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Chapter 924: Beating Sky Ghost Elder“s Ass

Chapter 924: Beating Sky Ghost Elder's Ass
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"HaHaHa~ You want to beat me with one punch? How funny," the Sky Ghost Elder looked up and laughed loudly with disdain. He thought that Qingfeng Li was bragging.

The Sky Ghost Elder was an early stage master in the True Spirit Realm and was very powerful. One punch from earlier was enough to send Qingfeng flying, but now, Qingfeng Li said he could beat him down with only one punch. That was so funny.

Facing the disdain from the Sky Ghost Elder, Qingfeng Li sneered and explain anymore. He started to accumulate the vital essence in his body. He wanted to try his best to beat the Sky Ghost Elder and get revenge for Ruyan Liu.

"Fire Dragon Fist," Qingfeng Li yelled. With the help of the Dark Night Emperor, he could use the Fire Dragon easily.

Qingfeng Li swung his right first violently. A golden ball shined in his mind and projected powerful beams of golden light. The golden light coalesced into a Golden Dragon shadow, converged with the vital essence and emitted enormous energy.

In an instant, the whole underground palace was shaking due to the Golden Dragon shadow. The Ghost King Palace was vile and gloomy. The Golden Dragon shadow was born from the hatred of that palace and had a holy, cleansing aura.

That terrible punch changed the facial expression of the Sky Ghost Elder and a dash of horror appeared in his eyes. This punch contained raging energies and the breath of destruction. He began to fear it from the depths of his soul.

"Sky Ghost Blade Technique!" The Sky Ghost Elder yelled. He tried to hold the fear in his heart and wielded his blade against the Golden Dragon shadow.

The Sky Ghost Blade cut through the air and drew a huge crack in the air with a huge exploding noise. That enormous energy seemed to split up everything.

There was anger in the eyes of the Golden Dragon shadow. This stupid human, who practiced the unorthodox techniques, wants to use that blade to beat me? He is just courting death.

The Golden Dragon shadow turned into a massive fist with enormous blazing energy. The blaze of an extremely high temperature was rushing at the Sky Ghost Elder with invincible power.


The upper-grade spiritual device, the Sky Ghost Blade, broke immediately after being hit by the punch of the Golden Dragon shadow of the Fire Dragon Fist. Then the knife disintegrated into thousands of pieces, melting and disappearing.

After destroying the Sky Ghost Blade, the Golden Dragon shadow covered the Sky Ghost Elder with an enormous blaze of energy.


The Sky Ghost Elder gave a screech before the Dragon burnt his body to ash.

It was easy to see by naked eyes, the fingers of The Sky Ghost Elder burning by the fire and disappeared. Then, the palm disappeared, the wrist disappeared, and the arm disappeared.

The intense pain made the face of the Sky Ghost Elder pale. He kept screeching and wanted to use his vital essence to put out the blaze but the blaze was too powerful. He couldn't put it out.

The only thing the Sky Ghost Elder could do was to watch the Fire Dragon blaze burning out his arm, and his chest, neck, skull.

The Sky Ghost Elder was burnt to death. In this process, he couldn't stop screeching. At the end, his body was turned into a heap of ashes.

The Sky Ghost Elder - dead.

Everyone changed their facial expression and was shocked by this scene. They knew how powerful The Sky Ghost Elder was, but no one expected that the Sky Ghost Elder was burnt to death.

Not to mention the ordinary people, even the face of Flower Fairy was full of shock. She could feel how powerful the Fire Dragon Fist was, and even herself could not defend against it.

Even though Qingfeng Li killed The Sky Ghost Elder, his face was pale and the body was lopping. He almost felt down. His Spiritual energy was empty as he used up all his physical strength.

"Qingfeng Li, this is the Phoenix Essence pill. Take it," Fengwu Cao took out a red pill on her slim hands and passed on to Qingfeng Li.

Phoenix Essence pill?

Qingfeng Li was shocked. As recorded in Alchemy Arts of Pill King, Phoenix Essence pill was the pill in spirit level. Only the Self-cultivator could refine it and only Self-cultivator could take it. The ordinary Ancient Martial Artist didn't' have it.

Can't believe that Fengwu Cao had spirit level item Phoenix Essence pill. She must have some relationship with the self-cultivators.

No matter what relationship Fengwu Cao had with Self-culticator, it was not important. The most important thing was, Fengwu gave the Phoenix Essence pill to Qingfeng Li. That shocked Qingfeng Li.

"Don't waste time. Take the pill and recover your vital essence, You still need to save Ruyan and your baby," Fengwu Cao smiled and said.

As the director of Huaxia Special Security Bureau, Fengwu Cao knew the relationship between Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu since Qingfeng Li was also a member of the Special Security Bureau.

"Thank a lot. You saved my life," Qingfeng Li took a deep look at Fengwu Cao and said gratefully.

Qingfeng Li knew how valuable the Phoenix Essence pill was. It worth more than hundred million dollars. But that was not the most important thing. The most important thing for him now was time. Qingfeng Li needed to recover his vital essence immediately to save Ruyan Liu.

The Phoenix Essence pill gave Qingfeng Li a chance, a chance to save Ruyan Liu. That was why Fengwu Cao not only saved his life but also Ruyan Liu's life.

Phoenix Essence pill was a red pill, and the color was totally different from other pills. It only a thumb size and there was red light shining at the surface. There was enormous vital essence emitted from the inside of the pill.

Qingfeng Li opened his mouth and put the Phoenix Essence pill in his mouth. Once he ate the pill, the pill turned into a powerful energy. That energy contained the scent of fire style phoenix vital Essence pill. It replenished Qingfeng Li's Spiritual energy and vital essence.

That Phoenix Essence pill deserved to be the pill in spirit level. It was so powerful. Qingfeng Li praised. He completely recovered once he ate the pill.

Qingfeng Li didn't want to waste any more time. He ran into the third room in the Ghost King Palace. Ruyan Liu was lying on the bed in that room.

The look on Qingfeng Li's face changed once he arrived at the room. The face of Ruyan Liu was pitch dark. Not only her face, but her whole body was pitch dark. That color was a curse of the evil spirit ghost. A cold evil spirit accumulated inside Ruyan Liu's tummy.

"Master, how to relieve this curse of the evil spirit?" Qingfeng Li asked Dark Night Emperor.

Dark Night Emperor did not answer him because he already fell asleep.

Qingfeng Li didn't hear any sound from the Dark Night Emperor, but suddenly remembered that the Dark Night Emperor had already fallen asleep since he spent all his Spiritual energy to help Qingfeng Li to use the Fire Dragon Fist.

Qingfeng Li was depressed. Deep in his heart, Dark Night Emperor knew everything. There wasn't anything he didn't know and wasn't anything he could not solve.

But now, Dark Night Emperor fell asleep and could not help Qingfeng Li. He felt like he was a blind grasshopper and didn't know what to do because he knew nothing about the curse of the evil spirit.

By the time Fengwu Cao and Flower Fairy walked in, the look on their faces changed when they saw Ruyan Liu's body was pitch dark.