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Chapter 935: The Center of Attention

Chapter 935: The Center of Attention
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Qingfeng Li had become the focus of everyone's attention; everyone was looking at him. Whether it was the identity of the Wolf Continent's Wolf King, or the champion status of the Dragon Continent's Ancient Martial Arts Competition, he was the center of attention.

What everyone admired about Qingfeng Li was his power. Other than admiration, some of them felt jealous and some others felt resentment and hatred. Of course, those feelings of hatred came from his enemies. Naturally, when his enemy saw how powerful he was, they felt disturbed.

The gray clothed elder was the chamberlain of the Gator Clan. He was also the guardian of Young Master Gator. What he wanted to do was to teach Qingfeng Li a lesson.

"Qingfeng Li, people say that you are the number one grandmaster among all of the ancient martial artists. Today, let me test whether your Grandmaster Realm is truly invincible or is there a more powerful existence," the old man in the grey shirt smiled coldly and said. There was a flash in his eyes.

This gray clothed old man was not simple. He was a half-step into the True Spirit realm, so he didn't think Qingfeng Li was that strong. If he was only in grandmaster realm, he definitely would not dare to offend Qingfeng Li.

"You are too weak," Qingfeng Li said as he glanced at the gray clothed old man. His tone was full of contempt.

Seeing the contempt in Qingfeng Li's eyes, the gray clothed old man got angry, "You're dead Wolf King, you dared to belittle me! I have been renowned in the Tiger Continent for decades."

"Wolf King, you shouldn't be so arrogant, I will make you pay the price." the gray clothed old man said in a gloomy voice.

Qingfeng Li faint smiled, "Weakling, I'll defeat you with one punch."

Defeat me with just one punch?

The gray clothed old man was really angry. If Qingfeng Li was just ignoring him earlier, then this was insulting. He was already a half-step into the True Spirit realm, how could Qingfeng Li be so arrogant.

When the people around him heard Qingfeng Li's words, they were stunned. They all got really excited like they were on fire.

For many years, no one in the Tiger Continent has ever dared to say something so ridiculous as claiming they only needed one punch to defeat the gray clothed elder?!

"Qingfeng Li is really arrogant and he thinks he can beat Gator chamberlain with just one punch."

"Yes, the Gator's clan chamberlain is a world class martial artist. Not a lot people can be his opponent."

"I don't see how Qingfeng Li can defeat Gator clan's chamberlain with just one punch. It's more like the Gator chamberlain defeating Qingfeng Li with one punch."

The members of the ten great clans were all talking about it, and they all began looking down on Qingfeng Li.

Although Qingfeng Li was very powerful and may be the most powerful one in his generation as many young masters of the ten great clans cannot rival Qingfeng Li, the Gator clan's chamberlain was not the same as those young masters of the younger generation. He was a powerful martial artist a half-step into the True Spirit realm.

"Gator claws," the Gator chamberlain said in a deep voice. His right hand turned into a giant claw with a Gator phantom form and launched a terrifying attack at Qingfeng Li.

The gator claw was much stronger than the Gator claw. It was very powerful. Once the strike was released, it would leave a large hole in the air with the shape of a claw.

"Strangle Hell Fist," Qingfeng Li shouted and directly released his Strangle Hell Fist.

Qingfeng Li's vital essence turned into a projection of a huge mountain. The attack was like a hill, very powerful, containing boundless terrifying power.

The Strangle Hell Fist also left a big hole in the air. This big hole was not caused by the attack, but that area of the dimension completely collapsed by the tens of thousands kilograms of forms emitted by the fist.

Qingfeng Li was also a half-step into the True Spirit realm, invincible within the same realm. The Strangle Hell Fist before was still at the physical level, but now it was at the spiritual level. It was a higher level and stronger than before.


Strangle Hell Fist collided with the Gator Claw, and it made a huge sound. The air collapsed and it created a huge black vortex. Then, the huge energy exploded in all directions. The tables and chairs were all crushed, the plates and wine bottles all collapsed. The lobby was a mess.


Qingfeng Li was still standing in the same spot, but the grey clothed old man slid backwards. It was about four steps from where he originally stood.


The gray clothed old man couldn't hold it anymore. He opened his mouth and spat out blood. His face was very pale. Originally, he wanted to endure it and swallow the blood down his throat, but he could do it at all.

Qingfeng Li's Strangle Hell Fist was overwhelming with energy. The old man simply could not resist coughing out blood. If the old man was in the True Spirit realm early-stage, he might be able to resist but he was only a Half-step into the True Spirit realm, he was not Qingfeng Li's opponent at all.

The old man was defeated with one punch.

At that moment, the entire hall was silent and everyone was shocked by how powerful Qingfeng Li was.

They had only heard of the name of the Wolf King before, but did not see the true strength of Qingfeng Li until today. Today, they experienced it for the first time. This Qingfeng Li was too powerful, ridiculously too powerful.

"I was actually defeated?!" the gray clothed old man murmured. He couldn't believe that he was defeated by Qingfeng Li but the facts were sitting right in front of him. Whether he could believe it or not, he was really defeated, utterly defeated.

Not only were the grey clothed elder and young masters from the ten great clans shocked, Catherine was also shocked.

Qingfeng Li defeated the old man with a punch. Nobody dared to despise him. Some of the other members from the ten great clans wanted to challenge Qingfeng Li but when they saw how powerful he was, they could only retreat. They were too scared to challenge him.

"The Wolf King is so strong that even my father may not be his opponent." Catherine's beautiful eyes has a touch of complexity as she was shocked by how powerful Qingfeng Li was.

At this time, Young Master Gator was embarassed. When he had just challenged Qingfeng Li earlier, he was ignored. At first, he thought Qingfeng Li was scared of him, but it seemed that Qingfeng Li just didn't bother with him. Qingfeng Li simply thought that he was too weak and wasn't worth the effort.

The noise in the hall had settled down and fallen into silence because of Qingfeng Li's victory.

Qingfeng Li didn't talk to anyone but Catherine but a news story on TV caught Qingfeng Li's attention and made him very angry.

He saw the news on Paris TV. The news was all about Augustine and Alice's wedding.

The television station host said, "Dear French people, tomorrow is the wedding of our Sky Gods League's Young Master Augustine and Swedish Princess Alice. I hope everyone will bless them."

Subsequently, the television station also sent a lot of reporters to interview pedestrian passing on the streets of Paris. To ask them what their views were on Augustine and Alice's wedding.

Most people in Paris were optimistic about Augustine and Alice's relationship. They thought the couple were a perfect couple. After the marriage, they will give birth to a beautiful baby.

Of course, there were some people who are looking at it more objectively. Once Augustine had married Alice, the strength of Sky Gods League will be even stronger. It may not be a good thing for Tiger Continent as a whole.

"Asshole, wanting to marry Alice tomorrow. There is no way I am letting this wedding go through. I will go in and grab Alice," Qingfeng Li said as he clenched his fists with both hands. He said this while gazing straight at the broadcast with cold and deadly eyes.