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Chapter 933: The Dinner Party of the Ten Clans

Chapter 933: The Dinner Party of the Ten Clans
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The Grand Paris Hotel, as one of the most luxurious hotels, was decorated splendidly and magnificently. Some of the gates uses real gold, which looked glittering, and was too bright to look at for the public.

The wall and ground were decorated by crystal. This kind of clear crystal was very pretty, with silver light and looked like diamond. This would be the love for all women.

Not only the decoration of the hotel, the waitresses inside were also very pretty, all in formal servant attires. They look pretty and tall, with beautiful scent of youth.

Of course, no matter how pretty these waitresses were, they were not as pretty as Catherine, who was the main spotlight of this dinner party.

The hall holding the dinner party was about a thousand square metres. It was very roomy with a lot of people inside, all with blonde hair and green eyes and white skin. This was the typical characteristic of Tiger Continent's citizens.

As soon as Qingfeng Li stepped into the hall, he became the focus of the crowd. Everyone looked at him since he walked in together with Catherine.

For the noble and pride of Catherine, many people in the hall had noticed. So, they were very confused. Why did Catherine bring someone from Huaxia here? This was the party for the ten families of Tiger Continent.

"Such strong presence." Qingfeng Li's face became as he felt very powerful presence on these men in front of him.

Qingfeng Li noticed that these Young Masters and Young Mistresses were though young, are very powerful. They were at least at the peak state Higher Heaven, and many were grandmasters.

From one corner, there was even the scent of self-cultivator which made Qingfeng Li frowned.

These one in front were no doubt from the ten families of Sky Gods League, very powerful indeed. If these kinds of people were outside, they were at least the most powerful in one place.

At this time, a young man who was very tall came forward. He had blonde short hair and blue eyes, flashing a chilling light.

"Kid from Huaxia, this is the party for the Tiger Continent's Sky Gods League. What are you doing here?" The blonde man sounded unsatisfied with Qingfeng Li.

"Who are you? Why am I here is none of your business." Qingfeng Li frowned and argued back.

Qingfeng Li was not in a bad mood facing the blonde short hair man in front of him. I just came to the dinner party and you were looking for trouble for me.

"Kid from Huaxia, I am the Young Master of the Gator Clan. I am giving you a piece of advice. Get away from Catherine. Someone poor like you from Huaxia have no qualification of getting close to Catherine." The man with blonde short hair said arrogantly.

The Gator Clan?

A cold light reflected in Qingfeng Li's eyes. To be honest, he had deep contradiction with this clan. He used to kill the Crocodile King and some other people from the Gator Clan.

Qingfeng Li never thought of coming to the dinner party with Catherine, the first person trying to find trouble was some old enemy from the Gator Clan.

"Isn't your clan's ancestor a gator? Now he has already been made of gator-skin sofa. How poor is that." Qingfeng Li sneered and said with satire.

Qingfeng Li would never be soft-hearted to his own enemies. Today he was here to see how powerful the people from the ten families are.

"You are looking for death. How dare you humiliating my clan?!" The look on the man with short blonde hair's face changed with anger surging in his eyes.

The blonde-short-hair man's face became gloomy as chilling light flsahed in his eyes. He walked towards Qingfeng Li and was ready to teach him a lesson.

"Everyone look. The Young Master from the Gator Clan is trying to teach the Huaxia kid a lesson."

"The Huaxia kid is done. How dare him trying to be the enemy of the Young Master Gator. He won't know how he will die."

"Very well, Young Master Gator is the most vicious of all. He loved to kill people or cut off the arms and throw into the pond full of crocodiles to feed the gators."

Everyone around were discussing, with the playful look. It was glad for them to see the Huaxia kid get beaten.

Catherine tried to stop but Qingfeng Li waved his hand, asking her not to stop. He wanted to see the power of Young Master Gator.

"Purple Bat Demon King, go try this guy." Qingfeng Li was planning on fighting Young Master Gator himself and said to Purple Bat Demon King beside him.

After saying that, Qingfeng Li started to drink the red wine on the table next to him. If it was the master of the Gator Clan or the old ancestor, Qingfeng Li might fight himself. But it was just a Young Master, thus, Qingfeng Li had no need to fight himself.

"Of course," Purple Bat Demon King nodded and walked forward to fight for Qingfeng Li.

"Huaxia kid, how dare you humiliating me, letting the guy beside you to fight me?" The look on Young Master Gator's face was gloomy and he seemed like his lung was blowing due to anger.

Young Master Gator was from the Gator Clan, one of the ten families of Sky Gods League and had enormous influence in the Tiger Continent. Yet, he had been looked down by Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li drank some wine and said, "You are too weak so you are qualified to fight me."

"Sure, sure, sure. I will defeat him first and then I will punch you in the face." Young Master Gator was too angry that he started to laugh and said three "sure" at once.

"Young Master Gator, this young man is handsome, your Young Mistress I have a crush on him. Don't break him." Suddenly, a coquettish voice started to talk.

The one talking was a girl about twenty years old who was very beautiful. Her pretty face was full of red light and her white and smooth skin was full of temptation. Her blue eyes were like gems and her snow white chest were too eye-catching .

The pretty girl's name was Avril, the young miss of Tiger Continent's Bat Clan. She admired Purple Bat Demon King.

Not only Huaxia had Bat clan, Tiger Continent also had Bat clan.

As the Miss of Tiger Continent's Bat Clan, Avril felt the scent of bat ancestor on Purple Bat Demon King's body which made her fascinated about it. She had fell for Purple Bat Demon King.

Hearing what Avril said, the look on Young Master Gator's face changed and said, "This guy is from Huaxia and you are the Young Mistress of one of Tiger Continent's top ten clans. How could you have a crush on him?"

"Young Master Gator, this is none of your business. If you dare hurting this handsome man, you and I will not be finished. He's the one that I admire, I will conquer him." Avril extended her red tongue and licked her red lips. She said with a smile.

Purple bat Demon King frowned with discontented on his face. He was one of the ten Demon Kings and had awakened the bloodline of Purple bat, which is the bloodline of the Bat King of Huaxia. He hated the words of these two men.

"Some gator-looking guy, if you want to fight come fight, why are you talking so much?" Purple bat Demon King glanced at crocodile Young Master Gator and said with a face of dissatisfaction.

"Good boy, if you are looking for death, I will grant your wish." Young Master Gator looked gloomy and walked towards Purple Bat Demon King in large steps. He walked with an imposing manner. Every step he took, the ground trembled.