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Chapter 920: Ruyan Liu is Dying

Chapter 920: Ruyan Liu is Dying
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After killing the Ghost King, Qingfeng Li's expression grew grimmer because he had sensed a frighteningly strong presence inside the Ghost Palace.

Niching Luo and others were still fighting the remaining disciples of the Ghost Palace, which left Qingfeng Li free to search for Ruyan Liu.

"Miss Luo, you stay here and I will go in and search of Ruyan Liu." With that said, he ran into the Ghost Palace.

There were several rooms in the depth of the palace. He didn't find Ruyan Liu in the first two rooms.

He sensed a familiar presence when he came to the third room. Pushing the door open, he found Ruyan Liu laying on the bed, her belly big with the baby.

"Ruyan, are you okay?" Qingfeng Li asked with concern.

Hearing his voice, Ruyan Liu opened her eyes. She looked very anxious and kept shaking her head at him as if she was telling him to run.

She couldn't speak with her mouth stuffed with a rag and she struggled with the ropes that bound her to the bed.

"Don't worry, Ruyan. I'm here to save you." Qingfeng Li smiled to reassure her.

"Heh heh, save her? Can you save her?" Suddenly, a chilling voice sounded in the room.

Qingfeng Li's eyes sharpened and he saw an old man sitting cross-legged in the corner. The old man looked ageless with a ghastly death-white face.

He was wearing a black robe and emitted a chilling presence of a ghost, sending shivers to people around him.

The chilling old man was no other but the Sky Ghost Elder, a powerful master of the early-stage True Spirit Realm.

Such powerful energy! Qingfeng Li was horrified at the strength and freezing chill emitting from the old man.

Qingfeng Li knew that this old man was the most powerful enemy he had ever met, much more powerful than Hell King, Ghost King, fthe amily chiefs of the three families of Pacific Island, and all the others.

"Let her go." Faced with the powerful Sky Ghost Elder, Qingfeng Li still demanded him to release Ruyan Liu.

"Let her go? In your dreams. You killed my disciple Hell King and this woman must die." The Sky Ghost Elder sneered chillingly.


With a flick of his finger, the Sky Ghost Elder shot a black light into Ruyan Liu's body and her charming face turned instantly black and she fainted with a shriek.

He was so fast that Qingfeng Li had absolutely no time to react before the black light was shot into Ruyan Liu.

Seeing her body blackened and unconscious, Qingfeng Li burst with fury.

"Sky Ghost Elder, you dared to kill my woman! I will skin you alive and make you wish to die." Qingfeng Li's voice was as cold as death.

"I didn't kill her, for now. I just planted a Fierce Ghost curse in her. If you can't remove the curse in one hour, she and the baby in her belly will both die."

"You are vicious."

"You killed my disciple Hell King and this is my revenge. Your woman and baby will die, and so will you. I'm gonna skin you alive today." The Sky Ghost Elder sneered.

Qingfeng Li knew that he had to kill the Sky Ghost Elder within one hour and remove the Fierce Ghost curse from her or she and the baby would die.


He moved like a flash and rushed at the Sky Ghost Elder, intending to kill the despicable old fellow on spot.

No, death was too good for him. Qingfeng Li wanted to skin him alive.

"A mere half-step True Spirit Realm fighter, you are asking for death." With a faint smile, the Sky Ghost Elder said arrogantly.

He pushed his right palm at Qingfeng Li and it landed on him with a horribly powerful force.


With a huge sound, Qingfeng Li flew backward, broke the door on his way and dropped heavily on the ground of the hall over a dozen meters away.

All the people turned to look at Qingfeng Li who had conquered everyone on his way here. Now he was sent flying out by a palm.


Qingfeng Li spat two mouthfuls of blood and struggled to his feet, face pale.

"Is this the power of the True Spirit Realm?" His face turned dark. The Sky Ghost Elder was too powerful for him to fight.

Since entering the ancient martial world, Qingfeng Li had conquered everyone in his way and even killed a master of half-step True Spirit Realm, which made him conceited and arrogant.

But today the Sky Ghost Elder gave him a heavy blow with his attack and showed him the great gulf between a master in the early-stage True Spirit Realm and a half-step True Spirit Realm fighter.

"Oh? You are still alive?" A trace of surprise entered the Sky Ghost Elder's eyes when he saw Qingfeng Li though injured can still stand up.

He was a true self-cultivator and an early-stage True Spirit Realm master and thus extremely powerful.

And Qingfeng Li was only half a step into the True Spirit Realm or only a half-step self-cultivator. In short, he wasn't even a true self-cultivator.

Only a true self-cultivator, like the Sky Ghost Elder, could master the vital essence between the sky and the earth, and activate the horrible power of heaven and earth.

Until this moment did Qingfeng Li realize the true power of a self-cultivator and its difference with an ancient Martial Artist or a half-step True Spirit Realm fighter.

The Sky Ghost Elder had met a half-step genuine fighter a short while ago. That fellow had looked down on him and was killed by him with a palm strike.

There was a huge gap between a half-step True Spirit Realm fighter and an early-stage True Spirit Realm master. And the Sky Ghost Elder wondered why Qingfeng Li didn't die after being struck by his palm.

It was lucky for Qingfeng Li that he had practiced the Mortal Purgatory Body, which toughened his skin, muscles and bones and thus helped him withstand the palm strike from the Sky Ghost Elder. If he had been an ordinary half-step True Spirit Realm fighter, he would have been long dead.

"Fellow, you have very high talents that you should have survived my palm strike. But you will die anyway." Smiling chillingly, the Sky Ghost Elder walked toward Qingfeng Li, killing intent all over him.