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Chapter 926: Ruyan Liu Giving Birth

Chapter 926: Ruyan Liu Giving Birth
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Qingfeng Li carried Ruyan Liu away from the Ghost King Palace, and ran towards the the nearest hospital.


Maybe it was because of the pain on her body, Ruyan Liu opened her eyes slowly and the anxious look on Qingfeng Li's face was the first thing she saw.

"Qingfeng, are we dead?" Ruyan Liu felt dizzy and her beautiful face looked pale due to excessive loss of blood.

Ruyan Liu clearly remembered that she was caught by the Hell King and brought to his Ghost King Palace. There were some powerful people around her as well. Did those people kill her as well as Qingfeng Li?

Once he saw the look on Ruyan Liu's face, Qingfeng Li already knew what she was thinking and said, "Ruyan, don't worry. I have killed all of them."

"Really? Those bad people are dead?"

"Of course, I have never lied to you. See, we are all fine."

"I feel a pain in my tummy, is the baby going to be born?" Ruyan Liu felt a strong pain in her tummy and looked even more pale on her face.

Qingfeng Li's eyes were full of love. He kissed Ruyan Liu's forehead and said in a soft voice, "Don't worry. I will bring you to the hospital."

Qingfeng Li was carrying Ruyan Liu and was looking for a hospital nearby.

Since the Ghost King Palace was located in the suburbs, there was no hospital nearby. In despair, Qingfeng Li decided to drive to Tianjing Number One People Hospital.

Tianjing Number One People Hospital was the nearest hospital located around the Ghost King Palace, and was the largest hospital in Tianjing.

Qingfeng Li's body was full of blood and his face looked worried. He was worried about Ruyan Liu and ran directly to the department of obstetrics and gynecology.

It was lucky that there was one female doctor on-call in the department of obstetrics and gynecology. When the doctor saw Ruyan Liu, she immediately pushed her into the ICU.

Only those patients who were seriously ill would be carried into the ICU. Ruyan Liu was now in an urgent situation.

For, the department of obstetrics and gynecology of major hospitals was very professional. The female doctor put Ruyan Liu on fluids and started to clean the blood on her body. Ruyan Liu's face turned from pale to pink and seemed to be in a better condition.

Ruyan Liu looked at Qingfeng Li with worry and anxiety. That was her first time giving birth to a baby, so she was very worried about it.

"Ruyan, don't worry. I will stay here and be with you and the baby," Qingfeng Li gently looked at Ruyan Liu and said.

"What's your relationship with the patient? She needs to give birth to the baby, so you need to sign the form," the female doctor walked toward Qingfeng Li with a pile of papers and said.

What relationship?

Qingfeng Li was shocked by the female doctor. What relationship did he have with Ruyan Liu?

"What are you thinking about? The patient is ready for delivery, what relationship do you have with her?" That doctor was impatient.

Qingfeng Li also knew it was something urgent, and said immediately, "I am her boyfriend."

Qingfeng Li could only say that he was her boyfriend and nothing else. If he said he was her husband, he didn't have the marriage certificate to show if the female doctor asked for it.

"All men nowadays are irresponsible. Only know how to go to the hospital for an abortion or delivery after knocking up their girlfriends," the female doctor babbled.

That female doctor was working in the department of obstetrics and gynecology and this was a common scenario for her. Usually, men brought their girlfriends for delivery. Some of them broke up at the end and asked their girlfriends to take care of the baby.

For this kind of irresponsible men, she despised them.

Qingfeng Li decided to ignore what the female doctor said and sign the form immediately. He did not want to make that female doctor angry since she was the one helping Ruyan Liu.

The female doctor carried the document back to the office after Qingfeng Li sign them. She called several female nurses and started to prepare for the delivery for Ruyan Liu.

"Why are you standing here. Men can only wait outside when delivery. Oh. You need to buy some baby diapers, sterilized toilet paper, maternity dress…" that female doctor kept rambling off to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li left the delivery room. He knew that he could only stay outside the room during delivery while the woman giving birth to the baby.


Ruyan Liu kept yelling with pain in the delivery room. Her forehead, face, and body were full of sweat.

Qingfeng Li was standing in front of the delivery room and was hearing the yelling of Ruyan Liu. His heart was tangled and full of worry.

Ruyan Liu chose eutocia and thus it would be more painful. When she felt pain, Qingfeng Li also did not feel well.

Qingfeng Li kept walking around in front of the delivery room with a face full of anxiety.

At that time, a nurse came out for some equipment and saw that Qingfeng Li wasn't carrying anything. Then she said, "We asked you to buy the sterilized paper, baby diapers, and a maternity dress. Did you go?"

Qingfeng Li felt a little bit embarrassed and said, "I want to see the baby. I will go later."

The nurse glared at Qingfeng Li and said, "Go now! We need it later."

Qingfeng Li nodded his head. He could not leave now because Ruyan Liu was still in the ICU. Who knew what would happen next?


Qingfeng Li took out his phone and called Niching Luo. He wanted her to buy some sterilized paper and all the other things the female doctor asked for. Qingfeng Li also told her to come to the department of obstetrics and gynecology in the Number One People Hospital immediately.

Qingfeng Li could only ask Niching Luo for help now since the other women were hurt because of him. Xianzhi Qin already used all her vital essence to recover his vital essence. Flower Fairy lost half of her essence blood and energy while dissolving the curse of evil spirit on Ruyan Liu and her power had lessened to half because of that.

Qingfeng Li knew that he owed both Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin a huge favor, maybe even his life. These favors could only be returned later on.

Qingfeng Li still kept walking around in front of the ICU and hearing the yelling of Ruyan Liu. He was worried and really wanted to suffer the pain for her.

But Qingfeng Li knew it was a thing that only women could do. He was a man and could not help Ruyan Liu.

Ruyan Liu was sweating. She was not only feeling pain from her body, but was also worried. It was hard for a woman to give birth and she felt very tired.

"Baby, your mother is very tired now. Why you are not coming out?" Ruyan Liu looked at the baby in her tummy with a face of pain and depression.

Every time she felt the baby coming out, the baby returned back again which made her angry.

"Harder. Try again. Your baby is coming out," the female doctor tried to encourage Ruyan Liu.

Ruyan Liu nodded her head and tried again. Eventually, the baby may have given up returning to the womb and wanted to take a look at this new world. She finally came out from Ruyan Liu's tummy.