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Chapter 917: Killing Hell King

Chapter 917: Killing Hell King
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Attacking you while you are wounded was Qingfeng Li's favourite strategy. Seeing how Hell King was wounded, he immediately attacked with his Red Fiery sword.

The Red Fiery sword was an upper-grade spirit weapon as well. It was extremely powerful with its own sword energy, but Qingfeng Li still added his vital essence on top of it. It could rip through everything.

Hell King's arm was chopped off, falling to the ground and spurting out blood.

The pain made Hell King scream and his face became pale due to loss of blood.

"How dare you cut my arm off, you bastard." Hell King cursed Qingfeng Li.

He was pissed that his arm could no longer be reattached. Without saying anything, Qingfeng Li cut off his other arm as well.

Right now, both Hell King's arms were cut off. His body was tremoring in extreme pain and he almost fell to the ground.

"I said it before, if you took your own life. then I wouldn't touch your body. You didn't listen to me, so look at what happened now." Qingfeng Li's tone was mocking.

Qingfeng Li was extremely pissed that Hell King kidnapped Ruyan Liu while she was pregnant. It wouldn't be too much for him to kill Hell King a couple thousands of times.

"Save me, teache!." Hell King suddenly turned around and screamed at the Ghost King Palace. He knew his teacher and Ghost King were both in there.

Hell King didn't know that his teacher was wounded from the eradication of his Array. Sky Ghost Elder was healing and couldn't come out.

Even though Sky Ghost Elder didn't come out, Ghost King rushed out from the palace.

"Qingfeng Li, stop right there. I won't allow you to kill Hell King." Ghost King's expression changed after he saw how badly wounded Hell King was.

Qingfeng Li suddenly swung his sword and cut off Hell King's head, blood spraying out.

With one swing, Hell King was dead.

Hell King's head flew up and looked at Qingfeng Li. His look was filled with hatred and regret.

"Hopefully you are not my enemy in your next life." Qingfeng Li said coldly while looking at his head.

Hell King could only blame himself for being Qingfeng Li's enemy. Qingfeng Li had sent every single one of his enemies to hell.

Qingfeng Li knew the best way to treat an enemy was to kill them. It was God's job to decide where to send them, but his goal was to send them there.

"Qingfeng Li, how dare you kill Hell King?" Ghost King was pissed because Qingfeng Li didn't listen to what he said.

Hell King was the pupil of Ghost King, and was also now a pupil of the Sky Ghost Elder; he liked Hell King a lot. Now that Hell King was killed, Ghost King was extremely pissed.

"You are the Ghost King of the Ghost King Palace? Die." Qingfeng Li commanded coldly.

Ghost King was a man in his 50s, but he only looked to be in his 40s. The only flaw was that his face was too pale.

Hearing that Qingfeng Li told him to die, Ghost King's face became extremely cold.

"You are the exact same as your father, Conqueror Third Master Li. So arrogant."

"You knew my father?"

"Of course I do, it was I who personally forced him off the cliff." Ghost King smirked.

Ghost King was pissed and immediately said what he knew about Conqueror. He wanted to lambast Qingfeng Li and piss him off.

"Ghost King, how dare you." Qingfeng Li's eyes were filled rage. He was going to head to the forbidden district of the Kunlun Mountains to save his dad, but he didn't think Ghost King already forced his dad off the cliff.

"How do you feel now Qingfeng Li. Are you in pain? This is the price of killing Hell King." Ghost King said emotionlessly.

Qingfeng Li was never this mad before. His heart was embroiled in anger.

"Strangle Hell Fist." Qingfeng Li shouted and instantly used his Strangle Hell Fist.

Qingfeng Li felt it would be too nice to kill Ghost King with his Red Fiery sword. He wanted to use Strangle Hell Fist to break every bone in his body.

Strangle Hell Fist was extremely powerful. It was like a mountain was flying towards Ghost King with an extremely heavy force.

"Ghost King Fist." Ghost King suddenly punched out his right fist. It formed a huge Skull phantom and flew towards Qingfeng Li.
A black hole was formed with the collision of the two fists. Everyone stepped back and were shocked by how powerful the two fists were.

After the explosion, Qingfeng Li and Ghost King were both standing still, but Ghost King's Skull phantom was broken by Qingfeng Li's Strangle Hell Fist.

Not only that, Ghost King's fist was fidgeting in pain. Even though Qingfeng Li was similar to him in terms of power, his Ghost King Fist was beaten by Strangle Hell Fist.

Strangle Hell Fist and Ghost King fist were natural counters; like a cat and mouse. Strangle Hell Fist was part of the and was used to counter evil spirits from hell. Ghost King's method was perfectly countered by Qingfeng Li.

"What was that punch and why is it so powerful?" Ghost King was shocked and asked.

Ghost King and his attack were extremely powerful. Even when faced with Conqueror Third Master Li, his fist could still compete with the Conqueror's enormous strength, but now it was countered by Qingfeng Li's attack.

"You are not qualified to know my attack." Qingfeng Li smiled and said arrogantly.

Qingfeng Li now understood that his Strangle Hell Fist was capable of being used to counter Ghost King's Ghost King Fist.

"Strangle Hell Fist." Qingfeng Li howled and punched out again, for he only knew this one attack.

Strangle Hell Fist formed a huge mound of pressure and flew towards Ghost King. Qingfeng Li was extremely quick and punched Ghost King several meters back.

Ghost King was out of words because the Strangle Hell Fist countered him perfectly.

The Strangle Hell Fist was specifically designed to beat evil spirits like Ghost King; Ghost King was definitely unfortunate.