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Chapter 919: Killing Ghost King

Chapter 919: Killing Ghost King
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"Such powerful energy!" Sensing the power surging in his body when he reached the half-step True Spirit Realm, Qingfeng Li was full of exhilaration.

Thanks to the Ghost King's ancient hellhound bloodline he had just swallowed, Qingfeng Li's power had grown to the level of half-step True Spirit Realm.

At the same time, the Ghost King was devastated because he was severely wounded when his bloodline was swallowed.

The scale of power had thus tilted favorably toward Qingfeng Li, whose strength had greatly increased while Ghost King's power declined.

"Ghost King, you can meet your death now." In a flash, Qingfeng Li moved to the side of the Ghost King and punched him with a Strangle Hell Fist, carrying the force of a huge mountain crashing down towards Ghost King.


Ghost King was slow to react due to his wounds and was thrown heavily onto the gate of the palace, creating a hole in the gate.

The Strangle Hell Fist was a complete counter to the Ghost King and could prevent him from releasing his techniques and strength.

Qingfeng Li had meant to continue punching his rival with the Strangle Hell Fist when he found his vital essence only enough for two or more punches.

It was not necessary to exhaust himself by continuing using the Strangle Hell Fist. He could still kill his opponent with the Fire Fiery Sword.

The Ghost King crashed through the broken gate and landed on the ground of the palace. The disciples of the Ghost Palace all rushed out.

"Palace master, are you ok?" They asked.

"Go and kill the young man." Pointing at Qingfeng Li, the Ghost King ordered his hundred or so disciples.

However, they were met with the fighters led by Niching Luo and Jianghe Tang. Both of them yelled, "Come on, everyone, kill the disciples of the Ghost Palace."

The Luo Family members led by Niching Tang and the Tang Family members led by Jianghe Tang surged toward the Ghost Palace disciples.

While Niching Luo and Jianghe Tang dealt with the Ghost Palace disciples, Qingfeng Li went straight toward the Ghost King.


Qingfeng Li drew the Fire Fiery Sword and slashed it at Ghost King.


The wounded Ghost King was cut by the sharp sword aura and a big slash appeared on his body. Blood kept flowing from the cut and even his bones were exposed in the air.

Pale-faced, the Ghost King was attacked by a surge of fear. Qingfeng Li was too powerful for him, no matter if it was realm strength, bloodline energy or fist techniques.

Oh, yes, how did I forget I still have clones. Ghost King had been bent on defeating Qingfeng Li with his self-cultivation techniques and had thus totally forgotten about his clone technology.

Encouraged by the thought, the Ghost King took out a syringe with a red potion and injected it into his own body. Instantly, three other Ghost Kings walked out of the lab near the Ghost Palace.

The three Ghost Kings from the lab were clones of the Ghost King laying outside.

Evidently, the Ghost King had more powerful clone technology than Hell King, who could only clone one of himself while Ghost King cloned three. Now there were altogether four Ghost Kings.

It was unfortunate for him that his clones came too late, otherwise, Qingfeng Li would have been in mortal danger facing four Ghost Kings.

But the truth was that his clones were also wounded as he was and had much-reduced strength. Still, he now had four people fighting Qingfeng Li.

"Clones. Hmph, do you think I will fear the four of you?" Qingfeng Li smiled indifferently.

Qingfeng Li was unrivaled in his realm. Since he had just reached the half-step True Spirit Realm, he was fearless.

"Fire Fiery Silver Moon." Qingfeng Li said in a low voice, launching the fourth and the most powerful Fire Fiery Sword technique.

A huge red moon of flames rose in the sky, emitting a burning air, and crashed into the first Ghost King.


The first Ghost King screamed when the fire moon burned him up. He was a clone and the fire lit up the evil spirits in his body which died quite pitifully.

"The second." Without a glance at the first Ghost King, Qingfeng Li rushed to the second Ghost King and slashed his sword, emitting a sharp sword aura.


The head of the second Ghost King was chopped off with a spurt of blood.

"The third." Ignoring the dead body, Qingfeng Li dashed toward the third Ghost King.

He swung his sword and the head of the third Ghost King flew up, blood surging from the wound.

By this time, the first Ghost King had burnt to a pile of dust.

In a blink of eye, the three cloned Ghost Kings all died.

Puchi, puchi, puchi…

When the three clones died, the Ghost King spurted out more than a dozen mouthfuls of blood. His face was so white that he stumbled and almost dropped onto the ground.

The clones made by a special method with Ghost King's essence blood were creepy and powerful, but in Qingfeng Li's eyes they were all weaklings and were each killed with one sword strike.

"Ghost King, I've killed all your clones and now it's your turn."

With a chilling sneer, Qingfeng Li strode toward the Ghost King, razor-sharp killing intent all over him.

"Sky Ghost Elder, please help me!" Ashen-faced, Ghost King yelled at one of the rooms in the Ghost Palace.

Like all the dying people, the Ghost King wished someone could come to his rescue. But he was doomed because the Sky Ghost Elder was in the critical stage of a complete recovery from his injury and would not come.

The Sky Ghost Elder was a true self-cultivator, a master of True Spirit Realm, and he would not put the Ghost King's life before his own recovery.


Without hesitation, Qingfeng Li chopped off Ghost King's head.

In his final moment, Ghost King was filled with fear and bafflement, not understanding why the Sky Ghost Elder didn't come to his rescue. After all, he was the Sky Ghost Elder's representative in the ancient martial world.

Merely killing Ghost King with one sword strike didn't satisfy Qingfeng Li. He cut Ghost King's body into pieces to avenge for his father.

"Father, did you see it? I killed your foe, the Ghost King." Looking into the distance, Qingfeng Li murmured to himself.