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Chapter 918: Breaking Through Into Half-Step True Spirit Realm

Chapter 918: Breaking Through Into Half-Step True Spirit Realm
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With his powerful Strangle Hell Fist, Qingfeng Li forced Ghost King back again. Ghost King was no match for Qingfeng Li when they fought only with fist techniques.

However, Ghost King possessed greater strength than Qingfeng Li since he had reached the half-step True Spirit Realm after the refinement of the self-cultivation techniques given by the Sky Ghost Elder.

I can't continue with only fist attacks or I will be suppressed. The Ghost King's eyes glinted.

"Ghost Soldier Realm." With a low yell, the Ghost King released the Ghost Soldier Realm.

Formed with evil spirits, the Ghost Soldier Realm was more powerful than the Fierce Ghost Realm.

The unorthodox Ghost series techniques divided from the lowest to the highest were Fierce Ghost, Ghost Soldier, Ghost General, Ghost King...

With years of cultivation, the Ghost King was extremely powerful and could summon Ghost Soldiers.

In an area with a diameter of sixty meters, a gigantic black field full of evil spirit fighters appeared. The Ghost Soldiers were more solid and thus more powerful than Fierce Ghosts.

Sensing the great power of the Ghost Soldier Realm, Qingfeng Li's face turned grim and released the Gravity Realm immediately.

A giant black light shield came into being in an area with a diameter of thirty meter and a huge force of gravity came from the underground, sucking the Ghost Soldiers downward.

But the Ghost Soldiers had more strength than the fierce ghosts and they could stumble forward despite the sucking force.

Qingfeng Li was taken aback by what he saw. If the Ghost Soldiers got rid of the Gravity Realm, they would attack him.

"Inferno Realm."

"Storm Realm."

He released two other territories, one more field than when he fought Hell King since Ghost King was much more powerful.

In the area of thirty meters, a giant wind light shroud appeared soon after a large field of fire formed.

All at once, the Gravity Realm, Inferno Realm, and Storm Realm rushed towards the Ghost Soldier Realm.

Three fields altogether unleashed such a horribly great power that the Ghost Soldiers were instantly destroyed.

Thanks to his great talents, Qingfeng Li had gained insights of three fields. He could not have been able to defeat the Ghost Soldier Realm with only one, but with three fields, he was generally unrivaled.


With the destruction of the Ghost Soldier Realm, the Ghost King spat out a mouthful of blood, his eyes full of astonishment.

"You, you, you gained insights into three fields?" Ghost King was so stunned that he stammered out his words.

He had been very proud of his talent but even he had only gained insight of one field. It was beyond his imagination that Qingfeng Li had gained three.

As a former ancient martial artist and now a self-cultivator, the Ghost King was quite familiar with fields, knowing that only people with extremely high talents could master two or even three fields.

"Qingfeng Li is too talented. I must kill him today," the Ghost King thought.

He knew that if he didn't kill Qingfeng Li, he would die the next time they met.

"Hellhound Bloodline." With a low yell, the Ghost King released the Hell Hound Bloodline.

Hellhounds, a more advanced kind of dogs, lived in the ancient hell and helped subdue the rebellious ferocious ghosts.

The Hellhound Bloodline awakened by the Ghost King could Devourer any ferocious ghosts.

A giant hell hound shadow appeared in the air. Raven fur, sharp fangs, it looked ugly and terrifying.

It opened its huge jaws and bit viciously at Qingfeng Li.

"Devourer Bloodline." With a grim face, Qingfeng Li released the Devourer Bloodline. He had felt strongly threatened by the hell hound.

A huge black vortex formed with the ability to Devourer all energy like a black hole in the space.

The black vortex was formed by the Devourer Bloodline. It tried to engulf the hellhound but the latter seemed to have sensed the danger and dodged.

Qingfeng Li's expression changed. It seemed the hellhound was more powerful than any other bloodlines that he had encountered; it obviously had a spirit of its own sine it knew how to dodge an attack.

His Devourer Bloodline could devour anything but it was still not yet well-tamed, thus the devourer could not move freely and hard trouble locking onto the speedy hell hound.

"Brat, the dragon blood is a jinx for all bloodlines. Use your dragon blood to subdue the hellhound and then devour it." The voice of the Dark Night Emperor sounded in Qingfeng Li's head.

As a once conqueror of the ancient martial world, the Dark Night Emperor was very knowledgeable. The moment he saw the hellhound, he knew that only a true dragon could subdue this evil existence of the ancient hell.

Qingfeng Li nodded with exhilaration. He was quite new and inexperienced in the self-cultivation world but the Dark Night Emperor, like a good teacher and friend, always offered him excellent advice in the times of need.

Qingfeng Li circulated the dragon blood in his body to activate the power of the dragon bloodline. A golden dragon head shadow appeared in the sky.

Since he had only one drop of dragon blood in his body, the dragon phantom he summoned only had a head.

But only a dragon head shadow was enough to frighten the hellhound which shivered all over at the sight and dared not to move.

Golden Dragon was the most powerful existence and a supreme magic beast among all the animals and demon beasts and one drop of blood from it had enough power to subdue the hellhound.

Qingfeng Li was quite pleased to see the hell hound shadow freeze on spot and shiver all over.

"Devour it." Qingfeng Li ordered the Devourer Bloodline to engulf the hellhound.

The giant black vortex connected with a mysterious unknown space rushed over to the hell hound and swallowed it.

The pitiful hellhound, subdued and frozen by the Golden Dragon shadow, was thus engulfed by the Devourer Bloodline.

The hellhound shadow was congealed by the Ghost King's nature blood and essence blood and contained all his great power. But now the power was swallowed by Qingfeng Li's Devourer Bloodline and thus became part of Qingfeng Li's energy


After swallowing the hellhound, the Devourer Bloodline turned into a huge surge of energy filling Qingfeng Li's body.

The energy from the hellhound was mixed with the self-cultivator's aura which added to Qingfeng Li's cultivation progress.

The strength in Qingfeng Li's dantian grew quickly and the circulation accelerated, gathering the blue vital essence and forming half of a blue vital core.

Only a self-cultivator could concentrate the vital essence and form the vital core while an ancient Martial Artist had only vital essence.

Half a blue vital core was a sign of the breakthrough into the half-step True Spirit Realm.

After swallowing the Ancient Hellhound Bloodline, Qingfeng Li broke through to the half-step True Spirit Realm.