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Chapter 923: Aid from Dark Night Emperor

Chapter 923: Aid from Dark Night Emperor
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At Qingfeng Li's request of help, Fengwu Cao and Flower Fairy understood the urgency of the situation. They had to kill the Sky Ghost Elder within one hour.

Fengwu Cao had heard about the evil Fierce Ghost Curse which could kill women and children.


She unwound a soft silver sword from around her body. It was a weapon that could change shapes.

The soft sword's name was Silver Snake Sword and was an upper-grade spiritual device on which engraved a pattern of a silver snake.

The moment it was taken out, the Silver Snake Sword emitted a sharp white sword aura of ten meters long.

At the sight of the Silver Snake Sword, Flower Fairy took out the Lotus Mirror which released a white lotus flower into the sky, the symbol of an upper-grade spiritual device.

The Sky Ghost Elder's face turned grimmer at the sight of three upper-grade spiritual devices while he, a master of True Spirit Realm, had only one upper-grade spiritual device—the Sky Ghost Saber.

Three upper-grade upper spiritual devices versus one, and the Sky Ghost Elder felt a bit overwhelmed.

"Kill him." With the Fire Fiery Sword in hand, Qingfeng Li was the first to launch the attack.

Fengwu Cao with her Silver Snake Sword and Flower Fairy with her Lotus Mirror attacked the Sky Ghost Elder from two different directions.

The Sky Ghost Elder hurriedly drew out the Sky Ghost Saber which was four fingers wide and 1.55 meters long. Made with meteorite rock, the whole saber was black emitting a horrible presence of power.

A pattern of Ghost Soldier appeared on the saber, making it look chilling, ghastly and terrifying.

The sky Ghost Saber was an unorthodox upper-grade spiritual device, a natural enemy of orthodox spiritual devices.

"Sky Ghost Saber Techniques." The Sky Ghost Elder yelled in a loud voice.

The long saber swung in the air and slashed toward his three rivals in a shroud of black mist.


Four upper-grade spiritual devices collided with each other with a huge sound shaking the whole underground palace. The giant energy waves spread outward blasting rocks into dust.

All the people around them backed off hurriedly and the slower ones were pushed to the ground by the surge of energy.

"So this is the power of self-cultivators. It's really amazing." The members of Family Luo and others watching the battle were all stunned. As ancient Martial Artists, they had thought themselves powerful until today when they witnessed the more powerful self-cultivators.

Deng, deng, deng!!!

This time the Sky Ghost Elder retreated three steps under the powerful combined forces of his three rivals.

But he was only forced back and not injured because he was after all a True Spirit Realm master and could not be hurt by half-step True Spirit Realm fighters.

"Time is ticking away. We must kill him before it's too late." Qingfeng Li said anxiously. The battle had lasted for a while and Ruyan Liu couldn't wait any longer.

They launched another round of attacks at the Sky Ghost Elder and forced him to scramble back in a tangle of black robes.

"Little one, there is only half an hour before the curse took effect. To save Ruyan Liu, you must kill the Sky Ghost Elder now because you will need some time to remove the curse.

Qingfeng Li's expression changed. He answered with mind transmission, "Senior, the Sky Ghost is a master in the early-stage of True Spirit Realm and is equipped with an upper-grade spiritual device. I can't kill him."

"Little one, you forget that you have refined the first Fire Dragon Fist technique which is enough to kill anyone under the level of late-stage True Spirit Realm."

"Senior, I know I can kill the Sky Ghost Elder with Fire Dragon Fist, but I can only use it every twelve hours and it's too soon for me to use it now."

"Little brat, I can make the Fire Dragon Fist available to you one hour earlier. But I will have to fall into a long sleep after that since it exhausts a lot of my spiritual energy." The Dark Night Emperor transmitted the message.

If it had not been a moment of life and death, the Dark Night Emperor would not have suggested the use of Fire Dragon Fist because the Fire Dragon Fist was extremely exhaustive for the spiritual energy and thus would cause damage to the body.

Qingfeng Li's spiritual energy could only afford to use it every twelve hours. If he forced it on himself sooner than twelve hours he would damage his brain and could even become mentally disabled.

Without his physical body, the Dark Night Emperor was now a spirit made of spiritual energy. If he helped Qingfeng Li with his spiritual energy, he would fall into another long sleep. And he had chosen to do it for Qingfeng Li.

"Senior, thank you. Even if you fall in a long sleep I promise I will find a way for you to restore your spiritual energy and physical body." Qingfeng Li made his promise in a determined voice.

He knew that after helping him with the spiritual energy, the Dark Night Emperor would not only fall into a long sleep but get injured, for which Qingfeng Li would owe him a huge favor.

At this moment, the Dark Night Emperor was more than a senior to Qingfeng Li, but an elder family member like his master Wind-Edge Demon King.

"Little brat, I now transfer my spiritual energy to you. Take it." With a low yell, the Dark Night Emperor released a flash of blue light containing huge spiritual energy which rushed into the depth of Qingfeng Li's mind.

Then the spirit of the Dark Night Emperor dimmed quickly before closing his eyes and falling into sleep in the Fire Fiery Sword without a trace of life.

Qingfeng Li glanced at him gratefully, determined not to disappoint him.

Abruptly, Qingfeng Li's spiritual energy surged up as if in a flooding. He infused it into the golden light ball and awakened the fire dragon in it. The golden dragon gradually grew distinct while a flood of overwhelming power surged from the light ball.

"Director Cao, Flower Fairy, please back off. I will explode the Sky Ghost Elder with one fist strike." Qingfeng Li told the two women.

Both of them looked baffled but retreated from the battle since they trusted him.