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Chapter 929: Xue Lin Came

Chapter 929: Xue Lin Came
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Qingfeng Li let Jiaojiao Liu into the ward. She was Ruyan Liu's sister who had come all away from Eastern Sea City in order to visit her niece after all.

"Haha, the baby is so pretty. As pretty as I am." Looking at the pretty face of the baby in the cradle, she cooed.

Qingfeng Li was speechless. His sister-in-law was so confident in herself, thinking that saying someone was as pretty as she was was a compliment. You are definitely not as pretty as my daughter.

"Sister, what's the name of the baby?" Jiaojiao Liu looked at Ruyan Liu beside her and started to ask.

"Her name is Nianyan Li and her nickname is little apple." Ruyan Liu said with a smile.

Good name, Jiaojiao praised. As she heard this name, she had a feeling that the name sounded great. Little Apple. The baby's face was red, just like a small apple.


The door of the room was pushed open. Qingfeng Li frowned after he heard the sound of the door, feeling a bit frustrated.

Qingfeng Li just let everyone out, why was there always someone coming in to disturb the baby taking a rest. The one before was Jiaojiao Liu and he was fine with that. Who was the one trying to come in now?

"Do you know that you need to knock before coming in?" Qingfeng Li turned around and said discontentedly.

"What? Do I need to knock when I come in?" A familiar voice came through.

Hearing this voice, the look on Qingfeng Li's face changed dramatically. He looked up and looked like he saw a ghost.

Oh my god, why was Xue Lin here? Qingfeng Li started to sweat, and big drops began sliding down his forehead and face and at last, dropped onto his body. His whole body was soaked with sweat.

"Ho…honey? Why are you here?" Qingfeng Li started to talk hesitatingly. He felt like millions of big crabs were flying through his heart and began shaking with fear.

Xue Lin glared at Qingfeng Li and said slowly, "I am friends with Ruyan Liu and I heard that she was about to give birth to her baby. So I am here to visit her."

Really, you were friends with Ruyan? Who are you trying to fool?

Qingfeng Li was so speechless, thinking that what Xue Lin said was funny. How could you and Ruyan Liu be friends? You are almost sworn enemies!

But since Xue Lin said she was here to visit Ruyan Liu, Qingfeng Li was too afraid to talk. Who knows what he may say will make Xue Lin angry again?

"Miss Lin, thank you for visiting me here. I just gave birth to my baby so I am not able to get up and receive you. Please do not blame me." Ruyan Liu looked at Xue Lin and smiled.

Ruyan Liu was also someone merciless. She naturally knew what Xue Lin meant. She was here to claim her sovereignty over Qingfeng Li. But so what? She had already slept with Qingfeng Li and gave birth to his baby.

"Miss Liu, look. After giving birth to a baby, you became so skinny. What a pity." Xue Lin smiled beautifully and said with concern.

Although Xue Lin said that she was concerned, both Qingfeng Li and Jiaojiao Liu were nervous listening to what she said. Only Ruyan Liu was calm.

Ruyan Liu, as a smart woman, wasn't afraid of Xue Lin naturally. The two of them had been fighting for a long time. She knew the way her enemy talked and also her strategies inside out.

"Miss Lin, it does not matter if I became skinnier. As a woman, the most important thing is to have a baby with the man she loves."

"Is that true, Miss Liu. Are you sure that that man loves you?"

"Of course I am sure that he loves me. Oh yes, Miss Lin, when are you going to have a baby?" Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly. She hurt Xue Lin directly.

Ruyan Liu's question was like a needle, directly stabbing into Xue Lin's heart and making her speechless.

Yes, now that Ruyan Liu already had a baby, what about herself? She started to question her own position.

Yes, Xue Lin was the legal wife of Qingfeng Li and they had gotten a marriage certificate but they hadn't slept together yet, which meant that it was not possible for them to have a baby.

"Hum, I am not planning to have a baby right now. I will have one sometime later." Xue Lin tried to cover her dissatisfaction.

Qingfeng Li saw Xue Lin fighting with Ruyan Liu again and was bothered by them. These two women were too annoying. They would argue every time they met.

"Honey, let's leave. Ruyan just gave birth to the baby and needs some rest. She should not talk much." Qingfeng Li dragged Xue Lin's arm and said quietly, trying to talk this over with her.

"What, now you are worried about her?" Xue Lin looked at Qingfeng Li was dissatisfaction.

"Honey, what are you talking about? I am just worried that you might feel sick when you are angry. Let's go outside and get some air." Qingfeng Li dragged Xue Lin out of the ward without caring about whether she liked it or not.

Qingfeng Li knew that Ruyan Liu just gave birth to the baby and was very weak. She needed more rest and should not talk too much. Moreover, she should not be angered.

If Xue Lin continued to argue with Ruyan Liu and made Ruyan Liu mad, it would be harmful to her health and might lead to chronic side effects so Qingfeng Li had to drag Xue Lin out no matter how angry Xue Lin was or how she may punish him. He would take the responsibility.

Outside the ward, those from the Wolf Fang team were all looking up to the sky, being too afraid to talk or breath. This was their boss' private business so that they should not be involved.

Everyone from the Wolf Fang team knew about Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu. The former was the wife of the boss and the latter was the woman of the boss. It was annoying enough just to think about it.

After Xue Lin left the ward, she couldn't stop crying. Although last time she forgave Qingfeng Li, after seeing Ruyan Liu's baby, she felt hurt.

"Honey, please don't cry. If you are angry, you can hit me to make you less angry." Qingfeng Li appeared to be nervous and reached out his finger to wipe off the tears on Xue Lin's face.

Qingfeng Li was so afraid that Xue Lin might cry and now seeing that she started to cry, he felt that his heart was broken.

"Honey, I had forgiven you last time. I am just mad this time because you didn't call me after you came back to Huaxia from Pacific Island. Do you know that I am worried about you?" Xue Lin said bitterly.

Xue Lin knew the thing about Ruyan Liu and Qingfeng Li last time. Although she was mad, she didn't know what to do.

For Xue Lin, she had been enemies with Ruyan Liu for a long time. They had a competitive relationship. Both of them wanted to get the love of Qingfeng Li. Xue Lin thought that the woman Qingfeng looked for first when he gets back to Huaxia was the one he liked the most.

Now since Qingfeng Li went to see Ruyan Liu first, Xue Lin felt very sad.

After hearing what Xue Lin said, Qingfeng Li understood the reason why she started to cry.

"Honey, you misunderstood me. I love you the most. But before I got back to Huaxia, I noticed that Ruyan Liu and Alice were kidnapped. If I didn't go to save Ruyan Liu, she would have died by now." Qingfeng Li started to explain.

After hearing the explanation, Xue Lin felt better. She knew that her husband was someone that valued and protected those around him with his life. He wouldn't just let Ruyan Liu be kidnapped and killed.