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Chapter 945: The Champion of the Tiger Continent“s Ancient Martial Arts Competition

Chapter 945: The Champion of the Tiger Continent's Ancient Martial Arts Competition
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"Qingfeng Li, you are courting death!" Augustine yelled in anger.

Augustine was extremely pissed that his fiancé was kissed by another man in front of everyone. Everyone was looking at him as a joke.

His nose was steaming due to how pissed he was.

"I think you are the one that's courting death." Qingfeng Li released Alice and said plainly.

Qingfeng Li was only a sliver away from the early-stage of the True Spirit Realm, so he wasn't scared of Augustine, even if he was the Sky Gods League's young master.

Augustine walked towards Qingfeng Li; he wanted to kill him.His steps were extremely heavy and created holes in the marble floor. He was much more powerful than Uranus.

As the young master of the Sky Gods League, he was trained with self-cultivator techniques. He also practiced a physical cultivation technique called the Godly Physique, which made his body extremely powerful.

"The young master is going to fight him personally. Qingfeng Li is in trouble this time."

"Yep, Augustine is the most powerful person in his generation in the Wolf Continent. He has no opponents."

"I don't think so. Uranus said he could beat Qingfeng Li as well, but he was defeated by Qingfeng easily."

The crowd was chatting, but this time there were two groups of people. One group thought Augustine would win while the other thought that Qingfeng Li would win.

Augustine obtained first place in the Tiger Continent's Ancient Martial Arts Competition and was the strongest person in his generation within the Tiger Continent.

Qingfeng was the winner of the Dragon Continent's Ancient Martial Arts Competition and was the strongest in his generation within the Dragon Continent.

They were masters from the Tiger Continent and the Dragon Continent. Even though they didn't fight yet, the battle already became the focus of attention.

Some internet reporters took out their cameras and began reporting the situation right away. The videos became viral in the Tiger Continent as many people tuned in and began chatting about this fight.

The majority of the people watching were from the Tiger Continent and thus supported Augustine to win because they were from the same continent and shared a reputation. However, a small fraction of viewers were from the Dragon Continent and wanted Qingfeng Li to win because he represented the Dragon Continent and Huaxia.

The fight between Augustine and Qingfeng Li was no longer between the two of them, it was now between the two continents.

In the meantime, the Tiger Continent's Gambling King hosted a bet regarding who would win.

Augustine's ratio was 1.5 to 1 and Qingfeng Li's ratio was 10 to 1. One had to say, even a powerful force like the Gambling King League didn't think Qingfeng Li would win.

A lot of people participated in the bet. The majority of them betted Augustine to win.

In addition to the people on the Tiger Continent, more influential people in Huaxia were observing this fight as well. Higher-ups of Huaxia and Fengwu Cao were all watching this fight closely.

"Godly Fist," Augustine's right fist created a massive force made of vital essence and punched towards Qingfeng Li.

was a True Spirit realm technique and was extremely powerful. With one fist it could create a phantom form of an ancient giant; it was like a God came down to fight his opponents.

Qingfeng Li became serious because he felt a hint of danger in Augustine's attack. The vital essence giant contained an invincible energy within it, emanating an extremely powerful aura.

One had to say, Augustine was extremely powerful. He already reached the early-stage of the True Spirit realm and was no longer an ancient martial artist.

But Augustine only reached this stage yesterday, so his state wasn't stable yet. He wasn't as strong as the real early-stage True Spirit realm masters.

But he was still an early-stage True Spirit realm master; stronger than Qingfeng Li.

"Mountain-Crushing Fist!" Qingfeng Li immediately used his second attack because he felt threatened by Augustine.

The collision between the two fists were like meteorites colliding on Earth. The air exploded and was lit up in flames.


The sound it made was like the tsunami. Everything in the building was shaking and the furniture was broken into pieces by the energy created from the collision.

Not only that, the giant formed by the Godly Fist neutralized Qingfeng Li's Mountain-Crushing Fist with one swing, dissolving it into the air.

The giant was too powerful. With the force of 20 thousand kilos, it slapped Qingfeng Li and sent him flying.

Qingfeng Li flew back couple of meters. He landed and spitted out blood.

Qingfeng Li was wounded.

"F*ck, young master is wounded," Purple Bat Demon King rushed to Qingfeng Li.

The entire Wolf Fang Team, including Alice rushed towards Qingfeng Li as well. In their eyes the invincible Qingfeng Li was wounded.

"True Spirit Realm is indeed powerful," Qingfeng Li sighed. Even though Augustine only got to early-stage True Spirit Realm yesterday, he was already so powerful.

Augustine was born in the Sky Gods League and had abundant amounts of resources for him to train. Thus, he was able to reach Early-Stage True Spirit realm at such a young age.

Qingfeng Li was different. His parents went missing when he was young and he only studied weaker martial arts with his teacher. He only recently started studying ancient martial arts with the Elder Daoist and self-cultivating arts Dark Night Emperor.

Qingfeng Li's training time was a lot shorter than Augustine. If they were given the same amount of time to train, Qingfeng Li would definitely exceed Augustine. But there wasn't if, there was only the result.

With the appearance of Purple Bat Demon King, the Sky Gods League's Black Dragon Clan Chief walked out and blocked him.

Black Dragon Elder was a crucial elder of the Sky Gods League and was halfway into the True Spirit realm. With his right hand alone, he was able to block Purple Bat Demon King from helping Qingfeng Li.

Daoist, Bald Man, Death God, and Alice all wanted to help, but they were blocked by the other four clan chiefs.

The Sky Gods League had ten elders. Five were killed by Qingfeng Li and there were five more left. They were all extremely powerful, so Qingfeng Li's friends would not be able to reach him in short times.

"Qingfeng Li, let me see who else can save you. I will certainly kill you today," Augustine smirked and his face filled with murderous intent.