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Chapter 944: Defeating Uranus

Chapter 944: Defeating Uranus
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Uranus walked towards Qingfeng Li to pressure him. His Holy Fist of Light was extremely powerful and was able to force Qingfeng Li to fall back.

In the Wolf Continent, the Holy Fist of Light was an extremely powerful martial art. It was extremely oppressive and Uranus had even used it to beat many self-cultivators before.

The surrounding self-cultivators all backed off because they were scared to be wounded by the Holy Fist of Light.

Qingfeng Li was working his brain to think of a way to counter the Holy Fist of Light.

"I feel as if the Holy Fist of Light is the exact opposite of my Strangle Hell Fist," Qingfeng Li told himself.

Qingfeng Li felt that the vital essence released from the collision of the two fists was extremely familiar.

When one perfected the Strangle Hell Fist, he was able to repress the onslaught of hell, like the bane of all evil.

The Holy Fist of Light was the counter to evil as well, but the two's attack methods were different.

Below the holy heaven are the mountains and rivers, Qingfeng Li's mind suddenly reached an epiphany and grasped the second attack technique of Strangle Hell Fist: the Mountain Crushing Fist.


An enormous pressure emitted from Qingfeng Li. With the understanding of the second attack, his vital essence increased significantly. He was so close to achieving the early-stage True Spirit realm that all he needed was an enlightenment and an opportunity.

Qingfeng Li was able to learn the second attack from the Holy Fist of Light. He was now similar in strength with Uranus due to the increase in vital essence.

Qingfeng Li's biggest strength was that he was able to learn from others' strengths.

To be honest, Qingfeng Li had to thank Uranus. Because of him, Qingfeng Li was able to advance in his skills and become more powerful.

"You got stronger?" Uranus was surprised when he felt the growth in pressure from Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li wasn't as strong when they fought before, but he became as strong as Uranus in just mere moments. They were both one thread away from early-stage True Spirit realm.

"In appreciation of your help, I will beat you with one attack," Qingfeng Li smiled and said confidently.

Beat me with one attack?

Uranus was pissed because Qingfeng Li was humiliating him. It wasn't just humiliation towards Uranus, it was humiliation towards the holy church as well.

The crowds were quietly mocking Qingfeng Li, thinking that he was too arrogant. He wasn't even able to block Uranus's attacks just moments ago, but he was now saying that he would beat Uranus in one attack. Who would believe him?

It didn't matter what everyone else thought, Alice believed him because she knew how powerful Qingfeng Li was and he wouldn't boast.

"Holy Fist of Light," Uranus was pissed this time. He focused all his genius energy into his fist and formed a white light as he punched towards Qingfeng Li.

The light this time was much more powerful than last time. It melted everything it touched, radiating a powerful aura.

"Second fist, Mountain Crushing Fist," Qingfeng Li howled and immediately used his second attack; it carried an enormous power.

A faint flicker of a vast natural power appeared within the aura of his fists. It was a mountainous pressure, colliding heavily with the white light from the Holy Fist of Light.


This collision was much more explosive than last time. The white light was neutralized when it came into contact with the flicker of natural power.

Uranus's Holy Fist of Light was neutralized. He flew back and fell harshly onto the ground, blood coming out of his mouth.

Uranus was defeated with one attack and was heavily wounded, causing everyone to be surprised.

The people in the crowd all rubbed their eyes because they couldn't believe what had just happened, but then reality hit them.

"How is that possible, how did your power increase by so much after just one exchange?" Uranus couldn't believe what just happened.

Qingfeng Li smiled and didn't speak. The reason was that he the second attack of the Strangle Hell Fist with Uranus's help.

Qingfeng Li took out his Red Fiery Sword and swung it towards Uranus. He didn't aim for Uranus's head, but rather for his armor.

The armor was cut in half and fell onto the floor, but his body wasn't damaged.

"I won't kill you because of Catherine, but it won't be the same next time." Qingfeng Li looked at him coldly and walked away.

Uranus's face was green because he felt humiliated. Not only was he defeated, Qingfeng Li also spared his life; it was worse than being killed.

The Captain of Godly Knight was supposed to be powerful and reputable, but now he had to be protected by Catherine.

Qingfeng Li was going to kill him, but he spared his life because he remembered the help Catherine had given him over the years. After all, Uranus was Catherine's fiancé.

Everyone was looking at Qingfeng Li with shock and fear. Qingfeng Li was too strong, completely out of their imagination.

As Qingfeng Li walked, the crowd separated to the side. They feared that they might be killed if they offended him.

"Alice, let's go," Qingfeng Li came to Alice and held onto her hands.

"Okay," Alice nodded and was going to leave with Qingfeng Li.

Augustine felt that his body was smoking because of the rage. Today was his wedding, but his fiancée was being held by another man; no man would accept a situation like this.

"Qingfeng Li, Alice is my fiancé! How dare you do this?" Augustine asked coldly.

"I will say it again, Alice is my woman," Qingfeng Li said with a smile.

After he finished, Qingfeng Li kissed Alice's forehead.

Alice was the princess of the Tiger Continent's royalty. She was extremely pretty and was the same type as Ruyan Liu; she was everyone's goddess.

"Qingfeng Li is so arrogant, kissing Alice in front of everyone."

"Yea, she is Augustine's fiancé as well. I feel sorry for him."

"Sucks to be him. The news is probably going to spread through all of the Tiger Continent tomorrow."

The crowd was chatting and all looked at Qingfeng Li and Alice with envy.