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Chapter 957: Xue Lin“s Hopelessness

Chapter 957: Xue Lin's Hopelessness
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"Wake up, sister Xue," Ziyi Miao was stunned that Xue Lin fainted all of a sudden since she was only just watching TV.

Ziyi Miao was worried because Qingfeng Li asked her to take care of Xue Lin before he left, and now that she fainted, Ziyi was very worried

Right, press on the Renzhong pressure point. Ziyi Miao pressed her Renzhong and massaged Xue Lin according to her knowledge and Xue Lin woke up after a little while.

Xue Lin's face was still in pale, people's heart would ache after seeing the state she woke up in.

"What happened, sister Xue. Don't scare me," Ziyi Miao said quietly, seeing Xue Lin's pale face.

"Ziyi, my husband was on plane 747 and it just exploded … he is dead … wuuuu ... " Xue Lin threw herself into Ziyi Miao's arm and started wailing, tears slipping down her face.

Xue Lin was very, very, very sad as she felt pain from her body as well as her heart, as if a steel needle had drilled through her chest.

She thought of Qingfeng Li's kindness and her heart ached as tears came rushing down. How can the plane explode all of a sudden after she had just spok with him over the phone?

Ziyi Miao was surprised at Xue Lin's words.

"Master mustn't have died, Xue. Heaven rewards the good."

"Are you comforting me, Ziyi? Even the news said the airplane exploded with no survivors."

"Sister Xue, you can't give yourself up no matter what since master would be sad, seeing you like that."

"You don't undersand, Ziyi. There is no point for me to live now that my husband is dead," Xue Lin's eyes were filled with hopelessness for life.

Ziyi Miao was stunned to find that Xue Lin was so in love with Qingfeng Li that she would die for him.

"I must stop sister Xue from having these suicidal thoughts," Ziyi Miao thought in confidence with her fists held tight.

"Look, sister Xue, maybe master's enemy had attacked him on purpose because the plane wouldn't explode for no reason. Who can seek revenge for master if you are dead?" in order for Xue Lin to get rid of her desperate suicidal thoughts, Ziyi Miao tried to bring up someone to blame.

Ziyi Miao had no idea that the lie she made up was actually the fact: Qingfeng Li's plane was shot down by his enemy.

"You mean his plane might have been blown up by his enemies, Ziyi?" Xue Lin asked.

"Exactly, there would've been a signal before the explosion if the plane wasn't blown up by his enemy."

Hatred replaced desperation on Xue Lin's face. She loathed the ones who exploded the airplane and killed her husband.

"Don't worry, Ziyi. I won't kill myself because I have to find the murderer and avenge my husband," There was coldness on Xue Lin's face and in her voice.

Xue Lin dialed Mengyao Xu's number despite still being dizzy because she knew of her background as a captain of the police force that her father was the president of Eastern Sea City's police. It would be much easier for her to look for Qingfeng Li's enemy due to her close relationship with him.

Indeed, Mengyao Xu was also shocked after receiving Xue Lin's call. After learning what just happened, she was filled with a strong hatred towards those that killed Qingfeng as well.

Mengyao Xu told Xue Lin that she would do everything in her power to find those that did this.

Not only Xue Lin and Mengyao Xu, Ruyan Liu saw the news of the explosion on TV as well and she passed out as soon as she saw it.

Luckily Ruyan Liu was at the hospital so the doctor could rescue her from the unconsciousness through emergency treatment.

Ruyan Liu kept crying after waking up with JiaoJiao Liu comforting her, not knowing what happened.

Jiaojiao Liu burst into tears as well when Ruyan Liu told her about Qingfeng Li.

Jiaojiao Liu liked her brother in law Qingfeng Li as well so she couldn't accept the news of Qingfeng Li's death.

Niching Luo was sad seeing them cry as well since she had special feelings for Qingfeng Li too. He was the one who asked her to protect Ruyan Liu at the hospital this time.

"Miss Liu, you shouldn't be in such a bad mood since you have just had a baby. You need to think about your baby with Qingfeng Li," Niching Luo said quietly.

Ruyan Liu stopped crying at the sound of that because the baby started to cry as well, as if she had sensed her mom's sadness.

Ruyan Liu tried her best to restrain her tears in her eyes, knowing that she had to take care of the baby, who Qingfeng Li had valued the most.

"Don't cry, little apple. Daddy's not here anymore but mommy is," Ruyan Liu said to the baby in the crib with tears rolling down her face.

Everyone was paying close attention to the sensational news of the explosion of airplane #747.

The passengers 'names were announced a few hours later.

First Class, "Qingfeng Li, Alice…"

Economic Class, " Yuejin Wang, Haiyang Tang, Beauty Zhang, Yifei Xie…

There were many victims of this 747 airplane's explosion, all of which were from Huaxia.

Everyone in the ancient martial arts worlds of Dragon continent was shocked to see Qingfeng Li on the list of First class passengers.

The name, Qingfeng Li, reverberated like thunder to the Dragon Continent ancient martial arts world. He was the champion of the Ancient Martial Art Competition of the Dragon Continent, the impeccable one and only in the entire dragon continent.

Qingfeng Li's death created quite a stir of the ancient martial arts world of the Dragon Continent.

In Eastern Sea City of Huaxia.

Those who knew Qingfeng Li were all shocked when they heard of the 747 plane explosion, many of who started crying.

Inside the Ice Snow Corporation, everyone was crying woefully instead of working.

Xiaoyue Zhang, Wanqiu Xia, and Fatty Hao Luo, who were the closest with Qingfeng Li, were all crying desperately.

Other women of Qingfeng Li's such as Mengyao Xu and Feifei Xie were crying ceaselessly as well.

The entire Eastern Sea City was in a sad atmosphere.


Qingfeng Li was still swimming hard in the ocean, not knowing what was going on in the Tiger continent and Huaxia's Eastern Sea City, not to mention how many people were crying for him.

"F*ck, there's danger." Qingfeng Li sensed danger as his whole body broke out with goosebumps.