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Chapter 956: Plane Crash

Chapter 956: Plane Crash
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What? How crazy is the Sky Gods League? They're actually using missiles to shoot our plane down?

Qingfeng Li felt that he was in great danger.

If it hadn't been for Fengwu Cao's warning, Qingfeng Li would've never imagined the Sky Gods League doing anything like this.

Alice, Purple Bat Demon King, Elder Daoist, and everyone from the Wolf Fang Club, put on your parachutes and prepare to jump off the plane." Qingfeng Li said quickly, he knew of the urgent conditions they were facing.

"Yes, Boss"

"Yes, Young Master."

"Yes, Qingfeng."

Although the gang wasn't aware of what was happening, they immediately followed Qingfeng Li's instructions out of trust.

At this point, the plane had already reached an altitude of dozens of thousands of meters, chilling to the bone. Ordinary people wouldn't have the strength to even stand still. Luckily, Qingfeng Li and his crew weren't ordinary people, they were all extremely powerful. Their bodies were able to withstand the strong winds of an extremely high altitude.

"Jump." With a roar, Qingfeng Li was the first to jump.

Alice followed immediately afterwards. She trusted Qingfeng Li completely. Immediately after her, Daoist, Bald Man, Death God, Purple Bat Demon King, Elder Daoist and the rest of their crew all jumped off the plane.

Not long after they jumped off, a missile came from the faraway distance, ruthlessly hitting the plane.


Following a loud boom, the plane was blown into pieces. It turned into a cloud of flames, falling towards the sea. Everyone on the plane was killed, there were no survivors.

Well, except Qingfeng Li's crew of course.

"Holy shit, thank god I listened to boss. I would have been blown apart." Looking at the blown-apart plane, Daoist gulped at the afterthought.

Not only was Daoist shocked, the others were as well. Thank god, they listened to Qingfeng Li, or else they would have died if they had wasted even a moment of time.

Qingfeng Li and the rest descended with their parachutes. Beneath them was the endless ocean, sea water in every direction.

Plop, plop, plop…...

After an hour or so, everyone landed into the ocean. They were all familiar with situations like this thanks to their previous experiences. They would jump into the sea whenever they were under attack by powerful enemies so they were very well-versed with this escape mechanism.

Parachutes were useful in the air, but were dangerous in the sea. Made from canvas materials, once it hits the water it becomes very heavy, and could weigh down the person wearing it.

"Everyone, throw away your parachutes and clothes and leave on only your underwear on. Follow me." Qingfeng Li said towards the rest.

Hearing this, everyone went into action. They immediately threw away their parachutes and took off all their unnecessary clothes. After the plane explosion, they trusted Qingfeng Li even more.

"Daoist, use your Eight-diagram knowledge and figure out our exact location. Find the nearest island." Qingfeng Li said to Daoist.

Daoist nodded. He took out a compass and said, "This is the Pacific Ocean. We are currently 145 degrees east of longitude and 15 degrees north of latitude in the Pacific Ocean. The Fiery Island is right ahead."

Fiery Island?

Qingfeng Li furrowed his brows at that, he was obviously surprised. He didn't expect to land around the Fiery Island.

Fiery Island, one of the ten deadliest islands in the Pacific Ocean. Like the Dark Island, it also comes with immense terror.

"Boss, the closest island to us right now is the Fiery Island. There are no other islands near us. Should we go?" Daoist asked, furrowing his brows.

He was familiar with the Fiery Island and its horrors. Many mercenaries had come to the island only to disappear.

"Yes, of course we'll go. We are in the ocean with no land in site, if we don't go we'll starve to death." Qingfeng Li said.

In a hurry to jump off the plane, they didn't bring anything with them other than a parachute. No food, and no drinks. In this endless sea, they would die faster without food and fresh water.

Qingfeng Li had made up his mind. Rather than dying in the ocean, they may survive the Fiery Island.

Everyone nodded in agreement.


Daoist was proficient in both astronomy and geography, in the five elements and in eight-diagram readings. Qingfeng Li put Daoist at the forefront, himself in second, and everyone else behind them.

Everyone swam with all of their strength, heading towards the Fiery Island.

Alice was the weakest amongst the group. She became very weak after a few hours of swimming, falling far behind. Her face was also pale.

Qingfeng Li noticed her condition so he swam towards her and said, "Come, lie on my back, I'll carry you.

Alice shook her head and said, "You're tired too. I can manage."

"Manage what? You're too weak and you don't have enough vital essence. You're my woman, I'll carry you." Without hesitation, Qingfeng Li directly put Alice on his back and began to swim.

Although Qingfeng Li was now in early-stage of the True Spirit realm and was very powerful, but swimming while carrying a person on his back was still difficult.

Of course, what burdened him the most wasn't Alice on his back. It was actually the coldness of the sea water. Bone chilling, making him very uncomfortable.

Alice lied on Qingfeng Li's back and watched him as he swam forward, her eyes full of warmth and adoration.

In the distant waters, a group of sharks seemed to have found the group of swimmers. They were a group of carnivorous sharks, hiding in the depths of the sea. They swam towards the group of swimmers, wanting to take them by surprise, wanting to eat them alive.

Qingfeng Li and the rest of the group were too busy swimming. They didn't notice the sharks at all. Danger was creeping in on them.


--The Dragon Continent, Huaxia--

Every nation in the Dragon Continent was shocked by the news of flight 474's crashing.

Of course, Huaxia was the most shocked. Everyone was shaken to their core by the news.

For most people, this was just a plane crash. However, for Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu, it was as if the sky had collapsed.

Xue Lin was watching T.V in her living room, accompanied by Ziyi Miao.

"Sister Xue, look! The news said that flight 747 from Paris to ES City exploded. Everyone died." Ziyi Miao said, pointing towards the television.

Only Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu knew Qingfeng Li was onboard flight 747. Ziyi Miao had no idea.

What? Flight 747 exploded and everyone died?

Suddenly, Xue Lin dropped her coffee on the ground, smashing it into pieces. The scalding liquid ran down her legs but she was numb to the pain.

"My husband…. Is on that plane." Xue Lin's face was pale as snow, her gaze weary, without a glimmer of light in her eyes. She felt a sudden dizziness in her head as she fainted to the ground.