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Chapter 949: Volcanic Sword Technique

Chapter 949: Volcanic Sword Technique
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Watching Augustine's long spear that was shot towards him, Qingfeng Li simply sneered, without any reaction.

Qingfeng Li had already uncovered the second seal on his Red Fiery Sword, and he had also learned the first attack, Volcanic Condensation, of the Volcanic Sword Technique.

The Volcanic Sword Technique was a technique more powerful than the Spear of Light. It embodied an incredible amount of sword energy, a full twenty-meters long.

"Volcanic Condensation." Qingfeng Li followed the techniques in his mind, reaching out his right hand, striking his longsword forward as if it was a flying celestial being. The enormous fire style vital essence condensed into a gigantic volcano. Its twenty-meter long sword energy cut through the skies, crossing the atmosphere.

The volcano was extremely big, a full twenty-meters in size. It emitted a torrid heat, more than twice as hot and powerful as the heat released by the Red Fiery Sword Technique.


The Spear of Light collided with the gigantic volcano, creating a deafening blow, as if a volcano had erupted. A huge gush of energy condensed, spreading in all directions and crushing everything in its path to pieces. The ground became filled with holes, as if it had been struck by numerous meteors.

As for the wedding venue, the chairs, the tables, the plates, the chandeliers, everything exploded, leaving nothing intact.

The surrounding crowd all retreated. The people who were closer to the collision who had no time to react were all hit by the waves of energy released, ending up fainting and coughing up blood. They were clearly heavily wounded.

Everyone was shocked by the incredible energy created by the collision, watching as if they were witnessing hell. It was absolutely terrifying, shaking them to their cores.

Deng deng!!

Augustine retreated back a few steps, feeling the Spear of Light trembling in his right hand. There was a trace of blood bursting from his mouth. He looked horrible. He was defeated.

"How is this possible? How can Augustine lose with the Spear of Light in his hand?"

"Yeah! The Spear of Light is an important spiritual device belonging to the Holy See. It embodies holy energy so how can it lose to Qingfeng Li?"

"Qingfeng Li's sword must have grown stronger than before. It's shocking."

Everyone began to talk, with astonishment in their eyes.

Augustine was the number one master in all of the Tiger Continent's younger generation and, he had the Pope's Spear of Light.

The fact that he still lost to Qingfeng Li was unbelievable to everyone watching.

After all, in the Tiger Continent, Augustine was idolized by many. To them, he was as powerful as the Greek god of war Ares himself.

The battle between Qingfeng Li and Augustine wasn't just about their own reputations, but also the reputation of their continents, the Tiger Continent, and the Dragon Continent.

The Tiger Continent and the Dragon Continent had always been rivals. They've battled many times. A thousand years ago, the major forces of the Tiger Continent once formed an expeditionary army which ransacked the eastern world, killing many of their self-cultivators, looting many of their self-cultivation techniques, establishing a deep hatred between the two worlds.

The ancient martialists and self-cultivators of the Dragon Continent had always been suppressed by the Tiger Continent. Now that Qingfeng Li had defeated Augustine in their exchange, he had brought great honor for all of the Dragon Continent.

"Let's go again." Although he was bleeding, Augustine was not convinced. He couldn't believe he had lost to an annoying guy like Qingfeng Li.

"Oh, great Pope, please give me the strength. I want to kill this annoying man from Huaxia." Augustine prayed towards his long spear for the strength of the Pope.

As if sensing his faith, the Spear of Light suddenly emitted a ray of white light that entered the depth of its body, releasing an even more horrifying aura than before.

Augustine held the Spear of Light and shot it directly at Qingfeng Li once again. The entire atmosphere turned into an ocean of white, covered by a white light, looking particularly frightening.

As the spear struck, the world became silent. It turned into a white light, as if a descending angel, but with the embodiment of the deadliest air.

Although the Spear of Light had gotten stronger, more murderous than before, Qingfeng Li was still calm, without a trace of fear. He knew that, with the unlocking of its second seal, the Fiery Red Sword had already become an Earthly spiritual device. The Spear of Light posed him no threat.

"Volcanic Condensation." Qingfeng Li had only learnt the first technique of the Volcanic Sword Technique. So, he attacked with the same technique once more.

As the saying goes, one trick is all you need as long as it's effective. The Volcanic Sword Technique was an Earthly self-cultivation sword technique, possessing incredible powers. Although he had only used its first technique, the sword energy was still as monstrous as can be.

A gigantic volcano formed through condensation, emitting a torrid energy, as if it were releasing molten, crashing onto the Spear of Light with an unmatched powerful force.


Augustine's body was once again sent flying, wounding him even more heavily than before that even the spear in his hand also flew outwards. His body crashed into the wall heavily, knocking out a man-shaped large hole. He then fell to the ground, his wedding suit completely shredded to pieces.

The Volcanic Sword Technique had a special ability. It had the ability to counterattack with a stronger power than its attacker. Basically, as the power of the Spear of Light increased, the counterattack power from the Volcanic Sword Technique also increased.

As Augustine attacked with a stronger power, he was counterattacked with an even greater force, directly sending him flying by Qingfeng Li's sword.


Augustine opened his mouth and spewed out a huge gush of fresh blood. His spirit was broken, his body suffering huge injuries.

The Tiger Continent's number one ancient martialist, Augustine-----defeated.

Qingfeng Li quickly jumped into the air using the palm of his feet, arriving before Augustine instantly.


Qingfeng Li pointed his sword on Augustine's neck, and coldly said, "You've been defeated. The same day next year will be your death anniversary."

Augustine's face flushed pale, his eyes grew weary. He was fearful in the face of death.

Qingfeng Li waved his longsword, but just as he prepared to kill Augustine, a white ray of light shot towards him, carrying a powerful force. It shot Qingfeng Li's blade directly towards the side, saving Augustine.

"Who dares to kill my son. You must die." A middle-aged man in grey suddenly appeared.

The middle-aged man was very handsome, but he was aged, about forty years old. He looked a lot like Augustine.

This middle-aged man was none other than Augustus, the Lord of the Sky Gods League, also known as the true god of the Sky Gods League. He possessed unimaginable powers.

Augustus unleashed an unparalleled amount of energy, much stronger than Qingfeng Li, shocking the latter to his core.

"Father, you've come out of seclusion. That's fantastic. Today is my wedding. Qingfeng Li not only came to steal Alice away, he also killed five of the ten great Clan Chiefs. Now he even wants to kill me. Father, you have to kill him." Seeing his father, Augustine was delighted.

Augustus was practicing in seclusion recently. He was in the mid-stage of the True Spirit realm but after the seclusion, he had reached the late-stage of the True Spirit realm. He was now extremely powerful.

"Qingfeng Li, you dare to crash my son's wedding and you dare to attack him? Today I will rip out your tendons and peel off your skin." Augustus roared, his entire body exuding a murderous air.