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Chapter 959: Fiery Demon King

Chapter 959: Fiery Demon King
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Daoist recognized this kind of snake since he had seen it when he was on a mission with the Wolf Fang Team on Tiger Continent. The Wolf Fang Team almost became their food that time.

Qingfeng Li recognized the Fire-Scale snake just now as well, and he couldn't help but regret his actions.

He would've caught it alive instead of killing it had he known about that. The vengeful snakes would come in thousands to get revenge for that one snake.


The horrifying hissing sound came from all over the beach as the sand moved towards Qingfeng Li and everyone, trapping them in a circle.


Over ten thousand Fire-Scaled snakes flew out of the sand and hissed at them with hatred in their eyes.

"What do we do, boss. There's so many of them that we can't break through," Daoist said in horror.

Qingfeng Li frowned at the terrifying Red Fiery Island because he did not expect to cause so much trouble after just arriving

However, there would usually be a Snake King ruling the Fire-Scaled snakes and organizing their attack.

Qingfeng Li focused and saw a giant Fire-Scaled snake in the middle of the thousands of snakes. It was much bigger in size and brighter in color than the rest of them. That was the Fire-Scaled Snake King that was the size of a man, with a crown-like pattern on its forehead.

The face of the snake was human-like and it also showed emotions similar to humans. It was said that some beasts would evolve after practicing cultivation techniques, and this Fire-Scaled Snake King had obviously been practicing a special technique to have developed the facial features of a human and emotions.

Not only humans could practice self-cultivation techniques but also beasts and plants.

"Damn human, how dare you kill my subjects?" the Fire-Scaled Snake King unexpectedly spoke along with hissing.

"Boss, did that snake evolve and learn how to talk?" Daoist was scared.

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes at Daoist, "Don't make a fuss about it. It's the Snake King so it's normal for cultivated beasts to talk after reaching a certain level."

Daoist stuck his tongue out, closing his mouth as he stared at the Red-Scale Snake King in astonishment.

Think about it, it would definitely be a weird feeling if a snake begins speaking with you.

"You are mistaken, Snake King. Your side attacked me first so it was you who instigated this, not us."

"Despicable human, it is natural for us to attack you since you invaded our turf---the Red Fiery Island."

"The FRed iery Island is no one's turf, Snake King. Who are you to claim it as yours? If you still have some sense then you should get lost right now," Qingfeng Li sneered.

Others would be terrified when faced with so many Fire-Scaled snakes and the Snake King, but Qingfeng Li wasn't at all. His dragon blood could suppress all snake type evil monsters once activated. In the past, the blood sucking snakes had all yielded to him when he saved Xue Lin at the Crimson Sect.

"Human, I will kill you for provoking my dignity as the Snake King," the Fire-Scaled Snake King commanded the thousands of snakes to attack the Qingfeng Li and his people.

Qingfeng Li sneered and actived the dragon blood inside his body as a roar of dragon sounded. An overruling suppressive aura of a godly dragon appeared on his body, instantly being sensed by the snake type monsters.

Bam, Bam, Bam…

The Fire-Scaled snakes near him started to bow and knock their heads onto the ground. It was a magnificent view of ten thousand snakes bowing to Qingfeng Li.

The Fire-Scaled Snake King was trembling from his deepest soul in awe of the dragon blood's suppression. It lowered its body on the ground and bowed at Qingfeng Li as well.

It felt a natural sense of fear from the depth of its bloodline towards Qingfeng Li, which was even stronger than when he saw the Fiery Demon King of the Fiery Island.

The most powerful person on the Fiery Island is the Fiery Demon King, who was a beautiful and terrifying woman. She would kill the snakes without blinking whenever she was in a bad mood. There were originally one hundred thousand of their kind but they were now left with one thousand.

The Fire-Scaled snake kind was now more terrified by Qingfeng Li than the Fiery Demon King because he could kill them all if he wanted and they wouldn't even dare to fight back.

"Boss is so awesome. The snakes are bowing and knocking their heads on the ground to him," Daoist looked at him in worship as if he almost kneeled in front of Qingfeng Li as well, due to his domineering bloodline.

It was a good thing that the godly dragon suppression was only effective against snake type monsters so it did not have as strong an influence on the rest of them. Otherwise, the Daoist would be bowing without a doubt.

It was not only Daoist who was thinking this. Alice, Purple Bat Demon King and the other people were also looking at their boss in admiration. He could always surprise them.

They thought a fight with the Fire-Scaled snakes were inevitable and were prepared to get injured already. But now, the Fire-Scaled Snake King along with over ten thousand snakes were all kneeling for Qingfeng Li reverently as if he was their king.

"Fire-Scaled Snake King, I will spare your life only if you answer my question honestly, or I'll kill you and all the snakes," Qingfeng Li said coldly.

The Snake King shivered at his voice and started trembling.

"Ma…mas..master…I will tell you everything I know," Fire-Scaled Snake King's arrogant tone was replaced by a meek one.

"Tell me about the Red Fiery Island. Are there human here and who is the strongest?" Qingfeng Li smiled and asked.

He knew that the Red Fiery Island, as one of the ten most dangerous islands of the Pacific Ocean, must be dangerous and horrifying. Just like how on Dark island, the Shark Demon King was trapped and was still waiting for his rescue.

Fire-Scaled Snake King said in a low voice, "Master, there are two powers on the Fiery Island: magma men who can control the magma of volcano and lives under the magma and the Fiery Demon King who is as beautiful as she is evil. She is a devilish tyrant who had killed many beasts on the island and has always been fighting the magma men.

Magma men? There was actually such a thing as magma men?

Qingfeng Li was shocked to hear that.

As for the name Fiery Demon King, Qingfeng Li felt like he had heard of it somewhere but he couldn't remember where.