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Chapter 946: The Power of the Fire Dragon

Chapter 946: The Power of the Fire Dragon
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Qingfeng Li's face grew more tense. He knew Augustine was a powerful enemy because, as the number one martial artist in the Tiger Continent, his combat capabilities far exceeded those of the younger generation.

Of course, Qingfeng Li had his ultimate ability as well, the Fire Dragon Fist. It was an attack from the legendary Fire Dragon that could definitely kill Augustine.

But he couldn't use it because he would lose all the strength in his body afterwards and would be killed by the rest of the Sky Gods League.

Even though Purple Bat Demon King and the Wolf Fang Team were powerful, they wouldn't be able to beat the Sky Gods League.

Qingfeng Li crossed out the Fire Dragon Fist. The Strangle Hell Fist was able to contend with Augustine, but he lost too much vital essence from the fight before, so he couldn't release the full strength of the attack.

In terms of the Red Fiery Sword, he had to unlock the second seal. In order to do that, he had to achieve the early-stage True Spirit Realm.

To conclude, Qingfeng Li's biggest problem was his strength. If he were to reach the early-stage of the True Spirit realm, beating Augustine wouldn't be a problem.

"Godly Fist," Augustine punched out once again. He didn't allow any time for Qingfeng Li to recover.

Once again, it formed a shadow of a giant that was ten meters tall.

"Strangle Hell Fist," Qingfeng Li felt helpless and had to use his Strangle Hell Fist again because he couldn't use anything else.

The two shadows collided with each other once again and exploded with an enormous amount of energy.

Qingfeng Li took four steps back. Once again, he was beaten by Augustine and blood was coming out of his mouth.

"No wonder Augustine was the strongest in the Wolf Continent. He was able to force Qingfeng Li back with one punch," the crowd was chatting and all looked at Augustine with envy.

Augustine was too powerful and was able to form a ten-meter giant formed by vital essence.

Purple Bat Demon King and the Wolf Fang Team were worried. They all tried their best to beat their opponents in order to help Qingfeng Li out.

"Purple Bat bloodline." In order to help Qingfeng Li as soon as possible, Purple Bat Demon King activated his bloodline power instantly. It formed a huge purple bat phantom behind him.

The purple bat flew towards Elder Black Dragon.

"Fighting me with a bloodline power? How stupid are you?" Elder Black Dragon smirked.

As the most powerful elder, his bloodline power was the Black Dragon. He had a drop of essence blood from a legendary Black Dragon flowing through his veins.

"Black Dragon bloodline," Elder Black Dragon laughed confidently and released his bloodline power.

A huge Black Dragon formed behind him and released enormous pressure.

The Black Dragon was a godly beast in the west and repressed most evil beasts. Fortunately, the Purple Bat Demon King's bloodline power was the King of Bats and was able to resist the repression from the Black Dragon. All beast kings had their unique emperor-class force of repression.

The Black Dragon swung its tail towards the purple bat. The bat knew how powerful the attack was and dodged instantly, like a bolt of purple lightning.

If it was strength, the Black Dragon bloodline obviously had the strongest strength, but in terms of speed, the purple bat bloodline was a lot faster.

Apart from the phoenix, peacock, and kunpeng, nothing could surpass the Purple Bat bloodline in terms of speed.

"Devour the Black Dragon bloodline and you can reach the early-stage of the True Spirit realm," suddenly an cold and arrogant voice said to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li thought it was Dark Night Emperor, but then he realized Dark Night Emperor was sleeping and wouldn't wake up anytime soon.

The voice was from Qingfeng Li's Fire Dragon. It was the Black Dragon's bloodline that stimulated him.

"Elder Fire Dragon, the Black Dragon bloodline is too powerful. I don't think I can fully digest and engulf his powers," Qingfeng Li told the Fire Dragon his concerns.

If it was some weaker bloodline, Qingfeng Li could easily devour it, but this was the Black Dragon bloodline. Even though there was only a drop of essence blood, Qingfeng Li might not be able to fully devour it.

"I obviously know that you can't, but I can help you consume it. We will split the strength half and half," Fire Dragon said calmly.

Qingfeng Li stopped worrying, with Fire Dragon's help, devouring the Black Dragon would be a piece of cake.

At this moment, Augustine's fist punched again. Qingfeng Li acted that he could no longer defend it and let the punch land. His body flew towards Elder Black Dragon.

No one noted Qingfeng Li's plan. They all thought he was sent flying by Augustine like before.

Qingfeng Li's trick managed to fool everyone and he landed right under the Elder Black Dragon's bloodline shadow.

"Devourer bloodline," Qingfeng Li howled and he started to engulf the bloodline immediately.

A black whirlpool formed on top of Qingfeng Li. It was as black as the abyss and no one could see what was in it.

The whirlpool immediately sucked the shadow of the Black Dragon, but the shadow was too powerful and was even longer than the black vortex. Plus, the Black Dragon bloodline was the bloodline of a western ancient godly beast, embodying powerful strength. Thus it even tried to escape the suction.

Seeing how the shadow tried to escape, Qingfeng Li's expression changed and he quickly said in his mind, "Elder Fire Dragon, please attack now, or else it is going to run away."

A red light came out from Qingfeng Li's mind. It formed a Fire Dragon shadow that was burning in flames; it had enormous energy.


The Fire Dragon's shadow was extremely powerful and bit onto the neck of the Black Dragon's shadow. It engulfed half of the Black Dragon's body and digested it.

The Fire Dragon shadow was satisfied after it consumed half of the body of the Black Dragon. It dissolved into a stream red light and went back into Qingfeng Li's mind.

Fire Dragon's speed was extremely quick. Apart from Qingfeng Li, no one else saw what happened. They only saw a red light flash and half of the Black Dragon's bloodline was gone.