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Chapter 932: Catherine, the Beauty

Chapter 932: Catherine, the Beauty
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12 hours later.

Qingfeng Li and the rest arrived at France, Tiger Continent by plane. This is one of the most developed country in Tiger Continent, as well as the headquarter of Sky Gods League.

There are ten families in Sky Gods League, all united in France. This is the most powerful place for ancient martial art power.

In people's mind, France is the place for romance, love and travel. Not many knew that France was also the centre of Tiger Continent's ancient martial art power and had a decisive status in the Tiger Continent's ancient martial art world.

Qingfeng Li got off the plane and immediately took out his phone and dialed Sword King Wushuang Nie's number, but unfortunately the number could not be reached.

Last time in Tiger Continent, Wushuang Nie told Qingfeng Li that he was going to explore the mystery time cave in the restricted area of Kunlun Mountain. There might not be any signal there, so he wasn't able to reach them

Since he could not reach him through phone, Qingfeng Li could only put down his phone. He hoped that Wushuang Li could help him earlier, but now it seems like it is not possible

Though Qingfeng Li was very powerful now, he knew that Tiger Continent was not like other places. A lot of super powerful forces were hidden here. Except for the Sky Gods League, there were also the Holy See and Blood Clan.

The enemies, Qingfeng Li usually would not look down on. Even the lions knew to use all the power while catching rabbits, not to mention Qingfeng Li. He knew that Tiger Continent was not simple.

Since he could not reach Wushuang Nie now, Qingfeng Li needed to find someone else to help.

Qingfeng Li thought for a sec and dialed Catherine's number. Himself and Catherine were friends, though she had a good relationship with the Holy See, that was only clan relationship. Qingfeng Li and Catherine were close in person.

The other side picked up very soon and a voice came through, "Wolf King, what make you call me?"

"Catherine, I want to know where the headquarter of Sky Gods League is at."

"Wolf King, if I am right, you want to save Alice. Let me tell you this, the Sky Gods League is much more powerful than you think. You'd better not come to Tiger Continent."

"Catherine, I am in Tiger Continent now, at the airport. Come, I have things that I want to ask you," Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

Qingfeng Li certainly knew Catherine's good intentions. Himself had a lot of enemies in Tiger Continent and would be very dangerous here. But he had to come to save Alice.

Catherine just knew that Qingfeng Li had arrived at Tiger Continent and was shocked. She immediately put down all the work at hand and went to meet Qingfeng Li at the airport.

A moment later, a blond beauty with green eyes arrived at the airport. This beauty had a delicate and charming face, white and smooth skin with huge breast which was very eye-catching. She was tall with long and skinny legs, sending out mature scent and was noticeable.

This blond beauty was Catherine, the steward of Dark World, the miss of the mystery clan.

"Miss Catherine, you've became prettier." Qingfeng Li looked at the blonde beauty in front of him and praised.

Catherine's charming lips raised and said, "Wolf King, you always say kind words. As a friend I have to tell you. Many great forces in Tiger Continent are trying to kill you. You will only be safe if you leave the Tiger Continent."

"Miss Catherine, I have to be honest with you. I am here to save Alice this time."

"Wolf King, the master of Sky Gods League Augustine had announced the marriage yesterday that tomorrow at noon, he will hold the wedding with Alice at Notre-Dame de Paris

"Very well then, I am going to take Alice over in front of the whole Tiger Continent. She is my woman. She won't marry anyone else," Qingfeng Li smiled and said with violence.

Hearing what Qingfeng Li said, Catherine was shocked and said, "Wolf King, I know how powerful you are. But the Sky Gods League is the most powerful super-class force in Tiger Continent. They not only have those that practice ancient martial art, but also Sky Gods, namely the self-cultivator in your Eastern World."

Qingfeng Li's look became serious. He had suspected that Sky Gods League had self-cultivators. Now hearing what Catherine said, he could be sure.

But it wouldn't matter if there are self-cultivators in Sky Gods League. Qingfeng Li won't be afraid at all since he himself was half-step into True Spirit Realm.

"Miss Catherine, thank you for telling me so much. But I won't leave the Tiger Continent," Qingfeng Li shocked his head and said determinately.

Catherine sighed. She knew that princess Alice was a member of the Wolf Fang Sect and had a long history with Qingfeng Li. He would never give up Alice.

"Wolf King, tonight there will be a dinner party at the Grand Paris Hotel. The ten families of Sky Gods League will all attend. You can go and take a look. All of them are powerful. If you think that you can't win, you should better leave." Catherine didn't give up and wanted Qingfeng Li to leave.

The dinner party of the ten families?

Qingfeng Li's look became serious. He naturally knew that in these developed countries in Tiger Continent, all the big forces and big families would gather around a dinner party to celebrate before the wedding day.

"Good, I will go to the Grand Paris Hotel and take a look how powerful these ten great families are," Qingfeng Li slightly smiled and said with arrogance.

Catherine was speechless. She wanted Qingfeng Li to see how powerful these men were, and hope that he would leave himself. But now Qingfeng Li was full of fighting will and seemed to be killing them.

Time flew by and it was evening already.

Eight in the evening.

Qingfeng Li took Purple Bat Demon King and those from Wolf Fang Sect and appeared at the gates of the Grand Paris Hotel on time.

Grand Paris Hotel, as the most luxurious hotel of France, even Tiger Continent, even the millionaires couldn't come in. This place only gave reception to the higher class, for example presidents, prime ministers, the leaders of ancient martial art powers, Young Masters and young Mistresses.

Today was the day for the gathering of the younger generation of the ten families of Tiger Continent's Sky Gods League and other people could not enter.

As Qingfeng Li and the rest arrived at the gate, they were stopped.

Qingfeng Li took out his phone and dialed Catherine' number. In a moment, Catherine walked out with her sexy body in a beautiful black dress.

Grand Paris Hotel was the property of Catherine's clan and she obvious had influence.

"Wolf King, shall we? I will enrich your knowledge of how powerful the ten families of Sky Gods League are." Catherine smiled charmingly and lead Qingfeng Li and the rest into the hotel.

For the guards who stopped Qingfeng Li just now all became covered with cold sweat.

These guides definitely knew Catherine, the princess of the Darkness Clan, as well as the steward of dark world's battle arena. She was not only pretty but also very powerful.

Even the Young Masters wouldn't have the honor of Catherine coming out in person to welcome them in. Who is this Qingfeng Li that got the Princess to come out personally?

For the dinner party tonight, Catherine dressed up very beautifully. She had light makeup. Her eyes were sending out lights like blue gem with red lipsticks. She was so pretty and sexy.

Those around showed fiery looks when they got to witness the beauty of Catherine.