed because they underestimated the enemies they faced.

"You have an upper-grade spirit weapon as well?" Hell King was shocked after he saw the Red Fiery sword that Qingfeng Li took out.

Hell King knew that his knife was given to him by the self-cultivator Sky Ghost Elder. Was there a self-cultivator behind Qingfeng Li as well?

At this moment, Hell King withdrew his contempt. He didn't take Qingfeng Li seriously because he though Qingfeng Li was only an ancient Martial Artist, but now that he saw Qingfeng Li had an upper-grade spirit weapon, he had to become diligent.

A normal weapon could not emit sword intent, but spirit weapon could. It could increase its user's attack by two folds.

"Ghost Blade Technique." Hell King screamed and used the attack taught by his teacher immediately. It was an evil blade technique that synergized with his Ghost Blade; it was extremely powerful.

With one swing, it cut the air in half and opened up a rift. It was pitch black inside and extremely terrifying.

It didn't matter if it was the space or the ground, wherever the blade was swung at, it was cut in half and formed lines of cracks. It was scary.

"Red Fiery blast." Qingfeng Li turned his wrist and immediately used his Red Fiery sword method.

The energy emitted from the sword and formed vital fire essence. It collided with the black blade's energy and echoed loud noises.


The sword and blade collided together, creating deafening sounds . It was like an earthquake just happened.

The crowd's faces became pale and they had to back off. Some were spitting out blood from the pressure the collisions made, and one even fell to the ground because he went unconscious.

Both Qingfeng Li and Hell King had to step back one step. Both sides didn't use their full strength because they were trying to test the other.

Qingfeng Li felt that Hell King got stronger because he was able to kill Hell King with one attack before, but now it had become much more complicated.

Still, Qingfeng Li only used his first attack and there were three more attacks after it. Furthermore, Qingfeng Li still had his bloodline power and fire dragon fist.

Qingfeng Li could use and kill Hell King with one punch, but his vital essence would be depleted and he would become vulnerable to Ghost King and the self-cultivator.

Qingfeng Li knew there was a self-cultivator behind Hell King. In addition to killing Hell King, he had to kill the self-cultivator and the rest of the Ghost King Palace.

"Red Fiery arrows." Qingfeng Li was the one to initiate the attack this time.

Red fire arrows formed in the air and rushed towards Hell King.

"Ghost Blade Spirits." Hell King's expression changed and he used his second attack. It formed hundreds of black spirits in the air.

These evil spirits were extremely cold and fearsome. It collided with the arrows and exploded.

The collision between genuine fire energy and the spirits were even more explosive than last time. The ground no longer formed cracks, but it was flipped over like the end of the world.

This time both of them had to step back four steps; the collision was much stronger than last time.

"Hell King has trained in the self-cultivator method and is pretty strong. You can't kill him with your sword alone." Dark Night Emperor told Qingfeng Li in his mind.

"Senior, what should I do then?" Qingfeng Li asked.

"Anything evil is vulnerable to thunder. You can use the thunder from the Sky Thunder Jewel to attack him once and neutralize his Ghost Blade. Then you can kill him with your sword." Dark Night Emperor said with confidence.