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Chapter 937: Alice“s Wedding

Chapter 937: Alice's Wedding
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"So what if the ecstasy elixir didn't work on you? I'm still going to kill you," the tall thin man in black sneered, attacking with his dagger once again.

Qingfeng Li pressed with his two fingers and, under the shocked gaze of the man in black, he instantly broke the dagger in half.

At the sight of his dagger breaking, the tall thin man in black turned to escape. However, Qingfeng Li reached out his right hand as fast as a gust of wind, instantly grabbing the man's neck.


Qingfeng Li tightened his grip and broke the tall thin man's neck, the latter dying from a lack of air.

At the sight of the tall thin man dying, the other man in black was completely shocked.


Qingfeng Li threw away the dead body of the tall thin man in black and picked up the short-haired man in black by his neck. He chillingly questioned, "Tell me, who sent you to kill me?"

The short-haired man in black shook his head, not saying a word. They were both sworn soldiers of a great power, so they couldn't snitch on their masters.

"Eye of the Wolf King," Qingfeng Li was familiar with the stubbornness of sworn soldiers. They were not afraid of death. Instead, he used the power of the eye of the Wolf King, a secret spiritual technique he discovered when he activated the Wolf King bloodline, to control the man's mind.

Qingfeng Li' eyes turned blood red, exuding a bizarre crimson light, controlling the short-haired man's mind.

"Tell me, who sent you to assassinate me?"

"We were sent by the Spider Clan."

"The Spider Clan from the ten great clans of the Sky Gods League?"

"Yes," Under Qingfeng Li's mind control, the short-haired man in black spilled everything he knew.

Qingfeng Li's eyes looked chilling. He was familiar with the Spider Clan. They were similar to the Gator Clan, also belonging to the ten super-class clans of the Sky Gods League.

As to why they had sent assassins to kill him, Qingfeng Li thought of two reasons. Firstly, it was at the request of the Gator Clan. Secondly, for revenge. Qingfeng Li had previously killed Tiger King and Poisonous Spider. Both were from the Spider Clan.


Qingfeng Li snapped the short-haired man's neck and ended his life.

The two assassins sent to kill Qingfeng Li were both supreme masters. However, in front of Qingfeng Li's powers, they were still too weak.

Their movements caused a bit of a ruckus in the room, waking up the neighboring Purple Bat Demon King and the Wolf Fang Team next door. They all came to Qingfeng Li's room.

"Boss, assassins were here to kill you?" Daoist asked worriedly, looking at the two dead men in black.

The members of the Wolf Fang Clan Team to assassinate others and often had to defend from assassination attempts sent by other forces. They immediately recognized the two assassins by the black clothing they were wearing.

Qingfeng Li nodded and said lightly, "They're from the Spider Clan, but I've already killed them both."

The members of the Wolf Fang Team let out a sigh of relief at his words. Ever since they met the ten great clans of the Sky Gods League in the Tiger Continent, they had felt an immense pressure. These members of the ten great clans were indeed too powerful.

Purple Bat Demon King furrowed his brows and asked, "Young Master, we're interrupting a wedding tomorrow, have you come up with a plan?"

Purple Bat Demon King thought that they needed to devise a plan for tomorrow's wedding crashing plan. However, it seems that Qingfeng hadn't made a detailed plan yet.

"No need to plan, tomorrow I'm just going to take Alice away in front of the entire Tiger Continent. I need to let them know that she's mine. No one else can touch her," Qingfeng Li said arrogantly.

Qingfeng Li had already devised a plan, which was to take Alice away under broad day light, in front of everyone. What kind of a man would he be if he just snuck her away?

It was his intention to tell the Sky Gods League, its ten great clans and the other powers of the Tiger Continent that Alice was his woman. He would kill anyone who dared to touch her.

Purple Bat Demon King was greatly moved. Hearing Qingfeng Li's words, it's as if he was following the Great Conqueror, Third Master Li, from fifteen years ago. The Great Conqueror was also an unrivaled master, domineering, ruthless, and immensely powerful. The world was below his feet and he was threatened by no one.

After Qingfeng Li instructed the Wolf Fang Team to clean up the bodies, he began to rest. He needed a good sleep, because he was going into battle the next day.


The next day, the weather was very bright. The red sun was hung high above the horizon, emitting a warm fuzzy glow.

The entire Tiger Continent was busy. Reporters from every nation gathered at France, hoping to report the grand wedding of Augustine and Alice.

Augustine was the First Young Master of the Sky Gods League, the foster son of the Holy See Pope, a superpower in the Tiger Continent, with the ability to influence everything.

Alice was the royal princess of the Tiger Continent, known as the most beautiful woman of the royalty. She had many suitors, but was eventually married off to Augustine by the royal clan. The royalty chose him because he was the underground emperor of the Tiger Continent.

Their wedding set the entire Tiger Continent in motion. Everyone was watching the world-renowned grand event from their TVs or online.

Paris, France.

As the location for Augustine's wedding, the city was crowded with people. Everyone had left their homes and headed towards the wedding location.

The wedding venue was the Notre-Dame de Paris, the most famous cathedral in the entire Tiger Continent.

Of course, not everyone was invited to the wedding. Only the ten great clans of the Sky Gods League, some Clan Chiefs and some powerful CEOs of large companies were invited. Normal citizens weren't allowed into the venue.

Normal citizens could only watch from far away. Even so, they were very happy to see the amazingly beautiful princess Alice. What a sight she was.

There were countless luxury cars parked outside the church, all were limited editions. There were Rolls Royce, Maybach, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and many other luxury brand names.

Not only were there numerous luxury cars, there were also a dozen helicopters parked in the huge front lawn of the cathedral. Some Clan Chiefs of super-class forces travelled directly there by aircraft.

In the middle of the grand cathedral stood a blonde hair blue eyed young man. He was dressed in an elegant suit, looking extremely handsome. His face looked like it was crafted by the gods, with a tall nose and sharp jaw. His eyes were not just blue, but they were aquamarine, a color even deeper than the ocean. Charming, and captivating.

This young man was none other than Augustine, the Young Master of the Sky Gods League, a man so famous his very name rattled the entire Tiger Continent.

Augustine had many titles in the Tiger Continent. The most handsome man, the most popular man with the ladies, the most politically powerful man, the most valued young man by the Pope, and a supreme master amongst the younger generation.

He was the Tiger Continent's brightest star, attracting everyone's attention by just standing in a crowd.

Qingfeng Li was a kilometer away, watching through his high-powered telescope. He immediately noticed Augustine, the young man was simply too dazzling.