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Chapter 960: Black Eagle Blocking the Way

Chapter 960: Black Eagle Blocking the Way
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Purple Bat Demon King frowned as he thought of something at Fire-Scaled Snake King's words.

"Young boss, there is a Fiery Demon King amongst the rank of ten Demon Kings, could this one on Red Fiery Island be…" Purple bat Demon King walked up to Qingfeng Li and whispered.

Qingfeng Li was stunned and then he realized why he thought the name, Fiery Demon King, sounded familiar. His boss Wind-Edge Demon King used to tell him that the Fiery Demon King was a beauty amongst the ten demon kings and many of them liked her because of her charm.

"I hope it's Fiery Demon King because that will make it much safer for us to be here on the Fiery Island," Qingfeng Li smiled in expectation.

He knew that he was in on a tight schedule since the forbidden district of Kunlun mountain would be opened soon. He needed strength to save his father when he enters the forbidden district.

Qingfeng Li asked Fire-Scaled Snake King to lead the way to the center of Fiery Island because that was where the Fiery Demon King was.

They encountered another danger after a few hundred meters. A giant black eagle blocked their way.

The huge black eagle was over ten meters with a human head and the body of a bird. Its pitch black feathers were as sharp as needles.

There were many human skeletons lining the ground not far from the eagle. The skin and flesh of them must have been eaten by the black eagle as there were still some fragments at its feet.

"This is my turf, human," the man-faced black eagle sneered at Qingfeng Li arrogantly.

Fire-Scaled Snake King opened his mouth before Qingfeng Li, "Let us pass black eagle brother, we are heading to the center of Red Fiery Island."

Obviously, the Fire-Scale snake king was acquainted with the black eagle, calling him brother and wishing for him to make an exception in his favor.

But the black eagle did not give the Fire-Scaled King an easy time and said coldly, "Snake King, you are provoking me by bringing people from your beach into my turf. I will not let you pass."

Everyone was beginning to feel shocked, finding that every beast on the island could talk.

Fire-Scaled Snake King was embarrassed with anger as the black eagle refused him.

Qingfeng Li stepped forward, "I'll give you one opportunity to get lost right away, or I'll kill you."

"Hahaha, I am a demonic beast a half-step into the True Spirit Realm. How can a lowly, despicable human like yourself kill me," the black eagle held his head up and looked at Qingfeng Li arrogantly.

Thinking about the humans that it had eaten before, black eagle swallowed a mouthful of saliva and eagerly stared at them .

"Then I will grant your wish to die," Qingfeng Li's eyes shone with a murderous ray after seeing the black eagle's stare.


He instantly flicked his wrist and chopped at the black eagle with his Red Fiery Sword.

The sword shot out a sword energy of about twenty meters in length that ripped through space towards the black eagle. His head was chopped off by the sword energy as blood sprayed everywhere. The black eagle's giant body fell onto the ground, raising the dirt as it landed.

"Such strong power., Fire-Scaled Snake King was frightened by how easily Qingfeng Li took down the black eagle.

In fact, he was about the same level as the black eagle since they were both a half-step into the True Spirit Realm. Fire-Scaled Snake King would have become another headless corpse if he hadn't yielded to Qingfeng Li on the beach.

Qingfeng Li ignored the Fire-Scaled Snake King's thoughts and walked to the black eagle's corpse. He cut through his abdomen and found the black eagle's demon nucleus---an egg-sized black crystal. It was a wind demon nucleus which can help improving speed.

"You practice wind element vital essence, right, Purple Bat Demon King? This wind demon nucleus is for you," Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and handed it to him.

"Thank you, Young Master," Purple Bat Demon King became cheerily excited.

The bat movement technique that Purple Bat Demon King had been practicing was as fast as a flash of lightning and a wind demon nucleus would be needed in order for him to reach the next level. The black eagle, as a wind type evil monster, was of great use for him as he could increase his speed to another level after practicing with this wind demon nucleus.

Fire-Scaled Snake King led the way with even more respect after the black eagle had been killed by Qingfeng Li.

The ten-thousand-square-mile immense Fiery Island was home to many demonic beasts. Those beasts that were practicing towards evolving into humanoids were called demonic beasts while those that weren't were called animals.

Qingfeng Li easily killed a few more demonic beasts that tried to attack them on the way.

Sure enough, he gave all the demon nucleus of the killed demonic beasts with the Wolf Fang Team, Elder Daoist and the rest of them for them to practice and improve their powers.

At this time, red magma was rolling in the volcano and searing the air at the center of the Fiery Island.

A beautiful fair woman was standing not far from the magma with hot air coming out of her pretty big eyes.

She had a sexy body aside from a pretty face. Her big chest was bursting out of her shirt as her fair skinny waist showed off her tight skin. The slim legs of hers were fair as crystal as well.

She was in her thirties, which were the years of a woman's life when she appeared most beautiful. The women looked like a juicy peach in a short red robe, making people wish to take a bite of her.

A group of red-skinned, red-haired, red-eyed magma men stood in front of her. They were a typical group of people of the Fiery Island who lived under the magma.

The leader was a man in his forties with volcano-like skin and red flames surrounding his body.

"Get out of here Fiery Demon King, this is our, the magma men's, turf," the man frowned.

"Shan Zhu, I'll leave as soon as you hand over the fiery fruit," Fiery Demon King smiled charmingly as she stared at a red little tree in the distance cheerfully.

It was a two-meter-tall little tree growing out from underneath the stones in the magma river, like a ball of fire burning. The red tree was surrounded by magma like flames, absorbing fire type energy.

There were three apple sized fruits on the tree, which were as red as fire.

Qingfeng Li would've easily recognized that the fiery fruits were a treasure for refining spirit level elixirs if he was here. And he would definitely snatch them as well.