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Chapter 954: The Great Conqueror“s Departure

Chapter 954: The Great Conqueror's Departure
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"Little girl, you're my son's girlfriend. This is our first meeting, so here's a crystal is for you" The Conqueror smiled, handing over a crystal to Alice.

The crystal wasn't big, about the size of an egg. It was white like snow, emitting a white light.

Seeing the white crystal, the Sword King Wushuang Nie looked slightly envious. Maybe the others weren't aware of its value, but he knew perfectly. It was an Earthly defensive spiritual device. It has the power to defend against any attack below the Earthly Spirit realm.

Seeing the envious look coming from the Sword King, Qingfeng Li realized that the crystal was a treasure. He said to Alice, "This is a gift from my father. Quick, accept it."

Alice was no fool. From both the reactions of Qingfeng Li and Wushuang Nie, the crystal was surely extremely valuable. She quickly accepted and said respectfully, "Thank you uncle."

"Little girl, don't call me uncle. You're my son's girlfriend, you should call me father." The Great Conqueror said to Alice, smiling.

Her face instantly became ruddy from embarrassment. She felt very shy towards the Great Conqueror's words.

Qingfeng Li furrowed his brows as the thought of Elder Daoist suddenly entered his mind. The latter had been kidnapped along with Alice to the Tiger Continent, but was nowhere to be found.

"Alice, do you know what happened to Elder Daoist?" Qingfeng Li asked

"Yes I do, he was held in jail by the Sky Gods League." Alice said, her voice with a trace of worry.

Now knowing the location of Elder Daoist, Qingfeng Li said to Augustus, "Release Elder Daoist and we'll leave immediately."

Augustus looked furious, obviously angered by Qingfeng Li's request. He was strong than Qingfeng Li, but due to the presence of the Great Conqueror, he ultimately had to suppress his dissatisfaction.

Augustus went to their jail and brought back Elder Daoist personally. Then, he said, "I've brought him to you, you can all leave now."

Augustus was humiliated by the day's events. He hated Qingfeng Li and the rest of the people with him. He wanted them gone as soon as possible.

"Temple Master, are you alright?" Qingfeng Li asked Elder Daoist, his voice caring.

Elder Daoist shook his head in response, indicating that he was fine. He suddenly noticed the Great Conqueror next to Qingfeng Li. Surprised, he said, "Third Master Li, aren't you supposed to be in the Forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain? How is it that you are here?"

"This is merely my avatar. My true body is still in the Forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain." The Great Conqueror explained. He was also happy seeing his old friend Elder Daoist."

Just then, Wushuang Nie walked towards Qingfeng Li and said quietly, "Qingfeng Li, we should hurry up and leave."

Although Qingfeng Li didn't know why Wushuang Nie was in such a hurry to leave, he trusted the latter enough to know that there was probably a good reason. So, he didn't hesitate and left with both Alice and Elder Daoist.

Of course, prior to him leaving, Qingfeng Li thanked Poseidon. After all, Poseidon had helped him just moments ago.

Seeing Qingfeng Li and the rest leave, Augustus had his fists clenched. His nails pierced in his palms, drawing blood, coloring his palms crimson.

"Father, are we just going to let Qingfeng Li go? It's not fair." Augustine growled quietly, hatred filling his voice.

"Son, I don't want to either, but Qingfeng Li's father, the Great Conqueror is too powerful. We have to back off."

"Father, are we going to endure this humiliation for the rest of our lives?"

"No son, we don't have to. Our great Patriarch Zeus, the king of all beings is returning soon. He's more powerful than the God of Light. Once he's back we'll crush the eastern world and take our revenge on Qingfeng Li."

Qingfeng Li obviously didn't hear their conversation, but even if he did he wouldn't have been afraid. The western world had Zeus, but the eastern world had their own sages and divinities. There was no need for him to be afraid.

Qingfeng Li and the rest left the Notre Dame de Paris and entered a hotel outside.

Inside the hotel room--

"Uncle Nie, why did you tell me to leave back there?" Qingfeng Li asked. He had wanted to extort more things from the Sky Gods League, but left due to Wushuang Nie's urgency to leave.

Wushuang Nie sighed and said, "Qingfeng, your father the Great Conqueror is only now an avatar. He was about to disappear. If you had stayed any longer, you would have been in trouble.

Hearing his words, Qingfeng Li became distressed. Father's about to disappear?

"Father, are you really going to leave me?" Qingfeng Li's eyes looked sad. Although he had just met his father, the blood bond between them was too strong. He didn't want his father to leave.

The Great Conqueror smiled lightly and said, "Son, I'm currently trapped beneath the cliff of the Forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain. I'm still waiting for you to rescue me. Stop your sobbing."

In the face of the Great Conqueror's reprimand, Qingfeng Li said firmly, "Father, don't worry, I promise I will get you out of there."

"Son, there are extremely powerful self-cultivators in the Forbidden district. This is the <>, learn it well. Father will wait for your rescue." The Great Conqueror smiled as he handed Qingfeng Li a green jade scroll.

The big letters of the 'Conqueror's Finger' was printed on the green jade scroll. It was a immensely powerful self-cultivation technique. Like <>, it also had the ability to evolve.

After the Great Conqueror handed Qingfeng Li the scroll, his avatar grew faint, eventually turning into a ray of green light, vanishing into thin air.

"Father, wait for me." Seeing his father disappear, Qingfeng Li's eyes grew teary.

His father leaving not even after an hour of meeting made Qingfeng Li very sad.

"Qingfeng, don't be sad. You need to quickly leave the Tiger Continent and return to Huaxia, before the Pope and the Sky Gods League finds out about your father's disappearance. Once they find out about the situation, they will come and kill you." Wushuang Nie urged Qingfeng Li, worried. This was also why he wanted Qingfeng Li to quickly leave while in the cathedral.

Qingfeng Li suddenly understood Wushuang Nie's urgency. They had to leave and they had to leave quickly. Without the protection of the Great Conqueror Third Master Li, Qingfeng Li was no match for the Pope.

"Uncle Nie, aren't you coming with us?" QIngfeng Li asked.

Wushuang Nie shook his head and said, "I'm not going with you. The space cave in the Forbidden district had disappeared again, I need to find it and enter into the Forbidden district to help your father. With his avatar leaving him, your father's already suffering from the attack of a king level battle array. He's definitely wounded."

As soon as he finished explaining, Wushuang Nie left Qingfeng Li and went to find the space cave.

As for Qingfeng Li, he didn't dare to waste any time. He quickly booked a flight back to Huaxia.