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Chapter 943: Captain of the Godly Knights

Chapter 943: Captain of the Godly Knights
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"Uranus, go kill Qingfeng Li," Albron smiled gently and ordered the knight behind him in black armor.

A black armored, almost two meters tall, knight emitting a powerful presence stepped out.

This man was no ordinary man. His name was Uranus and he was the captain of the Godly Knights. Also, he was one of the strongest martial art masters under the Pope.

The Holy See ruled the Tiger Continent not only by religion but also by force. At any time, military power was the most effective way to rule.

During a war, using force could physically eliminate enemies and suppress the populace.

Uranus was extremely powerful. A few days ago, he was trying to reach the early stage of True Spirit realm. Although he failed, he almost reached the True Spirit realm. Indeed, he could not be compared to any others who had only reached a half-step into the True Spirit realm.

There were strong and weak ones within those who've taken a half-step into the True Spirit realm, and Uranus was definitely the strongest out of all. Perhaps he could successfully reach the early stage of the True Spirit Realm a few days later.

"Such power," Qingfeng Li started to worry.

Qingfeng Li knew how powerful Uranus was. He was way stronger than the Clan Chiefs of the Sky Gods League and was definitely a peerless fighter.

When he thought about it, it made sense that only a powerful master could become the captain of the Godly Knights. Normal people would not be worthy enough.

Everyone from the Tiger Continent had seen how powerful Uranus was. When they heard Uranus was going to take care of Qingfeng by himself, everyone started to wonder.

"Oh my god! I couldn't believe the captain of the Godly Knight is going to take the matter into his own hands!"

"Yeah, I heard that usually they only protected the Pope, rarely getting involved in fights."

"I remember the last time the captain fought was to eradicate the Blood Clan's rebellion. He even killed the Prince of the Blood Clan!"

"Qingfeng Li is going to be so dead."

The people around discussed one after another, and their eyes were filled with shock.

Although Qingfeng's power had shocked everyone, the captain's strength was so famous amongst the people of the Tiger Continent that everyone was looking forward to seeing Qingfeng being annihilated.

In fact, Uranus wasn't only a captain of the Godly Knight, but also Catherine's fiancé, yet Qingfeng Li was a friend of Catherine.

At the moment, Catherine stepped out and said sadly, "Uranus, Qingfeng Li is my friend. I hope you can just let him go."

After Uranus heard what she said, he became miserable. He couldn't believe his fiancée just pled for Qingfeng Li.

"Catherine, you're also from the Tiger Continent. How could you plead for a guy from Huaxia?" Uranus's face was filled with misery and he said disappointingly.

If it were someone else who said that, Uranus would've slapped him already. However, it was his fiancée. He still had a heart inside him, more or less anyways.

"Uranus, I'm just going to say this one last time. Let him go, please," Catherine replied.

Catherine didn't have many friends, and Qingfeng Li was one of the few. She didn't want to see her fiancé fight her friend.

Suddenly, Augustine suddenly decided to speak, "Uranus, you are the captain of the Godly Knight. You have your dignity and honor, and listening to a women's word is an act unbefitting of your status."

Uranus agreed with that comment. Indeed, as the captain of the Godly Knight, he represented the Holy See. He understood that the dignity of a master should not be insulted.

"Catherine, I'm sorry," Uranus glanced at Catherine and walked towards Qingfeng Li.

It had to be said that Uranus really was a peerless master. The earth shakes along with every step he made, leaving footprints on the hard granite floors.

It is important to know that the reason why the ten Clan Chiefs did not leave any footprint on the floor was that the granite floor was paved by a specially refined meteorite.

It was obvious how powerful Uranus was compared to the ten Clan Chiefs just by looking at the footprints he left.

"Holy Fist of Light," Uranus released his punch. A bright light came from his right fist, just like the arrival of the holy spirits.

The Holy Fist of Light was a True Spirit level technique. It was part of the self-cultivation technique instead of the ancient martial cultivation technique, and it was extremely powerful.

During the war between the east and west in the past, countless Western self-cultivators had killed those from the east. They seized and modified the self-cultivation techniques of the East, creating the Holy Fist of Light technique you could see now.

As a spirit-level technique, the Holy Fist of Light was extremely powerful. Countless bright light sparkled in the air as the air was broken into pieces, and the punch contained invincible power.

Qingfeng Li deeply knew how powerful the punch was, and he felt threatened.

"Strangle Hell Fist," Qingfeng Li didn't dare to be careless. He filled his fist with vital essence and released all his power.

A giant black mountain was formed and collapsed with the bright Holy Fist of Light.

In 'Mortal Purgatory Body', the Strangle Hell Fist was part of the true spirit-level technique. However, Qingfeng only knew the first technique - 'One Punch' out of all. The Holy Fist of Light was at the same level. To see who would come out on top, it all depended on the amount of vital essence one had.

The clashing of the two punches made no sound. It was absolutely silent, which was even more shocking because as it meant the punches were so powerful that the blasts have surpassed sonic speed, therefore human ears weren't able to hear anything.

The only thing the crowd could see were two holes in the dimension, one appeared in black and the other appeared in white. The two powerful energies continued to spread.

After the absolute silence, there came an earthshaking blast.


The two punches exploded at the same time, countless black and white lights sparkled in the air. The meteorite granite floor cracked into pieces, dust and rocks went flying in all direction.

The gravels went flying at an extremely high speed. Some people got hit by the rocks and their blood splashed everywhere.

Qingfeng Li took a step back, yet Uranus remained still. Facing the absolute power, Qingfeng Li receded.

"He is strong." Qingfeng Li looked shocked.

This time, Qingfeng Li truly felt frightened. He could feel the power of first stage True Spirit realm from Uranus, although it was just a little bit.

Indeed Qingfeng Li was right. Uranus was trying to break through to the True Spirit realm and almost became a master of early stage True Spirit realm. Even though he failed, there was a great amount of vital essence left inside his body, which allowed him to use some power from the early stage of the True Spirit realm. Although the power was little, it was more than enough to defeat Qingfeng Li.

"Uranus, well done. Kill Qingfeng Li and I will ask the pope to reward you." Augustine smiled gently and said.

As the Pope's son, Augustine was extremely beloved. If he were to help Uranus, it would be a huge asset.