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Chapter 961: Scrambling for the Fiery Fruits

Chapter 961: Scrambling for the Fiery Fruits
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"I will say it one more time, Fiery Demon King. This is our turf and you have one minute to leave or I will be forced to show you who is the boss around here," the middle-aged man said impatiently as red light shot from his eyes.

"Hehe, I have told you I will not leave unless you give me one of the fiery fruits," she licked her charming lips as she smiled and firmly stated.

The fiery fruit is an extremely rare spiritual fruit which only grows in volcanic magma and can only be harvested once every hundred years. The Fiery Demon King certainly wanted to get it because who knew when would be the next time if she missed this opportunity.

In addition, the fiery fruit would be helpful for improving her strength as well.

"One minute is now up. I'll have to teach you a lesson now since you are still here," the red-haired man jumped up and landed right in front of Fiery Demon King.


The red-haired man swung a five finger wide red broadsword at Fiery Demon King. It ripped through the air and arrived by her head in no time.

"An upper-grade spiritual device? Not bad," Fiery Demon King smiled absentmindedly, looking at the broadsword in his hand.


Fiery Demon King lightly stepped into the ground as she swirled up like a butterfly, suddenly dodging his attack.

She then kicked her little foot at the middle-aged man's chest and pushed him four or five steps back.

The magma men behind him were surprised to see their captain being so easily pushed back with a kick.

"Is this how strong you magma men are? That's really disappointing," Fiery Demon King shook her head.

Actually, Fiery Demon King did not use her full strength just now, because if she did, the men's bones would've been broken. She only wanted the fiery fruit, not to make magma men her enemies.

"Sigh, magma men are becoming weaker and weaker," a voice on the side sighed exasperatedly all of a sudden.

A man-faced Tiger King was standing not far away from them as his eyes glistened with red rays. He had obviously progressed in his cultivation as he had already evolved to have a man's head.

"Crimson Tiger King, are you here to fight for the fiery fruit as well?" Fiery Demon King glimpsed at him.

"Of course. The fiery fruits are spirit fruits which can help improving my power. Plus, it only ripens once every hundred years," Crimson Tiger King said arrogantly, looking fierce.

The red-haired man looked very angry since he was already having trouble dealing with Fiery Demon King, and then the Crimson Tiger King came to get in on the action as well.

"My suggestion is: the three of us each get one of the three fiery fruits. It's fair, so what do you guys think?" Crimson Tiger King suggested with a smile on his face.

No other faction but the magma men, Fiery Demon King and Crimson Tiger King were qualified to get the fiery fruits since they were the most powerful ones on Fiery Island.

The red-haired man was obviously considering the feasibility of this suggestion with a cloudy face. Although the magma men were powerful, their patriarch was still deep in seclusion. Him alone, without the patriarch, was no match for either the Fiery Demon King or the Crimson Tiger King.

Suddenly, the rustling of fruits being plucked from the branches came from behind the three negotiating parties.

"We are in luck to see real fiery fruits here. I'll take them," an arrogant and domineering voice upset the middle-aged man.

Qingfeng Li came in with Purple Bat Demon King and the Wolf Fang Team, along with Fire-Scaled Snake King who was leading the way.

It would've taken Qingfeng Li much longer if it weren't for the Snake King's guidance and help.

"How did you find your way here, human?" the red-haired man said in a very unfriendly tone.

Magma men had always been resistant and hostile to human, considering them their enemies.

Qingfeng Li pointed at Fire-Scaled Snake King, "This is the one who took me here."

Fire-Scaled Snake King almost began crying when he heard Qingfeng Li frame him for leading them here. It was you who forced me to take you here and you would've killed me with your sword if I hadn't done so!

The red-haired man rolled his eyes at Fire-Scaled Snake King in dissatisfaction.

"You are a coward to listen to a human's threats," Crimson Tiger King mocked.

The demonic beasts on Fiery Island were born hostile to humans. They were accustomed to directly attacking humans whenever they saw one on the island.

Fire-Scaled Snake King was mad at the comment but he swallowed his anger as he thought of how strong Crimson Tiger King was.

Crimson Tiger King, as the king of tigers, was stronger than Fire-Scaled Snake King, the king of snakes. Therefore, he didn't dare to revolt.

"If you hold a such strong hatred towards humans, man-headed tiger, why didn't you evolve into a dog face instead of a man's face?" Qingfeng Li shot back at him.

"Damn human, how dare you make fun of me?" Crimson Tiger King shot a warning look at Qingfeng.

"Why are you frightening this cute little guy, giant tiger?" Fiery Demon King laughed charmingly as she glimpsed at Qingfeng Li, finding his face familiar.

Purple Bat Demon King rolled his eyes at Fiery Demon King's remark. She was still so willful, flirting with the young master before even finding out who he was.

"Do you still remember me, fiery sister?" he stepped out and said.

This was not his original plan but Fiery Demon King would have kept flirting with the young master otherwise. He had to stop her from doing that.

"You are…little bat?" Fiery Demon King asked, finding him similar to the little bat from fifteen years ago.

She wasn't sure because they hadn't seen each other for fifteen years.

"Do you remember buying me lollipops fifteen years ago, fiery sister?" Purple Bat Demon King was not happy about his sister forgetting about him: she was so nice to him when he was a little boy.

"Ah, I remember you now, hehe. Little Bat has become such a handsome man after fifteen years! Do you have a girlfriend? I can set you up with one if you want!"

Purple Bat Demon King was speechless about this sister. How can you not recognize our young master right here?