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Chapter 922: Forcing Back the Sky Ghost Elder

Chapter 922: Forcing Back the Sky Ghost Elder
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Hearing the Sky Ghost Elder call her Qingfeng Li's woman, Fengwu Cao's eyes glinted coldly. After all she was the Director of Huaxia Special Security Bureau and the Goddess of war of the country and thus was highly respected by all Huaxia people.

She enjoyed an extremely high rank in Huaxia, reporting only to the highest leader of the country. A surge of rage rose in her at the insult from the Sky Ghost Elder.

"Phoenix Dance Fist." She yelled angrily and her right fist punched abruptly turning into a shadow of a phoenix.

Phoenix Dance Fist was a set of self-cultivation techniques passed down from one generation to the next in her family.

The fist ripped open the air with a whistling sound and slammed viciously at the Sky Ghost Elder.

Sensing the horribly great strength on her fist, the Sky Ghost Elder's face turned grim.

Fengwu Cao was a half-step True Spirit Realm fighter with the same power as Qingfeng Li and her Phoenix Dance Fist was a perfect match of Strangle Hell Fist.

Qingfeng Li had just refined the first technique of the Strangle Hell Fist while Fengwu Cao had mastered the second technique the Phoenix Dance Fist, and thus was stronger than Qingfeng Li.

As with martial techniques refinement, self-cultivation refinement was also divided into amateur, medial, skilled, and perfection.

Fengwu Cao had refined her Phenix Dance Fist into the medial level and even the Sky Ghost Elder had to regard her cautiously.

This time the Sky Ghost Elder concentrated his vital essence in his palm and turned it into a shadow of devilish Ghost Soldiers.

"Sky Ghost Palm." He pushed his right palm abruptly and slammed it toward Fengwu Cao with the horrible energy of devilish Ghost Soldiers.

The Sky Ghost Palm was an extremely powerful unorthodox self-cultivation technique which could turn into devilish Ghost Soldiers and blacken the air with gloominess and creepy chill.


The Phoenix Dance Fist and the Sky Ghost Palm collided with each other with a huge sound, exploding the air into a black vortex with a diameter of half a meter.

Huge energy waves spread outward to the surrounding areas, leaving countless and horrible cracks in the ground.

Even the whole underground building of the Ghost Palace shook violently under the giant shock and a fine crack began to spread in the wall next to the gate.


The slim figure of Fengwu Cao was forced back a step while the Sky Ghost Elder held his ground.

"The early-stage True Spirit Realm is indeed powerful." Fengwu Cao's pupils contracted.

She had mustered all her strength and still was forced back a step, though it was a much better result than that of Qingfeng Li who had been sent flying by the Sky Ghost Elder.

Of course, Qingfeng Li would not have been sent flying if he had used his last trick the Fire Dragon Fist which could only be used every twelve hours. Since he had used it to kill a family chief of Pacific Island, it was not available to him right now.

Receiving large amounts of vital essence from Xianzhi Qin, Qingfeng Li had recovered his strength and his wounds were almost healed.

But Xianzhi Qin was out of breath with exhaustion since she had transferred all her vital essence into Qingfeng Li.

"Thank you. You rest here while I deal with the Sky Ghost Elder." Carefully, Qingfeng Li helped her to the side before walking toward his enemy.

He must kill the Sky Ghost Elder in one hour or Ruyan Liu and her baby would die.

"Director Cao, I will fight the old undead together with you." He walked over to Fengwu Cao.

"Have you recovered from your injuries?"

"Yes. Xianzhi Qin transferred all her vital essence to me."

"Miss Qin is really good to you. Exhaustion of vital essence is harmful to health." Glancing at the pale-faced Xianzhi Qin, Fengwu Cao said lightly.

She knew the beautiful young mistress of the Fiery Emperor Palace was a haughty woman and regarded everyone as beneath her.

But she had risked her own health to save Qingfeng Li. It was a great price.

Qingfeng Li nodded and swore in his heart that after killing the Sky Ghost Elder he would make the spirit-level life elixir to save Xianzhi Qin's father.

"The Sky Ghost Elder is too powerful. I will join you." Flower Fairy walked from behind.

Actually she could have killed the Sky Ghost Elder with one palm strike if all the sealing stamps in her body had been broken. But right now, she couldn't break them just like Qingfeng Li couldn't break the second sealing stamp on the Fire Fiery Sword.

All half-step True Spirit Realm fighters, Qingfeng Li, Fengwu Cao and Flower Fairy surround the Sky Ghost Elder.

The powerful presence emitting from the three fighters was so strong that even the Sky Ghost Elder, a master of early-stage True Spirit Realm felt pressured.

"Strangle Hell Fist." With a low yell, Qingfeng Li slammed his fist at the Sky Ghost Elder.

"Phenix Dance Fist." Fengwu Cao punched her right fist which turned into a phenix shadow crashing toward the Sky Ghost Elder.

"Hundred-flower Palm." Flower Fairy's slim hand turned into a huge palm with a pattern of peony floating on it. The huge palm slammed toward the Sky Ghost Elder.

The powerful attacks from the three fighters exploded the air and created three giant black holes.

Sensing the powerful combined attacking forces, the Sky Ghost Elder's face turned very grim. His right fist crashed out abruptly turning into a shadow of devilish Ghost Soldiers and collided with the forces of his three rivals.

Deng deng!!

This time, Qingfeng Li and his two partners stayed where they were while the Sky Ghost Elder was forced back two steps with a pale face.

Though he was in the early-stage of True Spirit Realm and was stronger than each of his rivals, the combined power of three martial artists of super techniques still forced him back.

"Director Cao, Flower Fairy, my woman Ruyan Liu and our baby were planted with the Fierce Ghost curse by the Sky Ghost Elder. We must kill him in one hour or Ruyan Liu and the baby will die. Please do your best and I will owe you a big favor."

Qingfeng Li knew the two women were both powerful fighters equipped with upper-grade spiritual devices. He needed their help.