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Chapter 939: I“m Here to Take the Bride

Chapter 939: I'm Here to Take the Bride
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Qingfeng Li had loudly kicked open the door, shocking everyone.

Swish Swish Swish...

Suddenly, countless eyes looked at Qingfeng Li with astonishment.

It was known that today was the Sky Gods League's Augustine's wedding day. The people who attended the wedding were huge forces and huge families from the Tiger Continent.

Everyone who attended the wedding could create ground-breaking societal changes just by stomping their feet. They were all very powerful but now, these guys are shocked because someone was even more arrogant than them. How dare he kick open the church's door during a wedding?!

What did the door represent? To put it bluntly, it was their face, representing the organization's reputation. To put it even more bluntly, it was the Sky Gods League's face.

Think about it. When you are holding a wedding and someone uninvited bursts through the wedding door, how would you feel? It was the same as slapping your face.

At this moment, Qingfeng Li had become the center of attention. Even more attention was focused on him than Augustine as everyone had turned to look at Qingfeng Li. Everyone would like to see who the hell this guy was. How dare he cause trouble for the Sky Gods League on such a big day.

"Oh f*ck, it's ... the Wolf King?" Alice reached out with her slender fingers over her lips. Her eyes full of disbelief.

She never imagined that Qingfeng Li would be here on the day of her wedding.

In addition, Alice and a few others recognize Qingfeng Li. One of them was Archbishop Albron, who previously attempted to kill Qingfeng Li, but he was saved by Sword King Nieh Warriors and did not expect to see this man again, especially today.

As for Qingfeng Li, he had always resented Albron deep inside. There was a strong hostility towards him.

In addition to Albron, Poseidon, the leader of Sea God Allegiance also recognized Qingfeng Li, the benefactor who had saved his daughter. There was a glitzy look in his eyes.

Augustine, as the protagonist of today, was humiliated by this man. Naturally he had to stand up for himself and express his resentment. Otherwise people would think he allowed it.

However, Augustine did not know who Qingfeng Li was, so he was more contemptuous toward Qingfeng Li.

"Who the hell are you?! How dare to kick our Sky Gods League door? You must be looking for your own death," Augustine looked down at Qingfeng Li with a gloomy face.

"I came to steal the bride," Qingfeng Li said with an arrogant face. He didn't bother with Augustine.

Qingfeng Li's words shocked everyone tremendously. Today was supposed to be the day of Augustine's marriage. Did this guy come to steal the bride?

Hearing that Qingfeng Li was here to steal the bride, Alice felt incredibly touched. Her heart was pounding. At that moment, she was having the feeling of her first love.

"Who the hell is this guy!? How dare he come to steal the bride?!"

"Yeah! He is truly arrogant and unscrupulous. How dare he want to steal Augustine's bride. His boldness truly knows no bound."

"Hey, I have seen him before, he is Qingfeng Li, the Wolf Continent's Wolf King!"

"The Wolf Continent's Wolf King? The underworld king who is said to be the champion from the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Arts Competition? "

The surrounding people couldn't stop talking. Some of them recognized Qingfeng Li, their eyes full of horror.

In today's ancient martial arts world, the most prestigious person in the Dragon Continent was Qingfeng Li. The Dragon Continent ancient martial art competition was a grand occasion for all countries. Qingfeng Li who won the Dragon Continent Competition became a famous person, not only in the Dragon Continent, but also in the Tiger Continent. So, the Tiger Continent people would also know who Qingfeng Li was.

It can be said that Qingfeng Li was one of the most famous geniuses of the ancient martial arts world, the winner of the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Arts. The winner of the Tiger Continent was Augustine and the winner of the Panther Continent Ancient Martial Arts Competition was Snake Queen Medusa.

Truly exciting, this situation not only excited the surrounding people, it also excited the reporters. Tiger Continent television and newspaper reporters were so extremely thrilled that their faces had blushed.

This was hot news! This was really hot news! What did a reporter like the most? Of course it was exciting news. Qingfeng Li was coming to steal Augustine's bride, without a doubt, this was the hottest scoop this month within the entire Tiger Continent.

Many reporters had started thinking about the content of the report. The title would be 'Dragon Continent VS Tiger Continent: Ancient Martial Arts Champions' Showdown. '

Augustine's face looked gloomy. From the crowd around him, he knew the youth in front of him was Qingfeng Li, the Wolf Continent's Wolf King. He was also Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Arts Championship top fighter.

"Qingfeng Li, do you know what you're doing? Do you want to lose your life?" Augustine's gloomy face said with a threatening voice.

"You don't have to worry about my life. I'll repeat myself, I am here to get steal your bride," Qingfeng Li looked domineering. He was not concerned with Augustine's threat.

Augustine was humiliated twice in a row by Qingfeng Li and was pissed. He was the young master of the Sky Gods League as well as the Tiger Continent's young martial arts genius. How can he lose his fiancee just like that? Isn't that the same as being a cuckold?

"Kill Qingfeng Li for me," Augustine said to the clan chiefs of the ten great clans. All of whom were important members of the Sky Gods League and naturally obeyed Augustine's words.

For example, if the Sky Gods League Chief was the emperor, Augustine would be the prince. The ten great Clan Chiefs would be the generals, under the command of the Sky Gods League.

Augustine's words should be absolute, and the Gator clan chief was the first to react. Many Gator Clan members were killed by Qingfeng Li, so he was looking for Qingfeng Li to get revenge anyways.

Looking at the Gator clan chief, Alice's face changed. As the Tiger Continent Princess, naturally she knew how powerful the Gator clan chief was. He was a supreme master.

"Boss, don't get involved, just leave!" Alice's charming face said loudly with a touch of anxiety. She was scared Qingfeng Li would get hurt.

"Alice, you are my woman. You are my woman for the rest of your life. No one can take you away, and I will kill anyone who tries." Qingfeng Li said with an arrogant face.

Hearing the words of Qingfeng Li, Alice was really touched. Tears started sliding down from her eyes. She was able to find a man that loved her so much. No matter what happens, it was worth it.

Alice was happy, but Augustine was really unhappy. From Qingfeng Li's remark, he knew that Alice was Qingfeng Li's woman. This indicating that he was actually the cuckold.

F*ck! I am Sky Gods League's young master, the Tiger Continent ancient martial arts champion of the younger generation. How can I be the cuckold?! Augustine was so angry, his lungs was about to explode.

"Gator clan chief, kill Qingfeng Li for me!" Augustine said, looking at Gator clan chief.

The Gator clan chief nodded. He looked coldly at Qingfeng Li as he walked, and every step on the ground created a tremor. In the end, the earth shook uncontrollably, making loud rumbling sounds.

The Gator Clan was one of Tiger Continent's super-class forces. Since it was a super-class force, then naturally they would have a self-cultivator. This Gator Clan chief was a Half-step into the Spirit Realm, and was more powerful than the Gator Clan's chamberlain. The Gator Clan Chief practiced the Gator Spirit Fist, which was a lot more powerful than the Gator Claw.