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Chapter 938: Qingfeng“s Arrival

Chapter 938: Qingfeng's Arrival
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"All right. Let's go crash the wedding," Qingfeng Li placeed down the telescope and whispered.

Purple Bat Demon King and the Wolf Fang Team looked serious. They got their weapons ready and they followed Qingfeng Li off the car and made their way towards the wedding chapel.

They were in for a big fight because they would be snatching Alice away in front of the entire Tiger Continent.

In the church.

Alice sat on a chair, wearing a white wedding dress. Her tender face was emotionless, indicating that she was very unhappy at this time.

"Alice, today is the day you get married. You should be happy. Don't make such a sad face" a blonde woman next to her said.

The blonde woman's name was Avril. She was Alice's former teacher. It was her and Gator clan chief that caught Alice and Elder Daoist.

Alice glanced coldly at the woman around her and said, "Avril, I used to respect you as my teacher. I didn't expect you to lie to me in order to kidnap me and Elder Daoist, Daozang Lu."

"Alice, I am only doing what's best for you. You didn't want to come back to Tiger Continent so I had no choice but to kidnap you. Don't worry, Daozang Lu is safe and we won't kill him. He is more useful to us alive than dead. He is just temporarily being held in the dungeon," Avril frowned and said lightly.

Avril was still a little angry because Alice was reluctant to call her teacher. But she also knew that Alice hated her because she fooled Alice and brought her to the Tiger Continent.

"I do not like Augustine. Even if he is Young Master of Sky Gods League, I still don't like him."

"Alice, even if you do not like Augustine, you have to marry him. This is for the royal family and for the sake of Qingfeng Li's life."

"I know, as long as I marry Augustine then you guys won't kill Qingfeng Li, and will release Daozang Lu."

"Yes, as long as you marry Augustine, the Sky Gods League will not kill Qingfeng Li," said Avril with a faint smile.

After hearing it, Alice fell silent. She finally nodded, forcefully laughing, "Fine, I'll agree to marry Augustine."

As the Tiger Continent Princess, Alice naturally knew the power of the Sky Gods League. The Sky Gods League was Tiger Continent's superpower, which had ten great clans. Each clan was really powerful, and not only did they have extremely strong grandmasters, they even had self-cultivators.

Alice had seen a self-cultivator in action earlier. With just one strike, they were able to decimate a thousand-square-meter villa into a pile of gravel.

Alice knew that Qingfeng Li is strong, but he certainly was not the opponent of those powerful self-cultivators. Ultimately, Alice decided to marry Augustine for Qingfeng Li's safety.

The host for today's wedding was the Holy See's Red Cloaked Imperial Cardinal, who was one of the three Archbishops and was very powerful.

"Sky Gods League's Gator Clan Chief has arrived," the guard welcoming guests at the door shouted out.

All the people in the hallway suddenly looked in that direction because the Gator Clan Chief rarely made an appearance. This time he actually made an appearance at Augustine's wedding.

Some television reporters pointed the camera at the Gator clan chief, ready to interview him.

The Gator clan chief was a 50-year-old man. He was tall, very strong, overwhelming with energy, and muscular. There was a gator ring on his finger, which was very lifelike, and it looked particularly frightening.

The crowd's shock had not dissipated before the welcoming voice sounded again, "Sky Gods League's Spider Clan Chief has arrived."

The Spider Clan was a supreme-class clan that was in charge of all financial matter in the Tiger Continent. They were very powerful and influential, causing some reporters to scramble to interview him.

"Sky Gods League Black Scaly Dragon Clan Chief has arrived. "

"Sky Gods League Mammoth Clan Chief has arrived. "


The welcoming announcements sound continued to come one after another. One by one more clan chiefs arrived. Before long the top ten clan chief from the Sky Gods League had arrived. This was truly a rare sight, for all ten clans' chief to be together.

These ten Clan Chiefs were each a force to be reckoned with, each emitting an invincible aura. The average person observing them were frightened to death and would be too scared to get near them.

With the arrival of the top ten Clan Chiefs, the entire wedding scene had become lively. Everyone intensely stared at the top ten Clan Chiefs. These people were the Tiger Continent's legends, idolized by many people.

If the appearance of these 10 Clan Chiefs shocked everyone, then this next person would make everyone petrified.

"Tiger Continent's Poseidon, he came to congratulate Augustine's wedding!" the guests were completely shocked. They didn't think Poseidon would come personally for Augustine's wedding.

One should know, this Poseidon was not from Sky Gods League, but from the Sea Gods Allegiance, which was another powerful force.

Strictly speaking, the Sea Gods Allegiance and Sky Gods League's relationship was not the best. There was a lot of competition between them, and they were enemies.

The arrival of Poseidon confused everyone and they did not understand why this guy came to the wedding. Did he see this as a joke?

Towards the crowd's suspicion, Poseidon smiled faintly and did not speak. He led his wife and daughter to one side. Following him was a black hooded man, he was extremely powerful and was a self-cultivator.

If Qingfeng Li was here, then, he will be surprised. Qingfeng Li already knew the alliance leader of Sea Gods Allegiance, Poseidon.

Qingfeng Li saved a little girl when he was in challenging Eastern Sea City's Medical Association's president in a medical competition. That little girl was actually Poseidon's daughter. At that time, Poseidon offered a hundred million bank card to Qingfeng Li.

Poseidon was in Huaxia's Eastern Sea City because he was being pursued by his younger brother. The previous alliance leader of the Sea Gods Allegiance passed away, and he and his brother were fighting for the position to become the new leader.

At the time, Poseidon's daughter was hit by a car sent by his younger brother. Fortunately, Qingfeng Li saved his daughter's life and later, Poseidon returned to the Tiger Continent, killed his younger brother, and became the head of the Sea Gods Allegiance.

Poseidon was enemy of the Sky Gods League so naturally Augustine would know him and make note of him.

"Mr. Poseidon, I did not expect you to come to my wedding," Augustine said lightly, his tone was not very nice.

Poseidon didn't care about his tone and said, "I came to see the Sky Gods League people."

In reality, Poseidon didn't come to attend the wedding. He was using the wedding as an excuse to see how powerful the Sky Gods League was. He scanned the Sky Gods League's ten Clan Chiefs, noticing that they were all extremely powerful.

Augustine naturally knew what ​​Poseidon was up to but he didn't mind. He smiled faintly, as he was about to head off and prepare for his wedding.

"The wedding is now underway, would the groom Augustine and bride Alice please come to the stage. Everyone please bless the new couple," Cardinal Albron announced with a loud voice.


Albron's voice was barely fading before Qingfeng Li kicked the doors open, and strode in.