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Chapter 927: Birth of the Little Princess

Chapter 927: Birth of the Little Princess
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A cry broke the silence, signaling a new life had appeared in the world.

It was a beautiful baby who came to the world. That girl was very pretty. She had a delicate face, small nose, and red lips, looking extremely beautiful.

"This baby is so pretty," said the female doctor with praise.

The female doctor had delivered a lot of babies in this hospital, but this was the prettiest baby she had ever seen.

The nurses around her kept nodding their heads in agreement with the female doctor. This beautiful baby would definitely be very beautiful when she grows up.

There was a gleam of satisfaction on Ruyan Liu's face when she saw her baby. This was her baby, both hers and Qingfeng Li's baby.

Ruyan Liu looked at her baby and also felt she was very pretty. Her eyes and mouth looked like her and her nose was like Qingfeng Li. The baby had inherited all the good features from them and thus looked so beautiful.


The baby started to cry when first came to this new world. It was a loud cry and seemed like she was saying hello to the world.

Qingfeng Li was standing in front of the delivery room and heard the baby crying inside the room. Then he started giggling.

I am a father now. Qingfeng Li stayed where he was and started laughing. He was so excited.

"What are you giggling for? " Niching Luo was walking toward Qingfeng Li with all the things he needed on her hand. She was confused when she saw Qingfeng Li giggling.

"I am a father now!" said Qingfeng Li and was proud of himself.

There was a gleam of disappointment on Niching Luo's face. She didn't know the reason why she felt unhappy and had disappointment in her heart when she knew that the man in front of her was already a father.

Am I jealous? Niching Luo asked herself but immediately stopped thinking in that way.

"Miss Luo, have you bought all the things I wanted? " said Qingfeng Li.

"I got all the things ready. Here are the sterilized baby wipes, diaper, maternity dress, and the baby dress," Niching Luo brought all the things and gave those to Qingfeng Li.

At that time, the door of the delivery room opened. The female doctor came out and took all the things back into the room.

In a short while, the female doctor pushed Ruyan Liu and a nurse carried the baby out from the delivery room.

"Ruyan, are you all right?" Qingfeng Li looked at Ruyan Liu's pale face and asked. He knew that she had suffered a lot.

"I am fine. Take a look at the baby, " said Ruyan Liu weakly. Her arm was still connected to the fluids.

Qingfeng Li took a look at the baby with a bright light in his eyes.

"She is so pretty," said Qingfeng Li with praise. His baby was so beautiful and looked like a princess.

Hearing Qingfeng Li say that their baby was very pretty, there was joy in Ruyan Liu's eyes. She was very happy and felt like she was eating honey.

"Stop checking her out. Your girlfriend needs to go to the ward for a check up. You can pay the hospital fees first," the nurse looked at Qingfeng Li and said.

Qingfeng Li nodded his head and gave the baby back to the nurse. He asked Niching Luo to take care of Ruyan Liu and went to the cashier for the hospital fees.

Since Ruyan Liu was in an urgent situation when they came to the hospital, she was pushed into the ICU immediately. They did not pay for the fees like the hospitalization costs or treatment cost yet.

Not only the hospitalization costs but also the birth certificate for the baby, there were still many formalities needed to be handled and Qingfeng Li must handle all of them by himself since he was Ruyan Liu's boyfriend.

Qingfeng Li handled the formalities as fast as possible, and it did not take him a long time. Of course, the most important thing was money. He just threw the credit card, which had billions of Yuan, to the cashier, and the nurses helped Qingfeng Li handle the formalities immediately.

After finishing all the formalities, Qingfeng Li went back to Ruyan Liu's sickroom.

Ruyan Liu just had a baby and could not eat anything now. She needed to clean out all the foul air in her body. She was very weak and could only use a wet swab to moist her lips.

Qingfeng Li took care of Ruyan Liu as well as the baby in the cradle carefully.

Qingfeng Li felt happy. He had a beautiful woman and a cute baby. That was the life he desired.

Qingfeng Li's phone rang. It was Jiaojiao Liu and she called to ask about her sister. Qingfeng Li told her that they were in Room Number 1 at the department of obstetrics and gynecology in Tianjing Number One People Hospital.

Jiaojiao Liu felt glad when she heard her sister was fine and had a baby. She ran to the department of obstetrics and gynecology in Tianjing Number One People Hospital immediately after hanging up the call. She was now at Eastern Sea City and it took some time for her to get to Tianjing City.

It was good that Niching Luo was with Qingfeng Li, and she helped a lot. Even though she was jealous, she tried her best to take care of Ruyan Liu.

Eastern Sea City.

As soon as Jiaojiao Liu walked out of the villa, someone approached her. It was Xue Lin.

Since Jiaojiao Liu was so worried about her sister, she walked fast and ran into Xue Lin accidentally.

Xue Lin was a bit angry since someone bumped into her. But when she noticed that Jiaojiao Liu was the one who ran into her, she frowned.

"Jiaojiao Liu, why you are running so fast?" Xue Lin warped up her red lip and asked with confusion.

Xue Lin knew Jiaojiao Liu was a calm girl. She was a little bit overactive sometimes, but would not be as carelessness as today. She was not even paying attention when walking.

"My sister had a baby, and I am going to visit her," said Jiaojiao Liu without raising her head.

But, when she saw Xue Lin's face, she realized that she made a mistake. She should not tell her about the baby because that beautiful woman in front of her was Qingfeng Li's wife.

As expected, Xue Lin heard what Jiaojiao Liu said and the look on her face changed. She looked pale.

Xue Lin knew Ruyan Liu and Qingfeng Li had a baby. Because of this reason, she ran away from her home and nearly died. In order to save Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li jumped into the Blood Demon Pool without hesitation and almost killed himself.

Xue Lin knew Qingfeng Li loved her and would give up his life to save her.

Actually, Xue Lin already forgave Qingfeng Li. However, she only forgave her husband, not that woman, Ruyan Liu.

Deep in Xue Lin's heart, Ruyan Liu was just a vixen who seduced her husband. She felt uncomfortable when she heard that the baby was born.

"Jiaojiao Liu, where is your sister?"

"My sister is at the Tianjing's Number One People Hospital. What do you want to do?"

"Nothing. I am going to visit her," Xue Lin said. She was not feeling well.