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Chapter 947: Breakthrough to the Genuine Realm

Chapter 947: Breakthrough to the Genuine Realm
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"Devour!" Qingfeng Li roared lowly, directly swallowing the remaining power of the Black Dragon bloodline.

Because half of the Black Dragon bloodline had already been eaten by the Fire Dragon, its other half simply couldn't escape. It was directly engulfed by Qingfeng Li's black vortex, turning it into his own energy.

As an ancient western mythical beast, the Black Dragon embodied an enormous energy, and was extremely powerful. After it was devoured by Qingfeng Li, it transformed into a powerful amount of vital essence and entered his body, traveling through his meridians, muscles, and finally into his lower abdomen.

Ther dantian, or the lower abdomen, is a place on the human body where energies and vital essences were stored and channeled. It is the place where the spirit nucleus existed.

Ancient martial artists can only gather vital essence, but self-cultivators have the ability to accumulate spirit nuclei, the solid form of vital essence.

For example, if vital essence was a gas, then a spirit nucleus was a solid. It concentrated genuine energies into a solid which embodies an even greater power, also increasing its release speed when used in an attack.

An unmeasurable amount of green energy began to churn in Qingfeng Li's dantian, rotating, and condensing into a green spirit nucleus. The size of the nucleus began as a mere pinhead, but slowly became larger. It then grew into the size of a rice grain, then a soybean, then a coin, and then an egg.

Finally, an egg-sized spirit nucleus formed in Qingfeng Li's lower abdomen. The spirit nucleus was solid, surrounded by a cloud of green energy, and releasing an enormous energy wave.


A surge of energy exuded from Qingfeng Li's body, piercing the heavens, and shaking the world.

"I've reached the early-stage of the True Spirit Realm," Qingfeng Li said excitedly, feeling the spirit nucleus and his his increased arm strength.

A break through to the early-stage of the True Spirit Realm meant that Qingfeng Li's Strangle Hell Fist became even more powerful. Also, Qingfeng Li was now able to undo the second layer of the seal on his Red Fiery Sword.


With half of his bloodline devoured by Qingfeng Li, the Black Dragon Clan chief's essence blood was irreversibly damaged. He spewed out a huge gush of blood, his spirit was now like a flaccid balloon.

The Purple Bat Demon King wasn't about to lose this opportunity. He took advantage of the Black Dragon Clan chief's moment of weakness, instantly arriving before him at the speed of light, directly grabbing towards his heart.


The Black Dragon Clan chief was too weak to react. His heart was clawed to pieces by Purple Bat Demon King. With fear in his eyes, his body fell to the ground heavily and he died after a short moment.

"Purple Bat Demon King, not bad," Qingfeng Li praised, smiling towards the Purple Bat Demon King.

Purple Bat Demon King giggled in delight, embarrassed by Qingfeng Li's words. Being praised by Qingfeng Li made him very happy.

Of course, what delighted him the most was that he had actually killed the Black Dragon Clan chief. For him, it was a challenge.

The Black Dragon Clan chief was one of the most powerful Clan Chiefs within the ten great clans of the Sky Gods League. Now that he's dead, the Sky Gods League would suffer a huge blow.

Sure enough, Augustine was enraged by the sight of a dead Black Dragon Clan chief. He roared, "F*cking bat, I'm going to rip you apart!"

Augustine waved out his right fist, turning it into a ten-meter long giant shadow, and punched it directly towards Purple Bat Demon King. He wanted to smash the bastard bat into pieces.

Seeing this, Qingfeng Li rushed towards Augustine. Purple Bat Demon King was no match for Augustine.

"Strangle Hell Fist, Mountain Crushing Fist." Qingfeng Li roared as he released Strangle Hell Fist once more, turning it into a ten-meter long mountain shadow.

Now that he entered the early-stage of the True Spirit realm, his body contained an enormous amount of vital essence. His Strangle Hell fist was now much stronger than before.

The mountain shadow of the Strangle Hell Fist clashed against the giant shadow of Augustine's Godly Fist, creating a deafening blow.

The huge amount of energy shattered the air, creating a ten-meter long black hole. The black hole spread in all directions, lifting up the meteorite granite ground, shattering it into pieces.

Deng deng deng deng!!!!

This time, Qingfeng Li remained unmoved. Instead, it was Augustine who retreated from the collision. He opened his mouth and puked out a gush of fresh blood.

"What? Young Master Augustine's injured?"

"How is this possible? Augustine just defeated Qingfeng Li, how is he now losing to Qingfeng Li?"

"Didn't you see? Qingfeng Li's more powerful now. I'm afraid he had just reached the early-stage of the True Spirit realm."

People around were all looking at Qingfeng Li with eyes of shock. The smarter ones had already guessed his breakthrough to the True Spirit realm.

Augustine was enraged, obviously caught off guard by Qingfeng Li's sudden increase in strength. He was humiliated by his loss in their exchange.

"You've reached the early-stage of the True Spirit realm?!" Augustine asked coldly.

As the Young Master of the Sky Gods League, Augustine had been practicing martial arts, taking spirit herbs and drinking elixirs since he was a small child. Even so, he had only reached the early-stage of the True Spirit realm yesterday.

But Qingfeng Li? Both his time in the practice of ancient martial arts and his time in self-cultivation were not long. He also hadn't ingested many spirit herbs or elixirs. However, he had already reached the True Spirit realm today, and even while battling Augustine as well. This greatly angered Augustine.

"Augustine, I have to thank your Sky Gods League for my breakthrough. If it wasn't for the Black Dragon Clan chief, I wouldn't have reached a breakthrough this fast. It's too bad he's dead, I would have treated him to a nice meal as a thank you," Qingfeng Li said, mockingly.

Qingfeng Li was actually being truthful. His had only reached his breakthrough due to the ingestion of the Black Dragon Clan Chief's Black Dragon bloodline. It gave him a surge in power, sending him to a breakthrough.

Through his own strength, Qingfeng Li would've needed a long time for accumulating vital essence in order to reach a breakthrough. With the Black Dragon bloodline, however, he reached his breakthrough immediately.


Hearing Qingfeng Li's words, Augustine spewed out blood from sheer anger. He was originally stronger than Qingfeng Li, and was supposed to defeat him. However, thanks to the Black Dragon Clan chief, Qingfeng Li had gotten much stronger and now they were even.

Augustine knew about Qingfeng Li's incredible Strangle Hell Fist. In its final stages, the Strangle Hell Fist was known to suppress hell. Augustine was no match for Qingfeng Li when it came to sheer physical strength.

"Qingfeng Li, I guess it's time for me to use my final trick," Augustine sneered chillingly, his voice carried a hint of murderous intent.

Augustine's face was solemn, his hands came together as he prayed, "I am the Pope's godson. Please send down the Spear of Light and give me strength."

Following his Holy See spell, a white spear flew out from the depth of the cathedral, landing directly into his hands.

The white spear was about three meters long, as think as a baby's arm. It was silver white all over, its body engraved with intricate patterns. The head of the spear was sharp as can be, emitting a chillingly cold light.

A huge gush of energy emitted from the Spear of Light, exploding the surrounding air and creating numerous black holes.