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Chapter 921: Qingfeng“s Friends

Chapter 921: Qingfeng's Friends
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Seeing the Sky Ghost Elder walk toward him, Qingfeng Li's expression changed since he had been wounded by him and thus knew the old man's power.

"Red Fiery Silver Moon." He said in a low voice, launching the fourth and the most powerful Red Fiery Sword Technique.

The Sword aura emitting from the Red Fiery Sword left a huge rift in the air wherever it went and it formed a huge moon of flames rushing toward the Sky Ghost Elder.

With a cold smile, the Sky Ghost Elder pushed out his right palm and a surge of black mist engulfed the red flames and put them out instantly.

What?! The fire was put out?

Qingfeng Li was horrified when his most powerful sword technique was so easily blocked. Obviously, the Sky Ghost Elder had not only great strength but was skilled in fist techniques as well.


After quenching the flames of the Red Fiery Silver Moon, the Sky Ghost Elder pushed out another palm and sent Qingfeng Li flying again.

Qingfeng Li landed heavily on the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Wolf King, are you ok?" Niching Luo ran to him, concern on her face.

Qingfeng Li said in a low voice, "Miss Luo, the Sky Ghost Elder is too powerful. Just leave me and run."

To his surprise, Niching Luo shook her head, "I won't go."

"Tsk, tsk, another little beauty. If you don't do then you die." With a chilling smile, he pushed a palm at Niching Luo.

Qingfeng Li was horrified at the attack. While he could withstand the old man's strikes with his Mortal Purgatory Body, Niching Luo was quite defenseless against his vicious attack.

Suppressing the sharp pain of his wounds, Qingfeng Li pushed Niching Luo aside and took the strike for her.

Unsurprisingly, Qingfeng Li was sent flying again and dropped heavily on the ground more than a dozen meters away and spat another mouthful of blood.

He had taken the strike for Niching Luo because she had come to his rescue in the Ghost Palace.

But this time he couldn't even stand up due to the great loss of blood and vital essence.

"Now you can meet your death." The Sky Ghost Elder's right hand reached out and slammed toward Qingfeng Li's head.

The strength in the palm was extremely great and could have broken Qingfeng Li's head.


A blue flash with great energy shot into the Sky Ghost Elder's palm and blocked his strike.

"Fiery Emperor's Finger?" Frowning slightly, the Sky Ghost Elder recognized the blue flash was released from the Fiery Emperor's Finger technique.

The Fiery Emperor's Finger was similar to the Six-pulse Excalibur in Wuxia novels and could infuse vital essence into a finger and shoot out the huge energy which could easily pierce a car.

Xianzhi Qin, Flower Fairy, and Fengwu Cao strode in. It was Xianzhi Qin who had released the blue flash of light.

As the young mistress of the Fiery Emperor Palace, Xianzhi Qin's strength had recently grown greatly because the seal in her body was broken and she had finished mastering the Fiery Emperor's Finger, the highest martial techniques of the Fiery Emperor Palace.

Qingfeng Li had taken a helicopter to return to Huaxia while Xianzhi Qin and others took a ship. The moment they landed they received Qingfeng Li's phone call asking them to go to the Ghost Palace in Tianjing City.

Xianzhi Qin knew the great power of the Ghost Place, a super first-class ancient martial force, and thus hurried over with the others in a helicopter.

She congratulated herself on coming in time to save Qingfeng Li.

"Who are you? And how did you learn the Fiery Emperor's Finger of the Fiery Emperor Palace?" The Sky Ghost Elder asked, his face darkened.

Without a glance at the Sky Ghost Elder, Xianzhi Qin hurried over to Qingfeng Li and helped him up, "Are you okay?"


Qingfeng Li coughed out another two mouthfuls of blood before saying, "I am fine."

"You are not fine with so much blood loss. I will infuse some vital essence in you." Placing her palm against his wrist, she began to transfer vital essence into his body.

Anxious about Qingfeng Li's condition, Xianzhi Qin transferred as much as vital essence as she could into his body and in a short while Qingfeng Li's complexion turned from a deathly white to a healthy pink.

Seeing her sweat-drenched face in her efforts of vital essence transferring, Qingfeng Li was quite moved.

The Sky Ghost Elder's face darkened with fury that the woman should have ignored his question and dared to save Qingfeng Li.

He pushed out his right palm abruptly toward Xianzhi Qin's head, intending to kill the interfering woman.

But his palm was blocked by Flower Fairy's hand.


Their palms collided with each other with a huge sound. The Sky Ghost Elder held his ground while Flower Fairy was force back several steps.

"The early-stage of True Spirit Realm?" Surprise appeared on her charming face.

She now understood why Qingfeng Li was wounded, the Sky Ghost Elder was a master of the early-stage True Spirit Realm.

As the Saintess of the super-class force Hundred-flower Palace, Flower Fairy knew that the power of the True Spirit Realm was much greater than the half-step True Spirit Realm since the former mastered the vital essence between the sky and the earth and could launch attacks with techniques powered by nature.

Flower Fairy herself had exercised self-cultivation but concealed her true power. She had not expected the Sky Ghost Elder could force her back.

Flower Fairy's beautiful eyes turned grim. The old man was indeed powerful but she could kill him if she released the mysterious energy sealed in her body.

However, she remembered her mother's words that she would suffer great damage to her body if she broke the seal before she reached the early-stage of True Spirit Realm.

On the other hand, if she didn't break the seal, the Sky Ghost Elder was too powerful for her to fight.

At this moment, Fengwu Cao strode over and said, "This old undead person is too powerful. I will help you."

As someone with an official background, Fengwu Cao's words of "old undead" was quite contradictory to the righteousness on her face.

The Sky Ghost Elder was furious at the name Fengwu Cao called him, "Are you Qingfeng Li's wife or his woman? Why do you want to fight for him?"