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Chapter 940: Causing Chaos at the Wedding

Chapter 940: Causing Chaos at the Wedding
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Everyone's gazes fell onto them when they sensed the Gator Clan Chief's determination to kill Qingfeng.

The Gator Clan Chief had become famous in the Tiger Continent for defeating countless enemies and becoming one of the ten Clan Chiefs of the Sky Gods League.

In the eyes of everyone, Qingfeng would definitely die in the hands of Gator Clan chief. No one thought that Qingfeng would survive.

Not far away, Young Master Gator watched his father walk towards Qingfeng. His eyes lit up with excitement. During the banquet at Grand Paris Hotel, Young Master Gator was defeated at the hands of Qingfeng so he was furious towards Qingfeng.

Young Master Gator was ecstatic to see his father, the Gator Clan Chief move to kill Qingfeng, hoping that his father would kill Qingfeng brutally. It would be even better if his father could torture Qingfeng to death.

"You are a half-step into the True Spirit Realm? Not bad, but you are still too weak," Qingfeng said nonchalantly.

Others might think that a fighter who was a half-step into the True Spirit Realm would be extremely powerful, but for Qingfeng, he was nothing. Qingfeng was also a half-step into the True Spirit Realm so no one in the same level was his match.

Gator Clan Chief's expression turned cold. He was furious after hearing Qingfeng's words. How dare this bastard look down at me!

"Gator Spirit First," Gator Clan chief roared as he channeled his vital essence into his fist. A giant gator phantom appeared before his fist and accelerated towards Qingfeng.

Clearly, the Gator Clan Chief was even stronger than the Gator chamberlain from last night.

"Strangle Hell Fist, one fist to knock out everyone," Qingfeng roared as he used the first technique of the Strangle Hell Fist.

An enormous mountainous force appeared and crushed the Gator into thin air.

However, the Strangle Hell Fist did not stop there; it rushed towards the Gator Clan Chief, landing viciously on his chest. The Gator Clan Chief's ribs broke with a loud crack!


The Gator Clan chief coughed out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were fearful. The young man's fist attack was so powerful! There was no way he could block it!

With a single attack, the Gator Clan Chief was heavily wounded.


After Qingfeng injured the Gator Clan Chief, he did not let him go. Qingfeng slapped the Gator Clan Chief's head viciously with a loud bang, directly splattering his head into pieces and splashing blood onto the ground.

Before his death, the Gator Clan Chief's eyes were filled with disbelief. He never expected to die in Qingfeng's hands. He had come here for Augustine's wedding, and it was supposed to be a happy occasion but he had lost his life here.

Gator Clan Chief – dead.

Everyone was stunned at the scene. Qingfeng had spilled blood at the wedding.

The Gator Clan Chief was one of the ten Clan Chiefs of the Sky Gods League. He had defeated countless elites in the Tiger Continent but to the surprise of everyone, he was killed by Qingfeng with a single slap.

"The Wolf King is so strong, he killed the Gator Clan Chief with a single slap."

"Yes. I have heard that the Wolf King was very powerful. They say he is the strongest fighter of the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial World. I had found it hard to believe but he is clearly the real deal."

"It is no wonder that the Wolf King dared to come here to fight for the bride. His power is terrifying!"

The crowd discussed animatedly with astonishment in their eyes. Just a moment ago, they had mocked Qingfeng and said that he would definitely die but in the blink of an eye, Qingfeng had thrown their words back into their faces.

"Father is dead?" Young Master Gator asked with disbelief, his eyes ghastly pale.

Young Master Gator never expected his father to die. His father was one of the ten Clan Chiefs and was well known as an invincible martial artist. How could he die? Especially at the hands of this young man?

Young Master Gator refused to believe that his father was dead but it was impossible to do so, as the truth was right before his eyes. The Gator Clan Chief had died from a single slap from Qingfeng. He did not even die with a complete corpse.

At this moment, Young Master Gator was terrified. His father was so strong but he had died. What was going to happen to him? He was Qingfeng' enemy. Was he going to go after him as well? Would Qingfeng also slap him to death?

To be honest, Young Master Gator was overthinking. In Qingfeng's eyes, Young Master Gator was just a little ant. If Young Master Gator did not seek trouble with Qingfeng, Qingfeng would not bother to fight him. Of course, if he wanted revenge and tried to seek trouble with Qingfeng, Qingfeng would definitely slap him to death too.

The Spider Clan Chief's expression changed when he saw that the Gator Clan Chief had died. He yelled furiously, "Qingfeng, you bastard, how dare you kill a member of the Sky Gods League?"

Among the ten Clan Chiefs, the Gator and Spider Clan chiefs were the closest; they were good friends. Naturally, the Spider Clan Chief was furious to see his friend's death.

"Sky Gods League? You guys are just a bunch of weaklings," Qingfeng said arrogantly with a sneer.

Others might think the ten Clan Chiefs of the Sky Gods League were invincible, but in Qingfeng's eyes, they were nothing. He could kill them anytime.

"Qingfeng, you are courting death," the Spider Clan Chief sneered as he took large strides towards Qingfeng with killing intent overflowing in his eyes. He was determined to kill Qingfeng to avenge the Gator Clan Chief's death.


The Spider Clan Chief unsheathed a long black sword which was three meters in length and two fingers in width. The sword shone eerily with a black light.

There was a black spider picture embossed on the sword. The sword was the and it was an upper-grade spiritual device.

Not only was it powerful, there was also a poisonous oil applied onto the blade. If the sword managed to draw blood, it would immediately kill the person.

Spider Clan chief knew that Qingfeng's fist technique was extremely powerful. Thus, he planned on keeping his distance from Qingfeng and wanted to use his spiritual device to kill him.

The crowd became afraid when they saw the Spider Sword. Naturally, they all knew the power of the sword as it had killed countless reputable people, and was one of the factors that allowed the Spider Clan Chief to acieve his position.

"Spider realm," the Spider Clan chief said darkly before releasing the spider realm.

His plan was simple. He would use the realm to trap Qingfeng and use the Spider Sword to kill him.

An enormous black realm appeared in the surrounding 200 meters and countless black spiders appeared. Of course, these spiders were not real ones, but were actually materialized from vital essence. The spiders could only attack Qingfeng within the Spider realm.

"Inferno Realm," Qingfeng said with a cold smile as he directly released the Inferno Realm.

Fire was not only the weakness of water, it was also effective against dark and poison realms. The Spider Clan chief was basically looking for his death by using the Spider realm.

A huge fire dome appeared in the surrounding 200 meters which covered the Spider Realm.

crack crack~

Cracking sounds were heard when the flames met the spiders inside the realm. The spiders were all burned to ashes.


The Spider Clan Chief coughed up a large mouthful of blood, being heavily injured by the destruction of his realm.