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Chapter 925: Saving Ruyan Liu

Chapter 925: Saving Ruyan Liu
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"The curse of an evil spirit. It is a curse of an evil spirit!" Flower Fairy saw Ruyan Liu's condition and the look on her face changed immediately. She started to talk with surprise.

As one of the most powerful Saintesses in the Hundred-Flower Palace, she had made contact with both orthodox and unorthodox practice and clearly knew the power of the curse of an evil spirit.

The curse of an evil spirit, only by hearing the name would leave the impression that this would be an insidious curse, placing an evil spirit into a human's body and causing death within an hour. This way of dying can be very miserable, with symptoms such as all the organs beginning to bleed.

"Flower Fairy, can you defuse the curse of the evil spirit?" the look on Qingfeng Li's face changed and he asked with eagerness.

Qingfeng Li knew that Flower Fairy had a strong background from the mysterious Hundred-Flower Palace and she knew a lot of things.

After hearing that, Flower Fairy became quiet and her face behind the veil seemed to be hesitating.

At this time, Fengwu Cao beside them started talking, "Qingfeng Li, it is Ruyan Liu who is cursed by the curse of evil spirit. She is a woman and it requires half of a Saintess's essence blood to defuse the curse."

Half of a Saintess's blood?

After hearing this, the look on Qingfeng Li's face changed. The essence blood is the most important thing in a human's body and was also the source of vital essence. Losing half of the essence blood would be the same as losing half of one's cultivation.

Flower Fairy was now is at half-step True Spirit Realm. If she lost half of her essence blood, her power would decrease to the Lower Heaven peak.

For a Saintess, losing her power to the Lower Heaven peak meant losing her title of Saintess, which was a huge sacrifice.

Niching Luo came out from the back at this time and said, "Qingfeng Li, I can help. I'm only at grandmaster level anyways. It would be nothing for me to lose half of my essence blood and power."

To Qingfeng Li, Niching Luo both admired and was grateful as this man had killed the Great Elder of the Luo Family and saved both herself and her father. This was why Niching Luo wanted to help Qingfeng Li.

However, Fengwu Cao shock her head and said, "Miss Luo, the curse of evil spirit can only be defused by the blood of Saintess, that is, Flower Fairy's blood. No one else's blood would work, including mine."

At that moment, everyone started to look at Flower Fairy but she felt very awkward.

It is not the case that Flower Fairy didn't want to save Ruyan Liu, but if she saved her, her abilities would be lost and her title as Saintess would be taken away. She would definitely become vulnerable to many enemies. This would be a lot to lose.

Qingfeng Li knew that to save Ruyan Liu, Flower Fairy had to give up a lot. But he had no choice because only the blood of Flower Fairy could save Ruyan Liu.

"Flower Fairy, I, Qingfeng Li am begging you to save Ruyan Liu. If you have any demands in the future, I will comply, even if you want my life." Qingfeng Li bowed to Flower Fairy and said beggingly.

"Qingfeng Li, in order to save Ruyan Liu, you are actually willing to give up your life?"

"Yes, if you can save her, my life is yours."

"As a woman, now I envy Ruyan Liu. I can lose half of my power and essence blood to save her, but from now on you have to do three things for me and you can't say no to these." Flower Fairy hesitated for only a while and proposed her demand.

Qingfeng Li was glad and said with excitement, "Flower Fairy, feel relieved. As long as you keep Ruyan Liu alive, not to mention three things, I would accomplish even thirty things."

At this moment, Qingfeng Li's heart was filled with gratefulness for Flower Fairy because she knew that if this woman tried to cure Ruyan Liu, she would be giving up a lot herself.

Flower Fairy nodded and came to the side of Ruyan Liu. She bit her teeth and made the decision.

If it was somebody else who asked Flower Fairy to save, she would definitely refuse because it would cost half of her power and essence blood. But it was towards Qingfeng Li that Flower Fairy had an unknown trust.

Also, Qingfeng Li had deep feelings for Ruyan Liu and was willing to give up his life for this woman. This made Flower Fairy moved and decided to help.

"Me, as the Saintess, is now using my essence blood, defusing the curse of evil spirit." Flower Fairy said some spells in the beginning and then cut her finger, letting the red essence blood flowing out into Ruyan Liu's body.

The essence blood of a Saintess was bright, just with huge power. As the blood flow in to Ruyan Liu's body, it started defusing the evil spirit.

The evil spirit inside Ruyan Liu's body tried to escape, but the essence blood of the Saintess was chasing after it, eating all of them.

The power contained in the essence blood was a natural enemy for the evil spirit. After ten minutes, the essence blood were all consumed and at the same time defusing all the evil spirits.

The blackness on Ruyan Liu's body disappeared and her face started to become red with blood.


Flower Fairy's face was pale, sitting onto the ground. Her clothes were wet by her sweat and her power was lessening only by a few seconds, she fell to Higher Heaven peak stage from half-step True Spirit Realm.

Qingfeng Li helped Flower Fairy to get up and asked, "Are you alright?"

"Do I look alright? I just lost half of my power." Flower Fairy smiled bitterly with bitterness in her voice.

For, it be in half-step True Spirit Realm, Flower Fairy put a lot of effort but now it was the same as before and she became connate peak.

"Thank you," Qingfeng Li expressed his thanks sincerely, keeping Flower Fairy's help in mind.

"Oh no, Ruyan Liu is bleeding." Niching Luo had good eyesight, realizing that at the bottom Ruyan Liu's stomach, she started bleeding. The look on her face changed and she cried.

Hearing what Niching Luo said, Qingfeng Li was scared. Coming to the side of Ruyan Liu, he realized that Ruyan Liu's eyes were close and she had started to bleed.

Although Flower Fairy defused the curse of evil spirit in Ruyan Liu's body, Ruyan Liu was still not awake and started bleeding now which freaked Qingfeng Li out.

"Qingfeng Li, I guess Ruyan Liu is about to give birth to the baby." Fengwu Cao saw other people giving birth before so she started to talk.

Giving birth to the baby?

Qingfeng Li looked glad but immediately started to worry. This is the underground palace a few hundred meters underground. It was not only cold and humid, but there was nothing to disinfect. There were also no doctors or nurses here and not a suitable place for a baby to be born.

"Director Cao, what should I do?" Qingfeng Li looked pale and said with anxiety/

Fengwu Cao stared at Qingfeng Li and said, "Why are you so stupid. This is definitely not the place to give birth. Carry Ruyan Liu out immediately and go to the nearest hospital to give birth!"

"Yes, yes, yes, I know." Qingfeng Li nodded his head and realizing that Fengwu Cao was right.


Qingfeng Li carried Ruyan Liu on the bed. The blood was flowing following Ruyan Liu's body onto his body but he didn't care at all. He ran outside carrying Ruyan Liu.