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Chapter 941: Killing the Spider Clan Chief

Chapter 941: Killing the Spider Clan Chief
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The Spider Clan Chief's realm was destroyed causing blood to pour out of his mouth at the loss of essence blood.

"You can destroy my realm?" the Spider Clan Chief asked fearfully.

A grandmaster's realm was usually 100 meters while the realm of someone a half-step into the Spirit level was 200 meters. He never expected Qingfeng to be able to destroy his realm.

In the Tiger Continent, virtually no one could defeat the Spider Clan Chief's realm. Only the Pope or some secretive elders could defeat his realm. Qingfeng was only a young man in his twenties!

At this moment, not only was the Spider Clan Chief was stunned, the surrounding people were also stunned. If the Gator Clan Chief had died because he took Qingfeng too lightly, the Spider Clan Chief's heavy injuries was a testament to Qingfeng's strength.

"Boss is so strong!" Alice said happily. She was initially worried that Qingfeng was not a match for the ten Clan chiefs, but it seemed like she had underestimated him. Qingfeng was invincible.

The 10 Clan chief of Sky Gods League were undefeatable in Tiger Continent, but when they faced Qingfeng, they were like a bunch of weaklings.

The Spider Clan Chief initially wanted to use his realm to contain Qingfeng but his plan did not succeed.

"Qingfeng, so what if you managed to break my Spider Realm? I still have the Spider Sword, a formidable spiritual device. I can still kill you!" the Spider Clan Chief said insidiously as he pointed at Qingfeng with the sword.

"Since you want to fight with the sword, I will use my sword to kill you," Qingfeng said with a light smile. He was happy to grant the Spider Clan Chief's wish.


Qingfeng flicked his wrist as he drew his Red Fiery Sword. He raised it before his chest, and the sword seemed to shine in response.

"I'll even give you a chance to attack me once. Come," Qingfeng said proudly as he held the Red Fiery Sword.

Qingfeng's motive was to demolish the confidence of the ten big families. He wanted to let them know that they would only die if they fought him.

Give me a one strike advantage?

The Spider Clan Chief was furuios when he heard Qingfeng's words and his face turned livid. He was one of the ten Clan chiefs of the Sky Gods League and the famous Spider Clan Chief. He could not tolerate Qingfeng's disrespectful manner.

"Spider Sword Technique!" the Spider Clan Chief yelled as he used his strongest sword attack. The rage in his voice was a testament to the rage in his heart.

The Spider Sword technique was extremely powerful, conjuring sword energy and releasing it into a powerful attack.

Qingfeng remained unmoved until the Spider Clan Chief's sword was an inch from his neck. Then, he moved like a flash of lightning to dodge the attack.

"Red Fiery Silver Moon," Qingfeng muttered as the sword in his hands suddenly rushed out and formed a giant silvery moon. The moon burned like a star as it clashed towards the Spider Sword.


The flames of the Red Fiery Sword were the natural enemy of the Spider Sword and easily broke the Spider Sword into two. Then, it sucked out the sword energy from the Spider Sword.

"Hmm, a flicker of sword energy was absorbed from the Spider Sword?" Qingfeng looked on with amazement as he felt the sword energy inside Red Fiery Sword increase.

Spiritual devices all contained energy within. The more powerful the spiritual device, the more concentrated the amount of energy. It was the first time that the Red Fiery Sword had absorbed some energy from another sword.

Can my sword evolve too?

Perhaps the sword could evolve too. Qingfeng could feel that the Red Fiery Sword had become more powerful.

He knew that there were three seals within the Sword and he could only open the first seal right now. The sword energy absorbed from Spider Sword could be helpful to him in opening the other seals.

The Spider Clan Chief's mouth twitched when he saw that his spiritual device was ruined. He was furious, but his anger turned into glee when he saw that Qingfeng was distracted.

"You ruined my Spider Sword. Go and die!" the Spider Clan Chief said darkly as his hand turned into a spider claw. The claw was poisonous and shone with a black light as he clawed towards Qingfeng.

Qingfeng woke up from his pondering when he felt the whirlwind on the Spider Clan Chief. A flash of killing intent entered Qingfeng' eyes.

"You want to sneak attack me? You are courting death!" Qingfeng thought coldly.

Qingfeng's Red Fiery Sword had just absorbed some sword energy and had become stronger and sharper.

Qingfeng swung the sword containing terrifying power towards the Spider Clan Chief's head.


The Spider Clan Chief's head flew 10 meters into the air as blood gushed out of the head. The Spider Clan Chief's eyes were filled with fear as his mind faded.

The Spider Clan Chief was killed with a single strike of the sword.

Dead silence. At this moment, everyone was incredibly silent, looking at the battle with their mouths agape.

Qingfeng had first killed Gator Clan chief. Now, he had killed the Spider Clan Chief. No one was his match.

"Is this the power of the ten Clan Chiefs of the Sky Gods League? Too weak," Qingfeng said with a mocking smile.

Augustine's expression turned livid when he heard Qingfeng's words. Rage poured out of his eyes. The other 8 Clan Chiefs were also livid.

In the Tiger Continent, the Sky Gods League was high and mighty. The ten Clan Chiefs were super powerful and deeply respected by everyone, but now, they were looked down on and mocked by this youngster.

"Black Panther Clan Chief, Bobcat Clan Chief, Poison Snake Clan Chief, kill him!" Augustine said darkly as he ordered the three Clan chief to kill Qingfeng.

If one Clan Chief can't kill you, then I will send three Clan Chiefs. I don't believe that you can survive.

Just as Augustine's words sounded out, the Black Panther, Bobcat and Poison Snake Clan Chiefs walked forward.

Usually, each of the Clan Chiefs were powerful and respected figures, and only one was necessary to kill the enemy. They would never gang up against an enemy. This was the pride of a strong fighter.

But today was different. Qingfeng was too demonically strong and powerful.

In order to kill Qingfeng, the three arrogant Clan Chiefs put aside their pride to fight him together.

"Black Panther Realm."

"Bobcat Realm."

"Poison Snake Realm."

The three Clan Chiefs yelled as they released their realms. They were prepared to trap Qingfeng within the realm before killing him.

In their eyes, Qingfeng's fists and sword attacks were extremely powerful so they could not fight him close but they could attack Qingfeng from afar. Qingfeng would definitely be killed with three realms.

In the surrounding 200 meters, the vital essence of the Black Panther, Bobcat and Poison Snake Clan Chiefs were released and swarmed towards Qingfeng.