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Chapter 931: Heading to Tiger Continent

Chapter 931: Heading to Tiger Continent
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"Qingfeng, Alice was brought to the Tiger Continent? Go save her now." Ruyan Liu looked anxious and said.

Ruyan Liu and Alice were very close as all this time, it was Alice who was protecting Ruyan Liu. The two of them had a very close relationship.

For Ruyan Liu, she liked Alice very much because she knew Alice was also Qingfeng Li's woman. Both of the two women viewed Xue Lin as an enemy so they were very close.

"Ruyan, you just gave birth to the baby and I have to leave right away…This is…" Qingfeng Li felt ashamed as Ruyan Liu had just given birth to his baby and now he was leaving. He felt sorry for how he was treating her.

Ruyan Liu was in fact very considerate. She smiled and said, "The baby is already born and is very healthy now. I am not worried at all. But Alice is in danger and I treat Alice as a sister. I want you to bring her back from the Tiger Continent."

"Ruyan, that's so nice of you. Trust me, I will definitely bring Alice back from the Tiger Continent." Qingfeng Li kissed Ruyan Liu on her forehead and said with a low voice.

Qingfeng Li arranged everything for Ruyan Liu in the hospital and asked Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King to take charge of protecting her. Other than the two demon kings, Qingfeng Li also asked for someone frrom the Luo Family and the Tang Family to protect her.

It was said that the sickroom that Ruyan Liu was living in was the most secure sickroom in the whole Tianjing City. Everyone outside protecting it were master level or higher and she was the only one in Huaxia experiencing this kind of treatment.

Qingfeng Li went to the Tiger Continent not only with the Wolf Fang team, but also another person. That was, Purple Bat Demon King.

Purple Bat Demon King was the fastest among the ten demon kings. Qingfeng Li asked him to follow him so that he would play a role during crucial moments

When everything was settled, Qingfeng Li took Purple Bat Demon King and the Wolf Fang Team and drove towards the airport.

Purple Bat Demon King was driving and Qingfeng Li was sitting beside him. He took out his phone and called Xue Lin.

Xue Lin answered very quickly and asked, "Honey, are you coming home?"

There was hope in Xue Lin's voice. She saw Ruyan Liu giving birth to the baby today which made her upset. She wanted to see Qingfeng Li and give herself to him. She wanted to sleep with him and give birth to a baby too.

As he heard the emotion in Xue Lin's voice, Qingfeng Li felt guilty. He had been busy with things outside and didn't have any time to stay with Xue Lin. He had been a bad husband.

"Honey, I am sorry. I have to go to the Tiger Continent and save Alice right away. After I come back from Tiger Continent, I will stay with you. What do you think of that?" Qingfeng Li was sorry.

Xue Lin sighed, feeling disappointed. But she knew that it was important to save Alice since Alice was a member of the Wolf Fang Team and was close to Qingfeng Li.

"Honey, I will wait for you. Please be safe," Xue Lin said with a low voice. She hadn't seen Qingfeng Li for a while and she missed him so much that she dreamed of him every night.

"Goodbye honey, I will be back early and safe," Qingfeng Li hung up and all he could think of was Xue Lin's pretty face. He felt warm inside

No matter how many women Qingfeng Li had, Xue Lin was still the most important for him. That was the woman who married him first and gave up a lot for him.

This time, Xue Lin was in Tianjing City visiting Ruyan Liu. She wasn't annoying at all and was much better than many other women. Qingfeng Li was grateful for Xue Lin. She was a considerate woman.

"Young Master, there is someone following us." Purple Bat Demon King frowned and said.

Purple Bat Demon King was not only fast, but he also had good eye sight. He could see someone following them easily.

Qingfeng Li was alerted. He looked back through the mirror of the car and saw a red Jeep behind them.

Qingfeng Li used his spiritual energy and sensed the red Jeep behind carefully. He felt the scent of blood from it.

"Someone from the Vampire Sect." Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

Qingfeng Li was very sensitive to the scent of the Vampire Sect because they carried the scent of an evil, the blood of an evil spirit. He used to feel it a lot.

The Vampire Sect?

The change on Purple Bat Demon King's face changed and a hatred appeared in his eyes. He hated those from the Vampire Sect the most because they killed his master before.

"Young Master, I want to kill them." The intention to murder was shown on the handsome face of Purple Bat Demon King.

Qingfeng Li naturally knew the history between Purple Bat Demon King and the Vampire Sect so he said, "Well, park the car beside the road and go finish them."

Purple Bat Demon King parked the car beside the road and walked out of the car. His body was like purple lightning and arrived at the top of the Red Jeep in a second.

There were four people in the Red Jeep, all from the Vampire Sect. They were originally following Qingfeng Li but the car in front of them suddenly stopped and then a handsome young man appeared next to them.

Purple Bat Demon King didn't say anything and directly crushed the neck of the first man, killing him immediately.

"How dare you! We are from the Vampire Sect. How dare you attack us! You are not going to get away with it." The second man said with a loud voice as he saw the first man dying.

The purpose of his words was the show his identity to make Purple Bat Demon King afraid since the Vampire Sect was an unorthodox super-class force. Most people would choose to escape seeing them.

"You guys are who I'm looking," Purple Bat Demon King sneered, his voice chilling. The rest of the men trembled hearing this.

Crack, crack, crack!

Purple Bat Demon King reached out his hand fast like lightning and ripped off the neck of the rest of the three men and put them to death immediately.


Purple Bat Demon King moved his body like a red tornado. All you could see was a red shadow and he was beside Qingfeng Li's car in a moment.

"Very fast." Qingfeng Li looked at Purple Bat Demon King and praised.

Among the ten demon kings, Purple Bat Demon King was the only one who had a speed comparable to Qingfeng Li. This man was so fast!

"Young Master, I have finished everyone from the Vampire Sect. Let's go to the airport," Purple Bat Demon King smiled and drove the car with Qingfeng Li and the others to the Tianjing City Airport.

Half an hour later.

Purple Bat Demon King arrived at Tianjing International Airport. The plane ticket was booked by Niching Luo already and this international airline was the property of the Luo Family from Tianjing City. So Qingfeng Li and the others went straight ahead to the First Class, which were the best seats on the plane.

The other customers on the plane saw Qingfeng Li and the others heading to the first-class cabin. They envied them and also wanted to be in the first class cabin but they were not qualified.