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Chapter 952: God“s Oracle

Chapter 952: God's Oracle
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"The Great Conqueror is indeed Huaxia's god of war. He's seriously too powerful. Augustus is no match for him at all."

"Yeah, I've only heard about his capabilities before, but I never imagined he would be this powerful."

"Who's going to win between the Pope and the Great Conqueror?"

"I'm not sure, the Pope is number one in the Tiger Continent and the Great Conqueror is the strongest in Huaxia. Both are supreme masters, so it really is a toss-up between the two."

Everyone began discussing quietly.

The Great Conqueror's entrance was too domineering and too powerful, to the point where even people from the Tiger Continent doubted the Pope.

Augustus was defeated by a single word. His face was both pale and red. The paleness was due to his injuries, and the redness was from his humiliation.

After all, Augustus was the Lord of the Sky Gods League. He had ruled over the Tiger Continent for hundreds of years, defeating countless enemies. What's more, was the fact that during a thousand years ago, it was his ancestors who led the western expeditionary army into Huaxia, robbing the nation of their martial techniques and treasures.

As far as he's concerned, the people of Huaxia were all weaklings, cowards. Now that he was wounded by 'a coward', he was utterly humiliated.

Seeing Augustus prepare to attack again, the Pope spoke, "Stop, you're no match for the Great Conqueror. Leave him to me."

Hearing these words, Augustus halted unwillingly. He knew that the Pope was right. His spiritual light veil was crushed by a single gaze of the Great Conqueror and he was forced to retreat by the Great Conqueror's single word. He was no match for this kind of power, he could only leave it to the Pope.

"Great Conqueror, I had heard fifteen years ago that you were Huaxia's number one fighter. Too bad you disappeared into the Forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain. Show me just how powerful you are," the Pope said calmly, standing in mid-air.

As the Pope, he had many tricks up his sleeve. Although the Great Conqueror was very powerful, he wasn't afraid.

"Old bastard, are you the one sentencing my son to death? Who do you think you are," the Great Conqueror said coldly, a face full of contempt.

His words infuriated the Pope. As the Pope of the Holy See, he was rarely angered, but this time, he was truly pissed.

Damn Conqueror, how dare he call me an old bastard in front of everyone. He's insulting the role of the Pope.

"Staff of Light," the Pope let out a low growl, waving out the golden staff in his hand. It turned into a golden ray of light, striking directly towards the Great Conqueror.

The golden light was extremely powerful, directly piercing the air, forming a huge crack, carrying an air of destruction.

"Conqueror's Finger," without moving, the Great Conqueror lifted his right index finger and shot out a ray of red light, clashing towards the golden ray of light from the Staff of Light.

Ka-boom Ka-boom!

As if the entire world had shattered, a tremendous crashing sound resonated throughout the entire cathedral. Everything in its vicinity had disappeared, and even a few of the church clergies vanished into thin air.

The gush of energy was too powerful and was completely irresistible. Finally, it rushed into the sky, creating a large hole in the roof of the cathedral. Luckily it didn't travel horizontally, or else many more would have died.

At the sight of this horrific scene, everyone was completely stunned. The Fuck?! Is this even human? This was as powerful as a missile. With a flash of golden light, everything was destroyed.

The Conqueror's Finger was the Great Conqueror's heavenly level self-cultivation technique. Incredibly powerful, unrivalled.

Deng deng!!

The Pope's avatar took a few steps back in mid-air. Its face flushed pale, its body shaking, almost disappearing.

"What?! Did the Pope just lose to the Great Conqueror?"

"But he's the Pope of the Holy See, how can he lose to the Great Conqueror?"

"The Great Conqueror's too powerful, he didn't even give it his all."

Everyone around was completely stunned, the sight they had just witnessed was too much for their brains. They've been shocked too many times in one day.

Previously, they thought that the ten great Clan Chiefs were the most powerful in the world, but with the appearance of Qingfeng Li, five of them died. They then thought that Qingfeng Li was the most powerful, but then he was restrained by Augustus' single attack. They later deemed Augustus as the most powerful, but afterwards, with the appearance of the Great Conqueror, Augustus was forced to retreat by the latter's single word. And now? The Great Conqueror even defeated the Pope. Just how strong was the Great Conqueror?

No wonder Qingfeng Li was so arrogant, having the balls to steal away the bride of Augustine in front of all the greatest masters in the Tiger Continent. Turns out he had a ridiculously powerful father.

"Heavenly Spirit realm master, you're a Heavenly Spirit realm master?" The Pope was stunned.

Self-cultivation realms were usually divided: True Spirit realm, Earthly Spirit realm, Heavenly Spirit realm, Foundation realm, Golden Core realm, and Nascent Soul realm.

The Pope himself was a peak-tier master of the Earthly Spirit realm, he was no match for a Heavenly Spirit realm master like the Great Conqueror.

"Old bastard, you have a keen eye, I'll give you that." The Great Conqueror smiled proudly, directly calling the other 'old bastard'.

Everyone was dumbfounded, as this was the second time he had called the Pope 'old bastard'. He was the Pope! Only someone as unrivalled as the Great Conqueror had the guts to call him that.

"Conqueror, do you that I cannot defeat you simply because you are a Heavenly Spirit realm master? How naive." The Pope huffed coldly, eyes full of contempt.

Yes, the Great Conqueror was indeed powerful, and he was indeed a master of the Heavenly Spirit realm, more powerful than the Pope himself. But we must not forget of the Pope's background. After all, he was the greatest force in the entire Tiger Continent, with an inheritance of thousands of years. In there, he possessed countless number of artifacts and treasures.

In ancient times, the Holy See was the representation of God on earth. God himself was of status, practicing every day. He had no time to govern worldly affairs. Thus, he founded the Holy See in order for them to govern in his name, with the Pope as its supreme leader.

The Pope took out a white scroll. It was a kind of western scroll made from sheepskin, completely aged, glowing with a coppery color. It was an Oracle left in the world by God, similar to an imperial edict of an emperor, but much more powerful.

"I am the one-hundred thirty-eighth Pope Beirut. God of Light, please send down the Oracle and kill the one who dares to desecrate the Holy See," the Pope mouthed a cumbersome spell towards the sheepskin scroll.


The white sheepskin scrolls shined a dazzling white light, the shadow of an ancient god's eye appeared atop of it. Although it was just one eye, it was enormous, as big as a basketball court, occupying the entire ceiling of the cathedral, terrifying as can be.

An eye as big as a basketball court. Just one look of the phenomenon frightened people to their cores. Every member of the Holy See kneeled to the ground. Some others from the Tiger Continent also followed, looking pious and respectful.

"Are you the one calling for me?" the large eye asked stoically, without a trace of emotion.

"Yes, my Lord, the Great Conqueror has been insulting the Pope of the Holy See. This is disrespecting you, my Lord. Please punish him."

In front of God's Oracle, the Pope prostrated himself on the ground, with his forehead pressed tightly on the floor, without the slightest trace of indiscipline. It was as if a beggar had met the emperor, he showed nothing but piety.