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Chapter 962: This Beauty is a bit Arrogant

Chapter 962: This Beauty is a bit Arrogant
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Purple Bat Demon King was exasperated that his sister did not recognize Qingfeng Li so he quickly introduced him, "He is the Conqueror's son and our young master."

He was frustrated that the Fiery Demon King had totally forgotten about Qingfeng Li.

"Really?! I only remember that he was just a little kid when he was brought to the Wolf Continent. Now he's all grown up," Fiery Demon King blinked her bright eyes.

Purple Bat Demon King frowned at his sister when she neither kneeled before the young master or greeted him with respect.

He was not happy with her arrogant manners.

Seeming to have read the displeasure on Purple Bat Demon King's face, Fiery Demon King pouted and said, "The Conqueror promised to give me a fiery fruit when I agreed to be one of the ten demon kings. Then he disappeared without giving me the fruit, so I consider myself a free woman now."

"This little brother is quite cute. Do you want me to introduce a girlfriend to you?" she glanced at Qingfeng Li with a smile.

It seemed to be a hobby of Fiery Demon King's to introduce girlfriends to every man she met. And Qingfeng Li was no exception.

"Of course I do. But I have my eye on you and I'd like you to be my girlfriend," not to be outdone, Qingfeng Li answered back flirtatiously.

Fiery Demon King blushed at his words, angry that she was outplayed by a much younger man.

"Your name is Qingfeng Li, right? Be careful with your manners when you are talking with me or I will teach you a lesson."

"Senior sister, I feel quite itchy recently and would like a good beating. Please come and give me a lesson," Qingfeng Li said playfully.

Of course, he had no problem with a beating from a beautiful woman.

Fiery Demon King's face turned pink with shame and anger. She was frustrated that he had outwitted her again.

The members of the Wolf Fang Team all looked at her with pity because they knew from experience that Qingfeng Li not only killed people with insults, but had made many beauties fall in love with him with his sweet words.

Seeing Qingfeng Li and Fiery Demon King flirting with each other, Crimson Tiger King and the red-haired middle-aged man were simmering in anger.

The red-haired middle-aged man was especially angry at Qingfeng Li as he, a mere human, was ignoring him on the territory of the magma men.

"Despicable human, you must leave our territory immediately" pointing his finger at Qingfeng Li, he yelled furiously.

"I hate to be pointed at. Lower your finger and give me a fiery fruit and I will leave immediately," Qingfeng Li glanced at the man and said lightly.

The fiery fruit was a precious spirit fruit, an object desired by not only Fiery Demon King and Crimson Tiger King, but Qingfeng Li as well.

"No way. The fiery fruits belong to us, the Magma men, and you will not receive a single one," the middle-age man sneered.

"Then I have to take it by myself," with a faint smile, Qingfeng Li strode forward, determined to take the fruit.

"Magma Fist," the middle-aged man roared and slammed his right fist on the ground, forming a horrifying torrent of magma out of vital essence.

The Magma Fist was a set of powerful spirit-grade self-cultivation techniques which could transform one's vital essence into magma and scorch the earth black.

Seeing their leader launch an attack, the magma men around them were all excited because they had learnt in their daily training led by the captain that he could explode a small hill with his Magma Fist.

"Little brother, do you need your sister's help to deal with the Magma Fist?" Fiery Demon King was all smiles.

Qingfeng Li cast a glance at her and said lightly, "No, but I need a woman to wash my feet. Would you do it for me?"

"Y-y-y -you - you are disgusting and ungrateful~" Enraged, she gave him a vicious look as she stuttered out a response.

If Qingfeng Li had been a person other than the Conqueror's son, she would have killed him with one palm strike.

She had been one of the ten demon kings fifteen years ago but she left the Conqueror, who had not found the fiery fruit for her. She searched for the fruits by herself and finally found them on the Fiery Island.

But the fruits still needed many years to mature when she found them, so she settled down on the island to wait for the harvest time. The fiery fruit was essential to her cultivation breakthrough since she exercised fire-natured self-cultivation techniques.

Qingfeng Li was emotionlessly facing the terrifying Magma Fist attack.

He didn't move until the fist was almost upon him.

"Strangle Hell Fist, second fist - Nature Explosion," with a low shout, he launched the second fist technique of the Strangle Hell Fist.

A black shadow coalesced from natural energy suddenly appeared in front of him. It smashed viciously onto the magma.


The magma formed of vital essence exploded into nothing while the shadow of the Strangle Hell Fist continued on its path, shoving the red-haired middle-aged man into the magma river with a splash about a dozen meters high.

"Such great strength!" Fiery Demon King's pupils contracted with astonishment since Qingfeng Li's power had exceeded her expectations.

All the magma men were dumbfounded at the sight. They had expected their leader to give a good beating to Qingfeng Li but in a blink of eye, their leader was sent flying into the magma river.


With a scream, the middle-aged man jumped out of the magma river. On the red skin of his chest appeared a fist shaped dent, as one of his ribs had been broken by Qingfeng Li.

"Damned human, you wounded me!" he was simmering with fury, wanting to skin Qingfeng Li alive.