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Chapter 942: Going All the Way

Chapter 942: Going All the Way
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The Three Clan Chiefs released three different realms at the same time, attempting to trap and kill Qingfeng Li.

They thought that no matter how powerful he was, he would not be able to escape from the three realms.

Reality could be quite harsh sometimes though.

Qingfeng coldly smiled and yelled angrily, "Gravity Realm, Storm Realm, Inferno Realm!"

Within twenty meters, dark gravity, green storm, and red inferno realms were formed. These three were powerful realms of their respective elements and forces.

The Gravity Realm suppressed the Black Panther Realm, forcing the Panthers onto the ground with gravity while the Storm Realm suppressed the Bobcat Realm, cutting them into pieces with wind blades. Lastly, the Inferno Realm suppressed the Poison Snake Realm, burning the snakes to the ground.

Qingfeng Li's three realms suppressed the realms of the three Clan Chiefs, directly eliminating them realms within 20 meters.

Within a blink of time, the realms of all three Clan Chiefs were defeated.

The Clan Chiefs started coughing out blood and were severely injured.

A normal human couldn't release a realm, as only those who had reached the grandmaster level could because these power attacks were formed by the person's vital essence and essence blood.

Once you destroy an opponent's realm, their body would also take damage.

"You… know how to use three realms?" the Black Panther, Bobcat, and Poison Snake Clan Chiefs were in shock, becoming frightened.

As Clan Chiefs of the Sky Gods League, they knew the power of realms. Not only was strength needed to learn how to control realms, one also needed talent and perception. The more talented one was, the more realms one could release, and the more powerful they were.

In the Ancient Martial Art world, like most Higher Heaven masters and postnatal masters, they couldn't release realms. Only those who've reached the Grandmaster Level could. However, that's very rare.

Although grandmasters could use realms, most of them only had apperception of one realm. Only talented ones could use two realms, but these people were extremely rare.

Moreover, those who could use three realms were as rare as a national treasure panda. Every one of them only appeared once in a few hundred years.

At this moment, the three Clan Chiefs were so frightened and shocked by Qingfeng Li's talent, that they knew that if they didn't eliminate him, he would definitely become a powerful master.

On top of that, Qingfeng Li was from Huaxia. It would become extremely frustrating for those martial artists from the Tiger Continent.

"Kill him!" the three Clan Chiefs screamed angrily. They stopped caring about their wounds on their bodies as all they wanted was Qingfeng Li's death.

"You dare to attack with your injuries and wounds. Do you want to get yourself killed?" Qingfeng Li said with disdain.

Qingfeng Li strength as someone a half-step into the True Spirit Realm was invincible.

"Red Fiery Sword Technique," Qingfeng Li's Red Fiery Sword slashed through the air like a red bolt of lightning towards the three Clan Chiefs.

The Red Fiery Blade was so fast that it split air in half and pierced ten meters into the sky above.


The Black Panther Clan Chief's head went flying.


Then the Bobcat Clan Chief's head went flying.


And lastly, the Poison Snake Clan Chief's head went flying.

In the blink of an eye, all three Clan Chiefs faced their death. Their head separated from their bodies, and their blood turned the floor red. The wedding stage was suddenly filled with the smell of blood.


Everyone started backing up, and they looked at Qingfeng with horror. Some people could barely stand, some almost passed out, and some couldn't stop shaking.

The wedding party was supposed to be jolly and lively. However, it was like hell with floors full of blood and dead bodies, spreading a horrifyingly bloody smell in the air.

Qingfeng Li had stomped his enemies. He had killed the Gator Clan Chief and the Spider Clan Chief, and now he had killed three other Clan Chiefs. He had killed five Clan Chiefs in total already.

There were ten Clan Chiefs in total within the Sky Gods League, and he had killed half of them. Everyone was terrified as the allegiance had lost almost half of their power.

Only idiots still wouldn't have noticed that Qingfeng Li was a half-step into the True Spirit realm. Not to mention that he was invincible within the same realm, no one could defeat him.

There were many people at Augustine's wedding, some were friends and allies, and some were enemies, such as Poseidon from the Sea Gods Allegiance.

A touch of bliss flashed through Poseidon's eyes, full of appreciation.

"Dad, big brother is so strong!" Poseidon's cute little daughter said.

This little girl was the girl who Qingfeng Li saved during the medical competition. When the Gator Clan Chief started to attack Qingfeng Li, she asked her father to help. However, her father told her that there was no need.

She didn't believe it at first but after she saw what happened, she deeply believed in her father's words.

Normally kids would have fainted if they saw what happened, but this little girl was different.

As the princess of yjr Sea Gods Allegiance, she had been through many killings and conflicts. Many had died in front of her and had even bled on her face. Thus, she wasn't afraid anymore.

Alice's face was full of joy; she never would've imagined how strong Qingfeng Li was. He had become a lot stronger since she met him in Huaxia.

At first, Alice was worried whether Qingfeng Li could save her but after she saw how powerful he was, her fear and worries were long gone.

However, she started to worry again as Augustine started talking.

"Qingfeng Li, I got to say that you are very strong. Most people who are a half step into the True Spirit Realm aren't even close to how strong you are. Seems like I have to find you a worthy opponent. Lord Albron, are you – the Holy See, going to doing anything about this?" Augustine said to Albron with a gentle smile, who was hosting the wedding.

Albron's face started to look worried, with a bit of hesitation.

The Sky Gods League was an important ally and supporter of the Holy See. They hadcontributed many things each year, such as money, land, women, and followers.

At the moment, the Sky Gods League had lost five Clan Chiefs. Augustine didn't want any her losses to the allegiance, therefore he asked the Holy See for help.

As a super power of the Tiger Continent, the Holy See wasn't only terrifyingly influential, but also had countless powerful individuals stronger than the Clan Chiefs.

Albron hesitated for a moment and decided to step in because the Sky Gods League was too important for them.

Of course, Albron wasn't going to handle Qingfeng by himself, as he knew he wasn't as strong as he used to be. He definitely wouldn't stand a chance against Qingfeng now.

Albron needed to send in the peerless masters from the Holy See.