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Chapter 934: Purple Bat Demon King Strikes

Chapter 934: Purple Bat Demon King Strikes
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"You stink of gator, its no wonder you're from the Gator Clan. Ew, so smelly," Purple Bat Demon King said lightly, scrunching up his lips.

Not only was the Purple Bat Demon King handsome, he also had a mouth on him. After he began following Qingfeng Li, he mastered the way of cursing.

Hearing this, Young Master Gator was enraged. Purple Bat Demon King was as bad as Qingfeng Li, cursing without bad words.

"Stupid bat, I'm gonna shred you apart," Young Master Gator roared

"Gator Fist." Young Master Gator shouted in rage, whipping out his right fist, striking towards the Purple Bat Demon King.

was a high level martial technique of the Grandmasters level and was extremely powerful. The strike embodied the strength of the beast, turning the fighter's vital essence into that of a Gator.

A Gator's phantom form appeared on top of the blonde-haired young man's fist. With immense power, it broke the air and blew a black hole into the atmosphere.

"Bat Palm Strik," Purple Bat Demon King transformed his right hand into a purple bat, created from his vital essence. His palm slammed open the air, striking towards Young Master Gator.

<> was a bloodline martial technique the Purple Bat Demon King learnt from his ancestors. It was an extremely powerful attack, similar to the practice of self-cultivations, not only was it immensely powerful, it could also level up.


The contact of two hands created a loud blow. The body of Young Master Gator flew out backwards, his body hitting the ground heavily, his face pale.

One strike, and Young Master Gator had been defeated.

Seeing this, the surrounding people were all stunned. They were all very familiar with Young Master Gator's abilities. He was an early-stage master of the Grandmasters realm. How did he lose to the Purple Bat Demon King's single attack?

If the Purple Bat Demon King was this strong, then wouldn't his master, Qingfeng Li be even stronger? Everyone was frightened at the thought.

"Too weak." Purple Bat Demon King said with contempt.

Young Master Gator's face was dim as he struggled to stand. He didn't expect to be defeated by the Purple Bat Demon King, and certainly didn't expect this level of power.

"Little brother, you're not only handsome, but you are strong as well. Why don't you be my man?" Avril said, smiling beautifully.

"Not interested. Maybe you could be my servant, wash my feet and pour me tea?" Purple Bat Demon King said, smiling.

Avril's face darkened at his words, becoming enraged. This guy is as good as dead, how dare he ask her to be his servant?

"Little brother, let me find out just how powerful you truly are," Avril smiled charmingly as she walked towards Purple Bat Demon King.

Qingfeng Li frowned at the sight of Avril. She was definitely a middle-stage master of the Grandmasters realm, much stronger than Young Master Gator.

Although Avril was powerful, Qingfeng Li wasn't too worried. He was confident that Purple Bat Demon King was much stronger. Unless a self-cultivator appears, these masters from the Grandmasters Realm posed the Purple Bat Demon King no threat.


Avril suddenly made her move, instantly arriving before the Purple Bat Demon King, as if she was a red lightning bolt. She reached out her hand and clawed towards him.

The bat bloodline was one was the fastest bloodlines. Although Avril was fast, Purple Bat Demon King was even faster.

With a simple shift of his body, Purple Bat Demon King managed to avoid Avril's attack, hiding behind her back.

"Such agility," seeing Purple Bat Demon King's instant disappearance, Avril was stunned.

Avril was the fastest amongst the younger generation of the ten great clans. No one could compare to her speed.

She had always been proud of her speed so she didn't expect to meet anyone who was faster than her.

"You're too slow, Purple Bat Demon King said while laughing and tapping her head with his finger.

Avril's face turned red, enraged by Purple Bat Demon King's tapping gesture. Her lungs were about to burst from anger, but she knew that she was no match for him.

Cough cough.

Qingfeng Li cleared his throat, motioning for Purple Bat Demon King to mind his surroundings. This was a dinner of the ten major clans.

Hearing Qingfeng Li's cough, Purple Bat Demon King smiled lightly and stopped his teasing towards Avril.

Purple Bat Demon King had just defeated two people back to back, shocking everyone in the hall. They were dumbfounded by his capabilities since he was just Qingfeng Li's follower. If Qingfeng Li's follower was this strong, just how powerful was Qingfeng Li?

Everyone had finally realized that Qingfeng Li was right, Young Master Gator really was no match for him.

Although two had already been defeated, not everyone was afraid. After all, there were many masters stronger than both Young Master Gator and Avril amongst the crowd.

Sure enough, an old man in grey walked out. He was Young Master Gator's guard. He had to come out and avenge his Young Master.

The old man in grey was extremely strong, his entire body exuded a powerful energy. At the sight of him, everyone around all looked frightened. He was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

"Wolf King, you truly are brave, even daring to come to the dinner of the ten great clans." The old man in grey didn't bother with the Purple Bat Demon King. Instead, he looked directly towards Qingfeng Li.

Just now, the old man in grey recognized Qingfeng Li. He recognized Qingfeng Li as the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent and a king of the Dark World. He was also someone who had previously killed many members of the Gator Clan.

The Gator King, who was killed by Qingfeng Li in the Battle Arena of the Dark World, was the nephew of this old man in grey.

Although he had a title of Young Master Gator's guard, the old man in grey had an extremely high status in the Gator Clan. He was the clan's big chamberlain.

A clan's most important person was its first young master, the inheritor. As Young Master Gator's guard, the old man in grey must have superb capabilities.

"You know about me?" Qingfeng Li furrowed his brows in surprise. He didn't expect for the man to recognize him.

Qingfeng Li felt a bit proud, it seems that his name had spread to this place as well.

"The Wolf King ruled over the Wolf Continent, being undefeated. Of course I know about you." the old man said lightly, but with a trace of sarcasm in his tone.

Hearing the old man's words, everyone in the hall was shocked.

The disciples of the Tiger Continent's ten great clans had heard of Wolf King's name, but they had never seen the man, this was the first time.

"So he's the Wolf King, he's so young! Apparently he ruled the Wolf Continent and wiped out the Dark World. Is he really that powerful?"

"His ruling of the Wolf Continent happened a long time ago. Now the Wolf King is an ancient martial artist who's sweeping through the entire ancient martial world of Huaxia. He even won the Dragon Continent's Ancient Martial Arts Competition!"

"The champion of Dragon Continent's Ancient Martial Arts Competition. That means he's placed first amongst all of the ancient martial artists in the Dragon Continent!"

Everyone began talking, their eyes full of shock. Qingfeng Li's capabilities had greatly surpassed their expectations.