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Chapter 950: A Death Sentence for Qingfeng Li

Chapter 950: A Death Sentence for Qingfeng Li
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"I don't think you're strong enough to rip out my tendons," Qingfeng Li smiled lightly, arrogant as always.

Augustine wasn't even his match, so naturally, Qingfeng Li wasn't afraid of Augustus either.

In the next moment, however, Qingfeng Li stopped smiling. He felt cold throughout his entire body.


Augustus released a powerful energy from his body, similar to a territorial power, but it was fundamentally more like mental coercion.

A white light emitted from Augustus's body, surrounding and trapping Qingfeng Li.

Trapped in the white light veil, Qingfeng Li couldn't move his body, not even a little bit.

At this moment, it was as if Qingfeng Li had traveled back to the time when he was still Higher Heaven Realm. He remembered clearly, during the fight in the Battle Arena of the underworld, he was a master of the Higher Heaven Realm. After he met Cardinal Albron, the latter used his Grandmaster level territorial power and restrained Qingfeng Li's body.

During that time, it was Wushuang Nie, the Sword King, who appeared and rescued Qingfeng Li. This time, the Sword King wasn't here, so who's going to save him?

In the late-stage of the True Spirit realm, the master can unleash a spiritual light veil, suppressing the bodies of anyone that's lower ranked. Unless Qingfeng Li could reach the late-stage True Spirit realm, he would be vulnerable to suppression by Augustus.

Seeing Qingfeng Li trapped in the spiritual light veil, both Purple Bat Demon King and Wolf Fang Team came to his rescue. However, with one powerful wave of Augustus's right hand, they were all sent flying, spewing out blood.

Too powerful, as the Lord of the Sky Gods League, Augustus was indeed too powerful. Purple Bat Demon King and the Wolf Fang Team couldn't help at all, as they were much too weak.

"Father, please help out the older brother," the little girl said to Poseidon worriedly.

Poseidon furrowed his brows and said, "Helen, if I attack, then it will start a war between the Sea Gods Allegiance and the Sky Gods League."

The little girl named Helen was very worried. She said lightly, "Father, the older brother saved my life, please help him."

Poseidon sighed, he knew that the girl was right. In the past, when he had escaped to Huaxia, it was Qingfeng Li who saved his daughter's life from being hunted by his younger brother.

At the thought of this, Poseidon stood up and said, "Augustus, could you do me a favor and let Qingfeng Li go?"

Qingfeng Li was surprised, he never imagined in a million years that a person from the Tiger Continent would actually help him.

Qingfeng Li took a careful look and recognized the man as the father of the little he had previously saved in Eastern Sea City. He was too busy fighting the ten great Clan Chiefs and Augustine and didn't even notice the middle-aged man's existence.

Augustus furrowed his brows. Clearly, he didn't expect the Lord of the Sea Gods Allegiance to plead for Qingfeng Li.

"Poseidon, our Sky Gods League and your Sea Gods Allegiance have always been enemies. Why would I agree to your request?" Augustus smiled lightly, his face full of arrogance.

In the Tiger Continent, both the Sky Gods League and the Sea Gods Allegiance were giants, as they were superpowers.

Zeus, the head of the twelve gods of Olympus, the supreme ruler of the world, also known as the father of all that's divine, was the king of gods.

Augustus was the descendant of Zeus, the king of gods. Of course, no one could verify their relationship, as only he himself had claimed it.

As for Poseidon, he was just as famous. He was the god of the sea, the highest dominion of the waters. Legend has it that he was Zeus' older brother. His weapon of choice was the trident and his mount was the golden chariot.

Although Poseidon was Zeus' older brother, the two didn't get along. One was the ruler of the lands, and the other was the ruler of the seas. Both wanted to rule over the entire planet. There was a continuous strife between the two.

As the Lord of the Sea Gods Allegiance, he was known as the descendant of 'Poseidon', the god of the seas, so naturally, the two allegiances were always battling one another.

Poseidon asked Augustus for Qingfeng Li's release, but was rejected. This angered him greatly, it was like a slap to his face.

"If that is the case, why don't you show me just how powerful you are?" Poseidon smiled coldly, stepping forward.


A massive power emitted from Poseidon's body, the kind of energy from late-stage True Spirit Realm, identical to Augustus.


Poseidon shot out a ray of blue light, its color as blue as the ocean. It transformed into a blue spiritual light veil, dashing towards Augustus.

If the blue spiritual light veil managed to break the white spiritual light veil, Qingfeng Li would be saved.

Just then, however, an old voice sounded, "Qingfeng Li wounded my godson. He must die today."

The voice came suddenly, as if out of thin air, shocking everyone.

Everyone looked up. They saw a vital essence shadow at the top of the Notre-Dame de Paris. The shadow was a self-cultivation avatar, only made possible by the spiritual energies of the utmost powerful self-cultivators.

The avatar was an old man, his hair and beard white, face aged but his eyes were bright like the stars in the sky, emitting a bright light, daunting as can be.

The avatar wore a Holy See crown on his head. He held a golden staff in his hand as he stood in mid-air at the top of the cathedral, overlooking the crowd below.

At the sight of the old man avatar, every member of the Holy See, as well as anyone who was religious was completely shocked. With a thud, they all immediately kneeled to the ground.

"All-mighty Pope!" Albron, the Red Cloaked Cardinal was the first to kneel and kowtow, looking pious and respectful.

The avatar was of Pope Beirut of the Holy See, the most powerful man in the Tiger Continent and more influential than many presidents.

At the sight of the Pope, Poseidon was completely shocked. He never imagined seeing the great man appear.

Last year, Pope Beirut entered into seclusion for practice and he was to be undisturbed. His seclusions usually lasted at least two years, and up to three or five years but now, less than a year later, he actually appeared!

Of course, the shadow in mid-air wasn't Beirut's actual body, it was just his avatar.

Even Augustus and Poseidon, two late-stagers of the True Spirit realm couldn't create avatars of their bodies, but Pope Beirut could. Clearly, Beirut was even more powerful than those two.

At this moment, everyone thought that Qingfeng Li was dead for sure, because the Pope, the most powerful man in all of the continent had appeared.

The Pope had absolute power across the Tiger Continent. He could kill whoever he wanted to kill.

"Qingfeng Li, you stole my godson Augustine's bride, and you killed half of the ten great Clan Chiefs of the Sky Gods League. As the Pope of the Tiger Continent, I sentence you to death." Beirut said coldly, as he looked down upon Qingfeng Li, with the golden staff in his hand.

"Who dares to sentence my son to death? Do you want to die? I'm going to twist off your head and use it as a soccer ball," Just then, an arrogant voice sounded from outside.