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Chapter 936: Assassination During the Night

Chapter 936: Assassination During the Night
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"Wolf King, the younger generation of the ten great clans is already this powerful. Their clan chiefs are even more powerful. Are you sure you want to interrupt the wedding?" Catherine asked. Her voice was very soft, only audible to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li nodded, making it clear that he was going to interrupt the wedding. He attended their dinner specifically to probe everyone's capabilities. It was evident now that the ten great clans were truly powerful. Some of their Young Masters were masters of the Grandmasters realm, and their chamberlains were all a half-step into the True Spirit realm.

Following this pattern, the chiefs of the ten great clans were all at least a half-step into the True Spirit realm as well.

Of course, the big chamberlain of the Gator Clan's status as a master of the half-step True Spirit realm was due to him being one of the super masters of said clan. He came only second to the clan's chief.

The ten great clans of the Sky Gods League were all super-class clans, the most powerful people of the Tiger Continent. With their long histories and wealth of resources dating back thousands of years, it was natural for them be so incredibly powerful.

However, other than their ten clan chiefs, most of the clan was made up of masters from the Higher Heaven realm and the Grandmasters realm. There were only a few masters a half-step into the True Spirit realm. Every clan had no more than three.

"Wolf King, I know I can't convince you, but please be careful. You just defeated the big chamberlain of the Gator Clan, I'm afraid that the other clans will seek revenge after they find out," Catherine said worriedly, batting her eyes.

Within the Sky Gods League, the ten great clans were all very united. The defeat of the big chamberlain of the Gator was a humiliation to them all.

However, since the super masters of their clans were not present, the younger generation didn't dare to take on Qingfeng Li themselves. They were obviously no match for him. All they could do was suppress their anger, wait for their return to their elders, and complain then.

The younger generation of the ten great clans were all from the Tiger Continent. They didn't like Qingfeng Li. They ignored him, busy with their drinking and discussions.

Although Qingfeng Li and his followers were ignored, they still enjoyed themselves. There was no reason for them to let all the delicious food go to waste.

Of course, not everyone disregarded Qingfeng Li and his followers. Other than Catherine who was speaking to Qingfeng Li, a beautiful woman also came towards them. This woman was none other than Avril, but she wasn't here for Qingfeng Li. She was here for Purple Bat Demon King.

Purple Bat King had activated his Purple Bat bloodline, a bloodline of the Bat King who, in ancient times, ruled over all the bats in the world, and was incredibly powerful.

As the first daughter of the Tiger Continent's Bat Clan, her body flowed of the bat bloodline. She felt a sense of familiarity in the depth of her bloodline towards the Purple Bat Demon King, wanting to get closer to him.

She sat beside the Purple Bat Demon King with a bottle of red wine, drinking and chatting him up. She was obviously enamored by him, subdued by this handsome young man from Huaxia.

Purple Bat Demon King also seemed attracted to the beautiful girl with the bat bloodline. The powers of the bat bloodline emitting from her body also excited him. The two were chatting enthusiastically and soon after they ended up in the corner of the hall, kissing.

Avril was an incredible beauty, not to mention foreign, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her lips were sweet and soft, enchanting Purple Bat Demon King.

Time flew quickly and a few hours had passed in the blink of an eye.

It was night and silence filled the air. The moon high up in the sky, shining its light on the earth.

Whether in Huaxia or in the Tiger Continent, the moon was the same moon. So mellow, so bright, emitting a white shining light.

After the dinner ended, the younger generation of the ten great clans all left the Grand Paris Hotel one after the other.

As they exited the hotel, many of them glanced at Qingfeng Li with chilling eyes, both enraged and fearful.

Qingfeng Li and his crew didn't leave, because Catherine had made plans for them to stay there overnight.

Qingfeng Li trusted Catherine. They had known each other for a very long time, becoming great friends. He felt safe with her arrangements.

However, as soon as the clock hit midnight, something happened. Two black shadows lurked into the hotel, attempting to assassinate Qingfeng Li.

The two men in black were extremely powerful, their bodies exuding an incredible energy. They were both masters of the half-step True Spirit realm, the more powerful kind as well.

It was clear to Qingfeng Li that the ten great clans had sent the two men here to assassinate him. After all, he did humiliate them during the day.

A tall thin man in black poked a hole in the window and blew a layer of smoke inwards. It was the ecstasy elixir. He wanted to kill Qingfeng Li after drugging him and causing him to faint. Obviously, the two men in black were aware of Qingfeng Li's powers, as they didn't dare to attack him directly.

Ecstasy Elixir?

Qingfeng Li sneered, his eyes flashed of disdain. He was a godly alchemist for god's sake, these types of drugs had no effect on him.

Qingfeng Li lied on the bed, his eyes shut, pretending to be asleep for the two men in black.

After the tall thin man in black finished blowing the ecstasy elixir, he threw a small pebble into the room. Qingfeng Li pretended not to hear.

"The Wolf King is down from the ecstasy elixir, let's kill him."

The hotel security doors were nigh unpenetrable for a normal person, but for masters like these men in black, it was as if they didn't exist. They opened the door with a simple twist of the hand.

Qingfeng Li was wide awake, but he kept snoring at a steady pace, as if he was sound asleep.

The tall thin man in black on the left took out a dagger, stabbing it straight towards Qingfeng Li's heart. If the dagger landed on his body, it would definitely pierce his heart, killing him.

Just as the dagger reached Qingfeng Li's heart, however, he suddenly opened his eyes, watching the two men in black mockingly. His reached out two fingers from his right hand, grabbing the dagger instantly.

"What? You weren't affected by the ecstasy elixir?" the tall thin man in black was stunned.

The ecstasy elixir wasn't just some normal drug. It was made from the rarest of ingredients on top of spirit level fainting flowers. It was refined by the Alchemy King of the Tiger Continent, and was extremely potent, especially towards masters of the Grandmasters Realm and masters a half-step into the True Spirit realm.

Previously, there were half-step True Spirit Realm Masters who were killed after being incapacitated by the Ecstasy Elixir but Qingfeng Li wasn't affected at all. The two men in black were shocked.

"Your ecstasy elixir is too weak and inefficient," Qingfeng Li said lightly, shaking his head.

Hearing his words, the two men in black twisted their faces in anger. This was complete disrespect towards them! No, this was complete disrespect towards the Alchemy King of the Tiger Continent. How dare he call the ecstasy elixir weak?