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Chapter 958: The Horror of Red Fiery Island

Chapter 958: The Horror of Red Fiery Island
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"What's the matter, boss?" Daoist noticed Qingfeng Li's change of expression and asked.
"Everyone stop and watch your surroundings. There's danger." Qingfeng Li shouted out as he sensed it coming closer and closer.

People stopped at Qingfeng Li's command and formed a circle around Alice, looking at the surface of the sea behind them in alert.


A group of sharks came towards them from under the water. Each of them was over ten meters long with their mouths lined with sharp teeth gaping at them viciously, wanting to eat them up.

"Oh f*ck, boss, it's a group of sharks." Daoist said in a scare.

Shark schools were one of the most frightening things to encounter in the ocean due to their aggressiveness and likeliness of attacking human.

"Stay here and don't move. I'll go kill some sharks," Qingfeng Li commanded them.

He was the one with the strongest power amongst everyone as he was in the early stage of the True Spirit realm so he decided to take the initiative, as he could travel in the air and kill the groups of sharks easily before they got close.

There was, of course, another reason for Qingfeng Li to attack first, "The blood of the sharks may attract more dangerous sea monsters here."

If the sharks were killed near them, the monsters may bring threat to Qingfeng Li and the others. So, he had to take the initiative.


Qingfeng Li revolved his vital essence, jumped up into the air and getting far away in a split second.

The group of sharks was all stupefied by Qingfeng Li, wondering how was this person flying was unlike the other humans they had eaten before.

"Volcanic Condensation." Qingfeng Li used the first move of the Volcanic Sword Techniques because there was no time to waste.

He stopped using the Red Fiery Sword Technique after comprehending the since it was even stronger with a more powerful attack force.

An immense shadow of a volcano formed in the air with a horrifying temperature of magma and great power. It ripped through the air and heavily smashed into the group of sharks.


All the sharks exploded as their flesh and blood flew into the sky and back into the ocean. It was a deplorable scene.

We have to mention that the Volcanic Sword technique was very powerful as it killed all the sharks with just one move, dying the ocean into a fresh blood color.

More sea monsters such as whales, giant octopuses, and ocean snakes were attracted by the bloody flesh of the shark. However, having sensed Qingfeng Li's terrifying power, they were only scrambling for the sharks' bodies instead of attacking him.

Unlike on the ground, where dead people can be buried underground, the ocean was cruel in a way where anything would be eaten up as soon as it was dead.

"You are so awesome, master. You killed all the sharks with one move," Daoist said happily in worship, giving Qingfeng Li a thumb up.

Not only Daoist, everyone else was also looking at Qingfeng Li with little stars in their eyes. The stronger he gets, the safer they are.

They trusted Qingfeng Li unconditionally that he would solve all the dangerous and difficult problems.

"Don't waste time and keep swimming ahead for about a hundred miles. We will aim to reach Red Fiery Island," Qingfeng Li landed himself beside Alice and said to everyone.

They were glad to hear that since they were all exhausted and were starving after swimming for such a long time. Everyone was hoping to find an island so they can warm up, take a break and find something to eat.

"Get on here, Alice. I'll carry you on my back."Qingfeng Li dragged Alice close and kept swimming with her on his back.

Alice revealed her perfect curves under her soaked clothes, her large breasts attracting everyone's attention. Her lotus-like arms and slim legs were wrapping around Qingfeng Li like an octopus and her sexy lips were breathing out warm air beside Qingfeng Li, making him comfortably itchy.

Although swimming, Qingfeng Li was aroused and excited with his right hand grabbing on Alice's soft and comfortable bottom.

Doing this for the first time with a woman, Qingfeng Li was satisfied since Alice was such a beauty too.

No wonder they say: "A man and a woman together makes a mundane job interesting." It is all so true.

Qingfeng Li was enjoying having Alice on his back as his hand ran up and down on her body.

Alice's pale face turned red like an apple under the water as her breath became faster.

Three hours later.

They arrived at one of the ten most dangerous islands on Pacific ocean---Red Fiery Island.

The immense Red Fiery Island was a hundred kilometers in diameter, with red rocks surrounding a giant volcano. The island got its name from the magma coming out of the volcano from time to time.

Legend has it there were "Magma men" living under the magma of the Red Fiery Island. Who knows whether that is true or not.

Everyone including, Daoist, Bald Man, and Death God, was exhausted so they lied on the ground as soon as they had arrived at the island. Qingfeng Li was the only energetic one as if he had all the energy in the world.



Wolf howls along with other animals' roar sounded from across Red Fiery Island, showing Qingfeng and his crew that they were not alone.

Hmm? Is the sand moving?

Qingfeng Li suddenly noticed far away that a mound was moving through the sand towards them.

Sand was not supposed to move. They were sitting on the beach after arriving when the sand slightly moved in their direction. It was going very slow but Qingfeng Li still noticed it.


He reached out for his red fiery sword and whipped it onto the sand in front. A red fiery snake jumped out of the sand and lunged at Qingfeng Li.

The red fiery snake was half a meter long and it spat out baking hot breath.

Shoo, Shoo, Shoo…

Qingfeng Li whipped the sword seven times in a row and the fiery snake was chopped into eight parts, dying on the sand.

Qingfeng Li knew that snakes were tough and would not be killed by a single slice as it could still bite when it was in two halves so he needed to chop it into several parts.

"Oh no, boss! It's a Fire-Scale snake and they usually come in groups. Thousands of them will appear now that you killed one," Daoist said in fear.