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Chapter 948: Spear of Light

Chapter 948: Spear of Light
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The Spear of Light was one of the Holy See's most important spiritual devices. It was previously used by the Pope himself, and later bestowed upon Augustine.

It was by virtue of the Spear of the Light that Augustine was able to easily sweep through the entire Tiger Continent, conquering countless masters.

With the Spear of the Light in his hand, Augustine looked like an ancient god of war. His entire body exuded a powerful energy, piercing the skies and was incredibly daunting. The weaker folks in the crowd were completely mortified, shivering in their shell.

Qingfeng Li was stunned by the immense energy exuded from the Spear of Light. It wasn't the kind of energy exuded by an upper-grade spiritual device. It was something even more powerful, something even more terrific.

"The Spear of Light belongs to the Pope! How did it land in Augustine's hands? Qingfeng Li is done for."

"Yeah, in the entire Tiger Continent, the Spear of Light is a supreme spiritual device, and is incredibly powerful, comparable to a small missile."

"I heard that previously, some nation fired a small missile, and it was completely shredded to pieces by a single stab of the Spear of Light."

The people around all looked at the Spear of Light with eyes of admiration and envy. They were all familiar with this powerful spiritual device.

As the royal princess, Alice also knew of its powers. She looked distressed, worried that Qingfeng Li would get hurt.


Augustine let out a low roar, instantly pulling out the Spear of Light with his right hand and creating a hole in the air, piercing towards Qingfeng Li with violent energies.

The power of the spear was too violent, forcefully pushing all the air in its path and creating a black cylindrical vortex in the atmosphere.

"Red Fiery Silver Moon." Qingfeng Li let out a low roar, releasing the Red Fiery Silver Moon. It was one of the most powerful attacks of the Red Fiery Sword.

A huge red fiery silver moon appeared, colliding with the Spear of Light violently, and making the whole building tremble.


Qingfeng Li felt a gigantic energy coming from the Spear of Light, unstoppable like a meteorite hitting the earth, sending his body flying.

Not only Qingfeng Li's body, the Fiery Red Sword also issued a sharp screech. It suffered a great deal of damage and even its red light had dimmed.

"Earthly spiritual device? Your Spear of Light is an Earthly spiritual device?" Qingfeng Li asked, stunned.

The Red Fiery Sword was no more than an upper-grade spiritual device even after the removal of its first seal. However, the Spear of Light was an Earthly spiritual device, a much stronger presence than any upper-grade spiritual device.

"Qingfeng Li, you know a lot, I'll give you that. I am the godson of the Pope. It was he who bestowed upon me this Earthly spiritual device. Today, you must die," with the Spear of Light in his hand, Augustine looked divine, his face proud.

Shit, he actually has an Earthly spiritual device. Qingfeng Li felt extremely irritated.

Qingfeng Li was now in the early-stage of the True Spirit realm, equal in power to Augustine. If it was a pure battle of strength, he had same-realm invincibility and would naturally defeat Augustine.

But Augustine was no fool. He naturally wouldn't attack Qingfeng Li with his physical body. Instead, he attacked using his Spear of Light.

Other than Augustine, none of the people around had an Earthly spiritual device. This gave him a feeling of invincibility.

"Kid, if I'm not wrong, you've only undone one of the three-layer seal on your Red Fiery Sword. If you can unseal the second layer, the Red Fiery Sword will also become an Earthly spiritual device," the Fire Dragon's voice sounded again in Qingfeng Li's mind.

Qingfeng Li was delighted at the words of the Fire Dragon. He suddenly remembered that his Red Fiery Sword was sealed. As long as he entered into the early-stage of the True Spirit realm, he could peel off the second layer of the seal, turning it into an Earthly spiritual device.

At the thought of this, Qingfeng Li smiled. It was the kind of happiness he felt after he peeled off the first layer of the seal.

"Qingfeng Li, what's so funny? How can you laugh when you're about to die?" Augustine looked at the smiling Qingfeng Li, becoming irritated because he felt he was being ridiculed.

"Augustine, you think you can kill me? You're too naive." Qingfeng Li shook his head, his face full of contempt.

Qingfeng Li ignored Augustine, focusing all of his spiritual energy into the Red Fiery Sword in order to undo the second layer of the seal.

The inside of the Red Fiery Sword contained a layer of mysterious dimension covered by a total of three seals. Qingfeng Li had already unsealed the first layer previously, so all he had to do now was unseal the second layer.

After Qingfeng Li reached the True Spirit realm, his spiritual energy had also surged, it was now twice as powerful as before.

His spiritual energy entered into the depth of the Red Fiery Sword and discovered a red volcanic pattern. This volcanic pattern was none other than the second layer of the seal, strong as can be.

Qingfeng Li attacked the second layer of the volcanic seal relentlessly using his spiritual energy, weakening it gradually. Eventually, the volcanic seal began to crack.

Along with his relentless attacks, the cracks expanded and multiplied, finally covering the entire seal.


With a loud booming sound, the second seal of the Red Fiery Sword blew open, shattering into nothingness. A ray of twenty-meter long sword energy surged across the skies, piercing through the heavens.

Upper-grade spiritual devices had ten-meter long sword energies, but Earthly spiritual devices possessed twenty-meter long sword energies. The higher its spiritual level, the longer its sword energy, and also the greater its attack power.

Along with the uncovering of the second seal, a sword technique book suddenly appeared in Qingfeng Li's mind. Its name was the Volcanic Sword Technique, and it was an Earthly self-cultivation technique.

Just as the name implies, the Volcanic Sword Technique was a set of earth element sword techniques. It was at a higher level than the Red Fiery Sword Technique, and was much more powerful.

The Volcanic Sword Technique contained four sword techniques: Volcanic Condensation, Volcanic Tumble, Volcanic Explosion, and Volcanic Evaporation.

Qingfeng Li was very clever and highly talented. With his additional background in the Red Fiery Sword Techniques, he only needed a short moment before learning the first technique, Volcanic Condensation. But it was just the beginning, he still needed practice and to use it in real situations.

"Sh*t, did you actually learn a sword technique when we were battling?" Augustine was now raging, his eyes spewing fire.

During their first exchange, Qingfeng Li had swallowed the Black Dragon Patriarch's bloodline and reached the early-stage of the True Spirit realm. And now, Qingfeng Li actually tried to learn a sword technique during their battle.

This was utter humiliation. Augustine's lungs were about to explode from rage.

Augustine felt completely ridiculed. Battles were very deadly, and fighters are supposed completely concentrate on their enemies as one misstep would lead to their death. But Qingfeng Li had actually used this time to reach a breakthrough?!

"The Spear of Light, Thorn of Light!" Augustine exuded a deadly energy, lashing out the long spear with his right hand. Its sharpness pierced through all the air and obstacles in its way, directly towards Qingfeng Li's heart. He wanted the bastard dead.