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Chapter 953: The Domineering Conqueror

Chapter 953: The Domineering Conqueror
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"The one who dares to desecrate the Holy See Pope, who dares to blasphemer God will be killed without pardon." The enormous eye said indifferently, looking at the Great Conqueror as if he was an ant.

The enormous eye was the worldly projection of the God of Light.

"Hah, you're just a projection of the God of Light in the mortal world, how dare you threaten me, what a joke." The Great Conqueror laughed, still as proud and as fierce as ever.

Even in the face of the legendary God, the supreme leader of the universe, the Great Conqueror was still without a trace of fear.

"The one who blasphemer God, death shall fall upon you." Its face stoic, the enormous eye shot out a white light towards the Great Conqueror.

The white light was terribly frightening, containing the power to destroy everything in existence. It was more powerful than even the Heavenly Spirit realm. If it landed on the Great Conqueror, he would have definitely been killed.

However, the Great Conqueror wasn't without his own tricks. Otherwise, knowing the power of the Oracle, he wouldn't have dared to be so arrogant. He was only arrogant because he had the goods to back it up.

The Great Conqueror took out a green jade scroll that looked very old and heavy. It was even covered with old mottled dust, as if a remnant of the ancient times.

Eastern sage devices were just as powerful as western godly devices, both embodying the powers to destroy heavens and earth.

"I am the sacred son of the Celestial-Conqueror Sect. Master, please appear." The Great Conqueror said respectfully, as he squeezed drop of fresh blood on to the green jade scroll.

Although the Great Conqueror disdained the world, arrogant as can be, but towards the green jade scroll, he was nothing but respectful. It was the gift he received from the Celestial-Conqueror Sage after he became the sacred son of the Celestial-Conqueror Sect.

The Celestial-Conqueror sect was a very powerful self-cultivation faction. In ancient times, they once ruled over the celestial heavens. It was also the time when the Sky Emperor was in power. Its name arose from there.

Later on, the Celestial-Conqueror Sect was driven out of the heavens after losing a big war. Although the fraction was down on its luck, it was still a giant force to be reckoned with within the self-cultivation world.

The Great Conqueror Third Master Li was chosen as the sacred son of the Celestial-Conqueror Sage for his superhuman-like talents. He was sent to walk the earth and the green jade scroll was bestowed upon him by Celestial-Conqueror.


When the blood of the Great Conqueror entered the green jade scroll, the jade scroll emitted a green light. A large finger suddenly flew out of the green jade scroll. The finger was gigantic, a full hundred-meters long.

Everyone watched the gigantic finger in fear, as if they were suffocating, as if they were witnessing some divine being.

The giant finger pointed towards the white light from the God of Light, destroying it completely. It turned into a gush of energy and disappeared into nothingness.

"Celestial-Conqueror Sage, you didn't die?" The enormous eye recognized the man behind the giant finger, completely stunned.

The huge eye was from a Western God, while the giant finger was from an Eastern Sage. The two had met before, and had also battled one another. Naturally they recognized each other right away.

"God of Light, you haven't died either. Speaking of which, you really are lucky, I shattered your heart and you're still alive?" A faint voice came from the giant finger.

As if he was just insulted, the God of Light became enraged, his eye appearing angrier.

"Celestial-Conqueror Sage, you are very powerful, but if I really tried, I can still kill the Great Conqueror. Do you really want me to kill your disciple?" The enormous eye threatened, laughing coldly.

Yes, maybe the God of Light wasn't as powerful as the Celestial-Conqueror Sage when it came to fighting, but if they fought, the God of Light could have killed the Great Conqueror with a single attack. Although the Great Conqueror's very powerful, his strength was still nowhere near these godly beings.

"God of Light, if you kill the Great Conqueror, I will kill the Pope and destroy the Holy See, ending the life of all your agents on earth." The Celestial-Conqueror Sage threatened back, his voice chilling.

Hearing this, the God of Light fell into silence, hesitant to attack. He knew very well of the other's abilities. If he killed the Conqueror, then the Pope would die as well, and the Holy See would be destroyed as a consequence. It definitely wasn't what he wanted.

"God of Light, this is a battle between the younger generation, as elders we shouldn't intervene. If you didn't appear, I wouldn't have either. You don't want the Pope dead, and I don't want the Conqueror dead. So, the solution is simple, we should both leave and let them solve this for themselves." The Celestial-Conqueror Sage said with a light smile.

Hearing this, the eye of the God of Light shifted into a moment of thought, it finally decided to agree, and disappeared.

The God of Light knew, that he couldn't have killed the Great Conqueror with the presence of the Celestial-Conqueror Sage. Otherwise, the Celestial-Conqueror Sage would have killed the Pope. To prevent further damage, his only choice was to listen to the Celestial-Conqueror Sage and leave, ignoring the secular world.

Seeing the giant eye leave, the Celestial-Conqueror Sage looked towards the Great Conqueror and said, "I'm leaving, the secular world is up to you now."

Afterwards, the Celestial-Conqueror Sage disappeared. Before he left however, he glanced towards Qingfeng Li with a look of appreciation in his eyes. He seems to be impressed by the young man.

But it was just a look, as he had to leave. He gave Qingfeng Li an appreciative look and disappeared without a word.

Following the disappearance of the two divine beings, the tension between the heaven and earth was lifted. Everyone got up from the ground, still trembling from the day's events. It was all too much for them.

"Old bastard, apparently your God of Light can't help you either. I'm going to take away my son and my daughter-in-law, you don't have a problem with that do you?" The Great Conqueror said laughing, looking with Pope arrogantly.


Hearing this, the Pope's face flushed pale as he puked out a mouth full of blood from anger. Alice was the bride of Augustine, his godson. If the Great Conqueror took him away, it wasn't just a slap in the face for Augustine, it would be a slap in the face for the Pope as well.

The Pope wanted to refuse, but knowing the Great Conqueror's powers, he simply couldn't.

Yes, he still had godly devices he havn't used, but he was too afraid to use them. He knew that the Great Conqueror was also full of tricks. If he used his godly devices, maybe Qingfeng Li would die, but the Holy See would be destroyed as well. It just wasn't worth it.

He ultimately chose to hold back. Without even looking at the Great Conqueror, his avatar disappeared within the cathedral.

"The Pope retreated, the Great Conqueror is indeed a total boss."

"Yeah, let's not forget that the Pope is the most powerful man in the entire Tiger Continent, can't believe he was humiliated by the Conqueror today, poor guy."

"Sigh, the Great Conqueror is seriously too strong, and his background is too powerful as well. Can't believe he's backed by the legendary Celestial-Conqueror Sage."

Everyone began talking in low voices, too afraid of being heard by the Great Conqueror. Their eyes were full of shock.

From this point on, the names of the Great Conqueror and Qingfeng Li will be spread all across the Tiger Continent, shaking up its entire world.