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Chapter 955: Revenge of the Sky Gods League

Chapter 955: Revenge of the Sky Gods League
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Qingfeng Li's trip to the Tiger Continent had rattled the entire continent, becoming a deadly name recognized by all of their powers.

Why a deadly name and not a prestigious name? The reason was simple. He had killed five of the great Clan Chiefs in the Sky Gods League and he was insanely powerful. Everyone called him the devil, so he was more of a deadly presence than anything prestigious.

Now only in the Tiger Continent, but even the Panther Continent, the Rat Continent, the Dragon Continent, Huaxia and many other places had heard about his expeditions. He was now known for killing five of the great Clan Chiefs of the Sky Gods League, crashing a highly esteemed wedding, and stealing away Alice.

Suddenly, every powerful force and self-cultivator around the world learned about Qingfeng Li's deadly name and capability. Everyone saw him as taboo, informing their own clans to avoid him as much as possible.

At the same time, Qingfeng Li's fame grew rapidly throughout the entire world. Incredibly daunting.

--Huaxia, Headquarters of the Special Security Bureau.

Fengwu Cao looked at the intelligence in her hands. Her cold face was hinted with a trace of speechlessness. How powerful is Qingfeng Li? He managed to kill all those people even in the Tiger Continent.

Qingfeng Li was part of the Special Security Bureau, so naturally Fengwu Cao was delighted to see his accomplishments. However, she was worried for Qingfeng Li as well, because she knew that the people from the Tiger Continent wouldn't give up so easily.

Fengwu Cao called the intelligence officers in the Tiger Continent and instructed them keep on a lookout for everything relating to Qingfeng Li. If he was in any danger, they were prepared to rescue him.

Other than watching Qingfeng Li, Fengwu Cao also instructed the spies to follow the Sky Gods League. She knew that they would retaliate whenever they get the chance.

As one of the most powerful forces in the Tiger Continent, they were humiliated by Qingfeng Li and had to retaliate.

--The Dragon Palace--

After Xianzhi Qin returned to the Dragon Palace, she ingested many elixirs and restored her vital essence. She was also shocked after hearing the news of Qingfeng Li tearing apart the Tiger Continent.

They've only separated for a short time and Qingfeng Li was already this powerful. She was also speechless. She felt constantly attacked ever since she met Qingfeng Li.

Previously, as the first daughter of the Dragon Palace, Xianzhi Qin thought herself as a genius. However, after coming to witness the doing of Qingfeng Li, she felt that he was the actual genius.

Of course, Qingfeng Li's escapades in the Tiger Continent were only known to the super-class forces. Normal forces didn't have the intelligence to learn about it.

Qingfeng Li left the Tiger Continent quickly along with Alice, the Purple Bat Demon King, Elder Daoist, and the rest of the Wolf Fang Clan.

On the way, Ruyan Liu called and asked, "Qingfeng, me and the baby miss you. When are you coming back?

"Ruyan, I'm boarding flight 747 soon. I'll see you and our baby in twelve hours." Qingfeng Li said through the phone, giggling.

Qingfeng Li missed the baby dearly even though he hadn't left long. After all, she was his daughter and she was incredibly important to him.

Ruyan Liu put the baby on the phone and Qingfeng Li heard a few 'ah ah' sounds. It made him very happy.

"Boss, we're being followed. I think they're from the Sky Gods League." Daoist said to Qingfeng Li, furrowing his brows.

Qingfeng Li frowned, immediately hanging up the phone. He took a glance behind him and saw that they were indeed being followed.

"Purple Bat Demon King, you're the fastest, go and get rid of those people." Qingfeng Li said.

The Purple Bat nodded and immediately went into action, turning into a ray of red light, instantly disappearing. His incredible speed even startled Daoist.

After he left, Xue Lin also called Qingfeng Li, wanting him to come home. Qingfeng Li told her that he was immediately heading back on flight 747.

As soon as Qingfeng Li hung up his phone, the Purple Bat Demon King returned.

"Purple Bat Demon King, did you get rid of the people from the Sky Gods League?"

"Yes, I killed all of them using my boomerang."

"Good, we can't waste any time, let's get on the plane."

Qingfeng Li got onto the plane with the rest of the crew. He finally felt slight relief after he sat down on his seat.

He was only an early-stage self-cultivator of the True Spirit realm, it was clear to him that he was still in great danger. He could easily be killed by both Augustus and the Pope. Once he dies, he people around him would have no chance to escape either.

For himself, and also for the safety of the people around him, Qingfeng Li had to leave right away.

--A room in the headquarters of the Sky Gods League--

Augustine and his father Augustus were sitting in their chairs listening to a man in black's report.

"Lord, Young Master, according to our spies, Qingfeng Li and his followers have boarded flight 747 heading to Huaxia. The Great Conqueror wasn't with them." The man in black said respectfully, bowing down.

This man in black was the king of intelligence within the Sky Gods League, extremely capable in the art of collecting intelligence. Although he had lost some men to the Purple Bat Demon King, he was still successful in obtaining the information he needed

"Father, seems like the Great Conqueror's avatar had disappeared. We can now kill Qingfeng Li." Augustine said in excitement.

Augustus nodded and said, "Yes, but I'm not planning to kill him myself. Otherwise, the Great Conqueror might seek revenge after he gets out of the Forbidden district of Kunlun Mountain.

"Father, how do we kill Qingfeng Li if you don't attack?"

"Simple, we'll use missiles to blow up his plane. He won't know what hit him."

"Father, brilliant idea, I will arrange for it now." Augustine said delightfully, agreeing with his father. Not only was this plan capable of killing QIngfeng Li, it could also clear the Sky Gods League of any suspicions.


Qingfeng Li sat in first class of the plane, with Alice right next to him. She was especially beautiful today, still wearing her white wedding dress. Her tender face ruddy from a layer of rouge, even more charming than usual. Her big eyes were like the stars in the sky, enchanting as can be.

Qingfeng Li sat on the side, looking completely heated.

Ring ring ring…...

Suddenly, a urgent ringing sounded.

The no phone rule on the plane was only for ordinary people. For someone as powerful as Qingfeng Li, he was allowed to use the phone even on the airplane. It was his privilege.

"This is seriously a bad time." Qingfeng Li was extremely irritated.

He was just planning to take Alice when the phone rang. Instead, glanced at her and decided to do something to her later.


The call was from Fengwu Cao. As soon as Qingfeng Li pressed down the answer button, an urgent voice came through the phone.

"Qingfeng Li, I just got the news from the Special Security Bureau, the Sky Gods League is going to shoot down your plane with a missile. Hurry up and get off the plane or it's going to be too late." Fengwu Cao said worriedly, brows furrowed.